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Founded in 1969, the St. Mary's Law Journal has enjoyed an exceptional past. Built on a "practitioner's journal" platform, the Journal has contributed immensely to the legal community both in the State of Texas and on a national level. From the very first article printed to those we publish today, the St. Mary's Law Journal has endeavored to provide members of the bench and bar timely, relevant scholarship.


St. Mary's University School of Law


St. Mary's University School of Law


St. Mary's University School of Law




St. Mary's Law Journal

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Why Lawyers Do What They Do (When Behaving Ethically)
Since the early 1990s, when David Wilkins published his influential paper “Who Should Govern Lawyers” in the Harvard Law Review, legal ethics scholars and professors have paid attention to the range of processes and devices that govern lawyer…

When Fantasy Becomes Reality: Attempts to Regulate the Highly Unregulated Daily Fantasy Sports Industry
This Comment’s goal is to address the changing legal landscape
associated with daily fantasy sports websites and how they coincide with gambling. This Comment focuses on the call for an enhanced regulatory framework concerning daily fantasy…

Agreements to Alter the Limitation Period Imposed by U.C.C. Section 2-725: Some Overlooked Complications
Uniform Commercial Code Section 2-725 sets forth the Statute of Limitations that is applicable to U.C.C. Article 2 sale-of-goods transactions. There is a fairly extensive body of literature that analyzes the numerous problems and litigation that this…

Due Process and Local Administrative Hearings Regulating Public Nuisances: Analysis and Reform (Comment)
Due process is a cornerstone of American law, and although its meaning is not always clear, it requires that every person—regardless of race, wealth, national heritage, ethnicity, or other classification—be given notice and a meaningful…

The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 and the End of Reconstruction
This Article examines the background and passage of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878.

Everyone Makes Mistakes: Attorney’s Fee Recovery in Legal Malpractice Suits
This Article argues that the American Rule should be changed for legal malpractice suits because the attorney–client relationship is the quintessential fiduciary relationship and because of the added concern of unequal information available to each…

“A Scout Is Trustworthy”: Applying Virtue Ethics to Lawyer Professionalism<br /><br />
This Article advocates the employment of the twelve-point Scout Law of the Boy Scouts of America as a professional ethics guide for lawyers. The Article begins by briefly relating the history of virtue ethics as a philosophical field of study and…

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