St. Mary's University School of Law: A Personal History

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St. Mary's University School of Law: A Personal History


St. Mary's University School of Law


Much of the information contained in this work is a result of personal knowledge. Other information has been taken and verified through the Law School Bulletins from 1941 to the present; faculty minutes; and archives in the office of the University registrar, together with data secured from the files of the dean of the School of Law. An acknowledgment is also due Joseph Schmitz, Ph.D., S.M., deceased, a noted historian who authored "The Society of Mary in Texas," "Texas Statecraft," and "Thus They Lived." This history is restricted to the years 1927 through May 31, 1981. Only those photos of the faculty during this time appear in it.


Ernest A. Raba


St. Mary's University School of Law San Antonio Texas, St. Mary's University School of Law




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A Personal History by Ernest A. Raba, J.D., LL.D.

The doors of St. Mary 's Institute opened on March 1, 1853. A stone structure designed by Brother Andrew Edsel, the school was located on the banks of the San Antonio River. It had glass enclosures, a sun porch, and gardens. By 1933 St. Mary's opened negotiations with the board of governors of the San Antonio Bar Association to take over administration of its School of Law . The St . Mary 's Law School opened in the fall of 1934 in the original stone building at 112 College Street. In 1935 six students were awarded degrees. In 1967 the Law School was moved from downtown San Antonio to the St . Mary's University campus on the West End, and in 1981, 207 students graduated from St. Mary's University School of Law .

St. Mary's Institute, 112 College, circa 1860s. Photographs courtesy of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas A lamo Library.


A Personal History by Ernest A. Raba, J.D., LL.D.

Published by The St. Mary 's University School of Law

San Antonio, Texas


This history is dedicated to the memory of the faculty during the early years of the school's existence; to our alumni; to our present faculty, and in a very special way to my wife Betty who during the lean years shared in the struggle to build the School of Law.


Copyright and all rights reserved by The St. Mary's University School of Law. Printed in U.S.A. by Lebco Graphics, San Antonio, Texas.

PREFACE The author of this brief history attended St. Mary's Academy at 112 College Street from 1926-1930, St. Mary's University from 1930-1934 and the part-time Evening Division of the School of Law from 1934 through August 1937. Accordingly, much of the information contained in this work is a result of personal knowledge. Other information has been taken and verified through the Law School Bulletins from 1941 to the present; faculty minutes; and archives in the office of the University registrar, together with data secured from the files of the dean of the School of Law. An acknowledgment is also due Joseph Schmitz, Ph.D., S.M., deceased, a noted historian who authored "The Society of Mary in Texas," "Texas Statecraft," and " Thus They Lived." This history is restricted to the years 1927 through May 31, 1981. Only those photos of the faculty during this time appear in it.

Original site of St. Mary's University School of Law founded at 112 College Street in the 1930s. Photograph from 1920s.

Copy of an 1878 oil painting by Theodore Gentilz, who came to the Republic of Texas from France in 1843 with Alsatian colonists under Count Henry Castro, founder of Castroville, Texas. In 1846 Gentilz moved to San Antonio where he opened an art studio. During the early days of the Civil War he joined the Brothers of Mary at St. Mary's Institute, as it was then known, as the art teacher. He remained there 30 years. He died in 1906. Courtesy of Carmen Perry.

THE 1852 PIONEERS OF ST. MARY'S UNIVERSITY The Society of Mary is a worldwide order of Roman Catholic religious, priests and brothers, founded by Father William Joseph Chaminade of Bordeaux, France, in 1817. At the request of Bishop Odin, sixteen years after the fall of the Alamo, four Brothers of the Society of Mary were sent to the new mission in San Antonio, Texas, a sleepy village of 3,000. Three of these, Brothers John Baptist Laignoux, Nicholas Koenig, and Xavier Mauclerc, came from France. Mauclerc, a seminarian, was to complete his studies after arriving in Galveston, T exas, and he was ordained to the priesthood there. The fourth member of the community, the man who was to direct its destinies, was Brother Andrew Edel, serving at the time as professor at St. Mary's Institute (now the University of Dayton) in Dayton, Ohio. Brother Edel journeyed by steamboat down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers and joined the "Texans-to-be" in New Orleans. They came by boat to Galveston, and then by stagecoach to San Antonio. Brother Edel was the first director of the small pioneer school. The temporary school was set up in an old shop on the southeast corner of Military Plaza. In early 1853 a small two-storey limestone building was erected at what later became known as 112 College Street. Brother Edel was succeeded by Brother Charles Francis. As enrollments continued to increase, more room was needed. In 1867 a two-storey, square, limestone building was erected; and in 1870, the complex fronting on the street was completed. Further construction took place and in 1876 the oblong building near the property line of St. Mary 's Catholic Church was erected (see Gentilz). From the very beginning and through the early 1900s many prominent San Antonians, South Texans, and nationals from Mexico were educated by the Society of Mary. From these early efforts what is now known as Central Catholic High School and St. Mary's University of San Antonio developed and became established in San Antonio.'*' In addition, the Society of Mary operates schools throughout the world. The geographic areas are as follows: United States--Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin; Aridjan , Africa; Australia; Austria; Belgium; Columbia; Congo; Strasbourg, France; Germany; India; Ireland; Italy; Japan; Korea; Nairobi; North Africa; P eru; Puerto Rico; Spain; Switzerland; Togo; Tunisia and Zambia.

*The Society of Mary in T exas, Joseph W. Schmitz, S.M., Ph.D., pp. 26, 67, 75, and 76.


Rev. Alfred Rabe, 1927-'38 Rev . Walter Golatka, 1938-'47 Rev . Louis Blume, 1947-'53 Rev . Walter Buehler, 1953-'61 Rev. Charles Neumann, 1961-'63 Rev. Louis Blume, 1963-'73 Rev. Jam es Young, 1973-'81 Rev . David Paul, 1981-present

IN THE DEPTHS OF THE DEPRESSION - AN IMPOSSIBLE DREAM While banks were closing doors in San Antonio, St. Mary's School of Law was opening them. At a time when Writs of Scrip were being issued, St. Mary's Law School announced a tuition fee of only $360 a year. Times couldn't have been worse, or men have wilder dreams. During the 1933 academic year Fred Zalmanzig,* a student at St. Mary's University, had urged Father Rabe, president of the University, to enlarge its educational program with a school of engineering and. a school of law. At that time San AntOnIO Public School of Law, located in the old Main Avenue High School (now Fox Tech), and the Colonel John K. Weber School of Law were operating. A school of engineering would require large financial outlays, so the idea was abandoned. But, refusing to give up the law school, young Zalmanzig went to see Paul Kilday, who later was to serve in the Congress of the United States. Kilday referred the determined young man to Carl Wright Johnson who, in turn, referred him to Judge John Bickett, chairman of the board of directors of the San Antonio School of Law. After his interview with Judge Bickett, Zalmanzig returned to Father Rabe. Both meetings achieved results . take over the administration of the San Antonio School of Law by October I, 1934.
Fred Zalmanzig, as a young student, proposed th e idea of St. Mary's University opening a School of Law. Zalmanzig pursued his wild idea achiev ing resu lts. Th e School of Law took over the administration of the San Antonio School of Law in 1934.

R ev. Alfred H. Rabe, S.M., President of St. Mary's University, who authorized the founding of the School of Law and provided the setting for its early growth.

The San Antonio Bar Association and St. Mary 's University began discussions which led to the decision that St. Mary's would
""Verified by Fred Zalmanzig, 434 Burnside, San Antonio, Texas

On May 31, 1934, the membership of the San Antonio Bar adopted the following resolution : " WHEREAS, The San Antonio Bar Association founded the San Antonio School of Law in 1927, and has conducted the school up to this time in order to attempt to meet a need in this community for an adequate course of instruction in law; and WHEREAS, St. Mary's University of San Antonio now proposes, with the approval of the Bar, to establish a school of law of university grade, which will better serve that need from the standpoints of the student, the Bar, and the general public; NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the San Antonio Bar Association shall discontinue the San Antonio School of Law at such time as may be fixed by the Board of Governors of the school, not later than October 1, 1934, and hereby expresses its approval of the proposed school of law of St. Mary's University of San Antonio, and hereby authorizes the president of the association to appoint an advisory committee of the Bar to cooperate with the University in the establishment and maintenance of the proposed school of law." Father Rabe was a Kentucky gentleman, beloved and admired by everyone. And he had faith . At the time he was approached by Fred Zalmanzig to open a school of law, the

Th e Administrative Offices were loca ted to the left of the en try hall; the street floor on the right, the second floor of the oblong building, and the second floor of the small cen ter building housed classrooms; the lower floor of the laller served as a spartan Student Lounge and Fa cu lty Offices.

Faculty of Founding Law School Many members of the San Antonio Law School, which had been loca ted in the Bexar County Court House, transferred and continued teaching at the new St. Mary 's Law School.

Top , left to right: Dixon Gulley, Judge Raymond Gerhardt, Arley V. Knig ht; second row: Leslie C. Merrem , Lucien L. Morrison , W .F.N. Nowlin , C. O. Wolfe.

University itself was up for sale. Father Rabe agreed to take on the law school without any financing or any assets. When classes began at 112 College Street in the fall of 1934, thirty one students had signed up for the Evening Division, eleven of these freshmen. Second and third-year students transferred from the San Antonio School of Law. Among the first students were two women, Margaret Burke, a freshman, and Mary Agnes Aird, an advanced student. The new school was fortunate to have most of the San Antonio School of Law professors continue as members of its faculty. These included: Henry B. Dielmann who took over in 1938 as dean after the short term of A. N. Moursund; Dixon Gulley, Arley V. Knight, Leslie C. Merrem, Lucian L. Morrison, W. F. N. Nowlin, E. S. J. Whitehead, and C. O. Wolfe. Morrison and Wolfe,

the only members still living, taught until 1940 when they were mustered into the military service as commissioned officers.

Among the first to enter St. Mary's School of Law was the young and charming Mary Agnes A ird, an advanced student.

Morrison, who served with the 36th Division, returned after the war to teach for several more years. Gulley continued to teach until his death in 1952. Judge Raymond Gerhardt, of the 45th District Court in Bexar County, continued until his death in 1956, and Merrem taught until his death in 1958. Henry Dielmann, who at first served as faculty representative, continued as dean

The first five graduates from the School of Law of St. Mary's University .

until the beginning of World War II. Dr. Fred Junker, of the Society of Mary, served as registrar. Admission requirements for the first freshman class were raised from a high
judge john Bickett, chairman of the board of directors of the San Antonio School of Law. After his interview with judge Bickett, Zalmanzig returned to Father Rabe. The meeting achieved resu lts.

school certificate to 60 semester hours of college work. Seventy-two semester hours, the full course of instruction, cost $360. Today, it is incredible that the year 1936-37 showed a gross income for the School of Law of $3,949.50, including the graduation fees . The year 1937-38 showed a slight improvement with a gross of $4,276.75. This was disbursed to the law faculty for compensation.

In 1935 St. Mary's School of Law celebrated its first graduating class. Students who had already completed two years of study at the San Antonio School of Law, George J. Boatwright, James Otis Herrington, Arthur William Jordin, Francis Cullen Sullivan, William Wright Tupper, and Bruce Waitz, were awarded degrees. In 1937 law students who had registered as freshman received degrees: Alfred Charles Baass, Archie Scales Brown, Jr., George Francis Keene, Jr. , Joseph T. Kenny, and Ernest A. Raba. In 1937 Adolf Hitler addressed the Reichstag on the fourth anniversary of his election as Chancellor of Germany and announced his plans for "tomorrow - the world." His plans would change the lives of young men in San Antonio. St. Mary's University School of Law survived the lean years of World War II, to be strengthened and invigorated by young men returning home from the service of their country.

FROM SIGN SHOP AND BOOK BINDERY TO FLEDGLING LAW SCHOOL From the mid-1930s until 1942, a sign shop was housed at the spot where hotel guests now enter La Mansion from the parking garage. A WPA book-bindery occupied the lower floor of the small square limestone building across from the law library. During early 1947, after it had been u sed for various other purposes, half of the lower floor space was converted into a very simple, spartan student lounge. Custodian Ed Johnson then constructed three private fa culty offices in the other half. These were occupied by full time professors. The year 1951 saw the construction by Endowment Incorporated'*' of the multistoried River Garage on the former playground of St. Mary's Academy. The old block building was demolished together wi th the connecting bridge to the second floor of the library building to make room for the River Garage parking lot. As a part of the replacement agreement, Endowment constructed four offices, a lounge room, and a classroom with central air conditioning in the southeast corner of the garage overlooking the popular River Walk along the San Antonio River. This location became a much frequented rendezvous during the Fiesta River Parade. While the library had been airconditioned, with window units financed by members of the San Antonio Bar, the

·A corporation spearheaded by Father Blume, Ernest Raba, Joe Kenny '37, and Jack Beretta, prominent engineer and banker. La Mansion Del Rio is built surrounding the River Garage.

112 College Street (now La Mansion del Rio Hot el) in the 1870s. "The one (bui lding) on the east served for classrooms, while on the west (above) a group of odd-shaped structures with lean-to attachments served as kitchen, dining room, storerooms and the like .. .. Trees were planted between and around the buildings and scattered generous ly over most of the rest of the property. A long the section bordering on the river Edel had his justly famous " French Gardens.' " Jo seph William Schmitz, S.M., Th e Society of Mary in T exas, 1951.

new offices and rooms marked the first time that the downtown school had central heat and cooled air. But most of the classrooms still had no air conditioning and there was very little breeze in the downtown area . The French doors and windows invited chilled air during the wintertime while the antiquated space heaters furnish ed very little heat and emitted noxious fumes.

ea rly wee hours of the morning; it was thought he was dead for sure. However, about an hour later, he came back with only a slight wound in the head which required two stitches and a band-aid. Then there was a caretaker who belonged to a religious sect which hated other sects, but particularly Roman Catholics and J ews. He would walk up and down the corridors with a 30/ 30 saddle gun and a safari helmet. He eventua lly had to be dismissed.

Bat Haven A long the River
Without authority, one of the law clubs held a huge beer party one night in the student lounge along the river. When the dean arrived early the next morning, the plate glass door was shattered and a good deal of blood was on the floor. The caretaker had imbibed from the left-over kegs into the The large crevices m the limestone buildings, caused by oxidation decay, became the haven for bats--you might call it the college "bat roost." These creatures would fly through the corridors in the evening with th e greatest of ease. The restroom for women was on the second floor of the building. The windows had no

screens, but for privacy were equipped with glass louvres. Many a lady came screaming into the hall when the bats bega n their nocturnal flights. Then from 1934 to 1937 a fin e old gentleman served as the caretaker. It was his job to punch an electrica l bell button for the beginning a nd ending of each class. He was an occasional pa tron of the juice of the grape. On several occasions h e could not stand erect but leaned against the wall with his hand on th e button. The bell kept on ringing until h e was res tored to an upright position.

a ll of the inside pages. About the same time, the dean went into Professor Orville Walker's office to borrow a tape recorder which Judge Norvell had purchased for his course in Practice Court (Trial Advocacy) . When Orville picked up the recorder, encased in a plywood-covered case, the whole m echanism fell out in mute testimony of how a little thing can cause big mischief.

Mealtime, during the early scant salary da ys, often consisted of ea ting a t the Coney Island Hot Dog Hut across from the Empire Theater (the old Brady Building on North St. Mary 's Street). And why not?---A hot dog with onions on a bun sold for a dime, or a bowl of chili with a few crackers cost a dime, a nd a coke a mere nickel. But, a las, tim es got a little better, and the Majestic Club on College Street opened up with a "M r. Mueller" as the owner. Here, faculty m embers and students would gather in the afternoon for draft beer, enchiladas and h a mburgers prepared by an excellent bl ack cook. Each time the bar exam results were a nnounced , Mueller served the suds on th e hou se; those happy days of the returning World War II veterans were truly the days of wine a nd roses. Discussed were the law, world affairs, and to a certain extent, useless knowl edge, prompted by a stein of beer, in th e spirit of camaraderie. Never-to-be-forgotten was the Manhattan Cafe, operated by Mr. Anthony, Mr. Poulos, a nd Dan Anthony--the best lunch in town. It was frequented by the town's leading lawyers and judges and it was located on Houston Street, with a rear entrance on College Street, next to the Majestic Club.

Th e Lady Did Spit A well-groomed lady used to pass by the schoo l. One day at closing time she cam e in , walked down the corridor to the river and returned to ma ke h er ex it in th e presence of the dean a nd Mrs. H enke, th e librarian. Turning aro und to confront th em face-tofa ce s h e ca lI ed them " God -da mn ed Catholics " a nd unl eased a well-aimed wad of spittle which hit the dean 's nose. She then departed with a well satisfied look on her face. Visitors from the Street
The "winos" were freq u ent visitors. In those da ys you could go to five-and-ten cent stores n earby and purchase bay rum at very littl e cost. On severa l occasions they would com e in , fall as leep on the floor, or pass out. Panh andl ers of every variety called every da y, proba bl y thinking that the school was a part of th e adjoining St. Mary's Catholic Church parsonage.

Termites The place was infested with termites. When swarming occurred, one was reminded of a fog or a cloud. The littl e termes were quite energetic in supplying the school with a liberal supply of minute saw dust. Termites were up to quite other destructive habits. The librarian was reques ted to get a rather rare book collection out of the Cistern Annex in the basement. He called the dean downstairs; and termites had devoured

The Pigeon Squadron
P eop le would sometimes linger at the entrance to the front building. This was rather risky--pigeon roosts were in the a ttic and on the cornices above. These permanent residents were rather discourteous and frequently on target when they opened their bomb-bays!


Boehler's Garden "Those were the days, my friend ... " The early years of the Barrister's Club linger in the joyful memories of those who were in Law School prior to World War II. Several times each year faculty and students would gather in the second-floor party room of the Beer Garden on Josephine Street. Phil Schraub, '40 (retired federal magistrate, Sedona, Arizona), worked his way through school for a while as a bartender at this historic establishment. He made all the arrangements for the Club parties and tended bar. What a bargain! There was not much money burning anyone's pocket--a pitcher of beer sold for 50 cents; tamales were about 40 cents a dozen , with tortillas thrown in to boot! After the brew took effect, most everyone thought their voices were of Maennerchor quality. The Barrister's Club of the School of Law had a "prewar depression" flare of individuality; the then-popular recording, "San Antonio Rose," was enshrined as the Club's drinking song. Koehler Park Koehler Park (within Brackenridge Park) was also the site for student and faculty parties with the same menu and pleasantries that prevailed at Boehler's Garden.

The Squalor Hole During the late thirties there were two dingy and rather odiferous rooms to the right of the main entrance. The ravages of time, decay fostered by dampness, and the intrusion of insects had virtually destroyed the wood floor. On the bare earth were two single bunks--one for John Meredith Stafford, '40 (of happy memory), affectionately called "The Senator," and one for Garrett Middlebrook, '41, members of the Mose Sims football and basketball teams, respectively, on athletic scholarships to the Law School. Bath and toilet faciliti es were archaic, being of ancient heritage, to say the leas t, and sans hot water, not an inducement to frequent shaving. These two residents had three wellknown associates: Paul Casseb, '41, Charlie Beachem, '40, and Art Lesher, '42, the latter known as the " Silver Fox," now judge of the 157th District Court, Harris County, Texas. In 1940 Casseb, Beachem and Stafford joined the 141 st Infantry Regiment of the 36th Division. All three acquitted themselves with gallantry in the Mediterranian invasions of the Southern European mainland. It was said that Stafford would drop a line to the Very Reverend Walter Golatka , president of St. Mary's University, that he need not worry about the safety of the Vatican because "the 141st Regiment was on its way."

La Villita With more money available in the late forties and early fifties, the student parties became a little more sophisticated. The food and drink did not change; the gatherings were held in La Villita's Cos House, where the Mexican' general surrendered to the Texans. But with our Mexican heritage, mariachis were on hand to liven things up a bit.

EARLY HISTORY OF THE LAW LIBRARY When the San Antonio School of Law was transferred to St. Mary's University in 1934 it had no law library. These were tll'e days of the Depression. Tuition income was low; the chill of winter and the heat of summer were very pronounced within the old limestone walls and the lighting facilities reminded one of a bleak, misty January day; yet there was an unsurpassed enthusiasm, a dedicated law faculty and a will on the part of the students to make a go of it. The first acquisition of law books occurred in the fall of 1935 when John Cotter Sullivan (of the pioneer Dan Sullivan family), attorney, graduate and friend of old St. Mary's College, donated a set of new Southwestern Reporters, The Texas Digest, and The Vernon's Annotated Texas Statutes to the School of Law. In September of 1938, 5,000 volumes including the National Reporter System and a large number of State Reports were received as a gift and partial consideration from the Honorable Hobart Huson, who then practiced law in San Antonio. Huson is the famous scholar, philosopher, and author of Refugio, Texas. From time to time other attorneys have donated various law volumes to the School of Law. Never-to-be-forgotten was the transporta tion of the Huson Li brary from The Tower Life Building (then, the Smith-Young Tower) to 112 College Street. Ernest Raba, Hobart Huson and Henry Dielmann packed the books in Scobey Moving Company cartons. Previously, Ed Johnson , the caretaker of 112 College Street, had dismantled the steel and the Globe Warnke book shelves and reassembled them on the second floor at 112. The moving van arrived at The Tower Life Building on a cloudy early fall evening to load the books. These then were taken to 112 and hoisted to the second floor -- a building about 80 feet wide along the west property line of 112, adjoining St. Mary's Church, from the present La Mansion patio to within 20 feet of the San Antonio River. The books were unpacked and shelved that night. At first light Huson, though exhausted from the all-night venture, hosted a huge breakfast for the midnight strugglers at a Commerce Street restaurant, across from the Alamo National Bank. Those were the days of perseverance and hope in the future. The library was open 24 hours a day. Ed Johnson made huge tables fabricated out of planking that he had pulled out of the attic floor and covered with inexpensive congoleum purchased at Grant's Five and Ten on Houston Street. Huson was well

Th e Honorable Hobart Huson , scholar, philosopher, and author, donated 5,000 vo lumes including the National Reporter System and a large number of State R eports to St. Mary's, in 1938. Huson helped pack the books, and after helping shelve them on the second floor of the new library, hosted a large breakfast for the midnight workers.

pleased with the tables because he liked to have his law books spread out over a rather large area while working on appellate briefs. It should be mentioned that the original area occupied by the Law Library was the study hall and academic library for St. Mary's Academy before it moved to its campus on North St. Mary's Street and was renamed Central Catholic High School. Eventually, as books were added, the weight of the library caused a sway in the floor joists. It was then that the partitions were torn out on the ground floor of the building and concrete floors laid. Under the north end of this building there had been a huge cistern where, in the early days, the good Brothers of Mary had stored water coming from the gu tters on the roof. This cistern was filled in, a concrete floor poured, and additional reading and shelf space was thus made available in the basement. It was known as the Cistern Annex. We had no professional librarian until the appointment of Mrs. Francis Sawyer Henke in 1947. Before that time, we might say that Ed Johnson was the "nocturnal librarian . "* The NYA (National Youth Administration) supplied clerical help after the acquisition of the Huson Law Library. A very kind brother, Paul A. Roesner, S.M.,

B.S. , functioned in a supervisory capacity over these federally-paid employees until 1944. He was succeeded by Brother Lawrence Duffy, S.M., B.S.L.S., who served merely in an advisory capacity. Brother Duffy, in fact, was the full-time director of the academic library on the Woodlawn campus. In 1962 Al J. Coco succeeded Mrs. Henke; in turn, Paul Ferguson replaced Coco and served as Law Library director from 1966 to May 31, 1981.

·Verified by Ed Johnson, 911 Fredericksburg Rd., San AnLOnio, T exas.


The Law Journal is a scholarly publication which edits and publishes, four times each year, outstanding articles on legal topics written by practicing attorneys, law professors, and judges. It also edits and publishes comments and casenotes written by students. The decision as to whether any material is published is made by the Editorial Board, comprised entirely of students. There is a Faculty Advisory Committee, presently chaired by Professor Robert Hobbs.

THE FUTURE Th e Sarita Ken edy East Law L ibrary

On January 19, 1982, a $7,500,000 grant from the John G. and Marie Stella Kenedy Foundation provided for the construction of the Sarita Kenedy East Law Library and the reconstruction of the current library to permit additional faculty offices and classrooms. The Foundation was established by Mrs. East in memory of her parents. Since the appointment of James Castleberry as dean, six additional faculty members have been appointed, library accessions have notably increased, and the financial position of the faculty enhanced. A prophecy of a brilliant future is at hand for the School of Law.

From Soldiers to Law Students
In the fall of '46, just sixteen months after "V.E. Day," ninety students registered a t St. Mary's Law School; of these seventythree were World War II veterans. Fifty-four old students who had served their country returned to continue their law studies, and thirty-six young warriors registered for the first time. In that after-the-war year, there were only three young women in the student body. Of the 207 graduates in May 1981, 62 were women. It was the G. I. Bill of Rights that gave real impetu s to the growth of the Law School after the war. The doors to adva nced education were wide open to anyone who wanted it and could tough it out. Beca use tough it was. At the outbreak of World War II tuition had risen to $8.25 per semester hour. From the fall of 1934 to the fall of 1944 the highest enrollment peak was 54 students, with the low being 24, and the average about 35. In the fall of 1940 the School of Law opened its first Day Division classes. During the War years the enrollment hovered between 24 and 32 students. At the beginning of the 1943 spring semester the Day Division was suspended and the School again reverted to a part-time Evening Division. It was during this period of time that the late DixonGulley, Leslie C. Merrem, and Judge Raymond Gerhardt, and a few others, undertook to keep the School of Law from closing its doors by performing the heroic task of teaching practically all of the law courses offered, and this with only slight remuneration generated by tuition income. To these men, St. Mary's University is deepl y indebted, for without them it is very probable that there would be no St. Mary 's University Law School today.

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Barristers Club 1940


In the fall term of 1949 there arrived at 112 College Street a swashbuckling captain of the United States Air Force wearing the typical visor cap with grommet removed. He had just returned from flying the Berlin airlift. We are talking about our present dean, James Newton Castleberry, Jr. He created a problem because he claimed to have the pre-law requirements but had no transcript. An even bigger problem: he was six weeks late in registering! The dean passed the buck to Brother Thomas Treadaway, the registrar, and by mutual agreement of the dean and the registrar, the captain was admitted for the fall term. His tendency to be late still surfaces from time to time. Blair Reeves, '51, was severely wounded in the back when fighting with the Marine

Corps in the South Pacific and became a paraplegic, confined to a wheelchair for life. In our old building at 112 College, with the high 18 to 20 foot ceilings, it was impossible to get Blair into the upstairs classrooms. However, the Veterans Administration supplied intercoms in all of the classrooms. Blair, with earphones, was seated at a table in the library where the full class discussion was relayed to him, and he would recite cases through the intercom when the instructor requested them. He shared full and complete class discussions, just as effectively as if he were present in the classroom. Blairwas later county judge of Bexar County for many years and left that office to become judge of County Court at Law, No. 4.

ACCREDITATION AND ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTS By February 1948 the School was placed on the list of schools approved by the American Bar Association; and in December 1949 the School of Law was admitted to membership in the Association of American Law Schools. This was a record time for approval by the American Bar and membership in the Association of American Law Schools for a non-tax-supported school. Shortly thereafter the young, cocky dean walked into Brother Tom Treadaway's office and stated, "Brother Tom, we've got it made now," to which Brother Tom replied, "Well, now you've got a thoroughbred horse, and unlike a common cowpony, they require a lot of care and grooming. You will get problems that you never dreamed of, and you will have restrictions, rules and regulations to comply with, and you will have to prove that the president of Dayton University was wrong when he said that our opening of a law school was a big mistake."

Academic Requirements

In 1951 the pre-law entrance req uirements were raised from 60 semester hours to 90 semester hours. In January 1954 the graduation requirements for the LL.B. degree were increased from 72 to 84 semester hours; in the fall of 1961, the Law School Admission Test became a prerequisite to admission and the graduation requirements were increased to 90 semester hours; then in the fall of 1966 a bachelor's or higher degree was set forth as a requirement for admission, and the LL.B. degree was phased out; and pursuant to the recommendation of the American Bar Association, the J. D. (Juris Doctor) degree was substituted for the LL.B. degree, so that each law graduate could earn the professional doctorate in law. The Faculty Minutes of October 28, 1969, authorized the granting of the retroactive J. D. degree.

"MOVE WE MUST" From 1934 to the fall of 1967, when it moved from 112 College Street to the Maverick-Clarke Building at 213 East Travis Street, the School of Law had grown from 31 part-time students to 280 Day Division students and 120 Evening Division students. The Maverick-Clarke Building was later demolished to build a parking lot for the San Antonio Bank and Trust Company. The move to temporary quarters was a day of history for St. Mary',s University because it gave abrupt emphasis to the fact that 112 College Street had been abandoned--the only building in the City of San Antonio that had been used continuously for educational purposes for 113 years, from 1853 to 1966. 112 was vacated so that the La Mansion Del Rio could be erected on this historic site. In a way both alumni and faculty felt that this exodus from 112 meant the surrender of an accustomed· way of life and tradition, and in fact it was a sentimental journey away from home. Yet with it was the realization that if the school were to grow and develop in stature and recognition "move we must."

La Mansion del Rio Hotel

River Garage in 1951, now La Mansion del Rio

HISTORY OF THE NEW LAW CENTER One of the most important conferences ever held by St. Mary 's University took place at the Menger Hotel on May 11-12, 1964. The studied projection of the St. Mary's University expansion program for "academics" and "bricks and mortar" ("Education 6000") occurred here. Prior to that time a new Law Center at 112 College, to be known as the Skyline Campus, had been put to the drawing board; at this conference, the Executive Council, Academic Council , members of the St. Mary's Educational Foundation, and the Board of Trustees of the University considered the downtown location; but through the persuasion of Sylvan Lang the plans were changed and the decision was made to erect a new Law Center on the Woodlawn Campus. Application was made in June, 1965, to the U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare under Title II of the Higher Education Facilities Act for a $610,000 grant and a $912,000 loan for the law center under the theory that a Juris Doctor degree was a graduate degree. John F. Kennedy had established an advisory commission of 25

Governor John Connally , Phil Kazen of Laredo, and Dean Ernest Raba in a meeting which brought about the reversal of HEW's ruling restricting building assistance. Connally contacted President Lyndon B. Johnson and within 20 days HEW was overrukd and the Higher Education Facilities Act was amended to include law schools. It was a turning point for St. Mary 's School of Law.

educators. These were supposed to make recommendations to the Federal Commission on Education. The dean emeritus of the University of Indiana Graduate School and the dean of the School of Economics of UCLA visited the campus for HEW; they examined the site for the law center which, at that time, was a jungle of mesquite brush, cat claw and black brush; they refused to examine the school downtown. The application was denied because the rules and regula tions under Title II had been written for graduate academic degrees to the exclusion of law schools. The Commission had cited a minority report of an Association of American Law Schools committee which stated that the J.D . degree was not a graduate degree. Vernon X . Miller, president of the Association of American L aw Schools, and the American Bar Association through John H ervey, advisor to the Section on Legal Education of the American Bar Association, telephoned Father Blume and requested tha t the dean appear at the American Bar Association convention in Miami Beach as the guest of the Section on L ega l Education. After meeting with the Section for a bout five hours, the recommendation was made tha t the dean seek a way to reverse HEW, and that the Law School would be the trial balloon so that all law schools could share in the Government building program. Upon leaving the meeting, George W. Parker of Fort Worth, Texas, said, "You must know somebody who can work from the top down, and I mean Lyndon B. Johnson." It so happened that the dean had a very good friend in Phil Kazen of Laredo, Texas. Upon his return home, the dean called Kazen, a very close friend of Governor John Connally and President Lyndon B. Johnson. Kazen stated to Raba that the governor and the president could get the decision overruled within 30 days. Kazen then went to Austin and talked to John

Connally, who dispatched an emissary to Washington with a letter addressed to Lyndon B. Johnson. Within 20 days, HEW was overruled and the Higher Education Facilities Act was eventually amended to include law schools; Brooks Martin was appointed architect; the plans for the Law Center were then put on the drawing board; and in October of 1966, a contract was signed with Guido Brothers Construction Company.

Law Center Groundbreaking
Fifteen months later, December of 1967, the Law School moved to its new quarters and classes were resumed on this campus after the Christmas holidays in January of 1968. In the early fall of 1966, groundbreaking ceremonies for the n ew Cen ter took place with Judge Norvell, Father Blume and Sylvan L ang doing the honors. Judge Norvell was the keynote speaker at the ceremony; his speech is recorded in the Barrister News . A fulfill ed prophecy, excerpted therefrom, follows: " ... And thus we see that the attaining of one goal enables us to see another goa l ah ead. Continuing faith and effort ·are essential. But judging from past accomplishments, we may with confidence predict that Saint Mary's University and its lega l center will bJIfill the most optimistic expectations of its well wishers." At the conclusion of the ceremony, a giant scale of justice in the blue and gold colors of the University was hoisted into the air on a construction crane as the band rang out with "The Bells of St. Mary's. " '*'

""The Barrister News, Winter Issue, 1966-67, Vol. XIV, No.3, p. 3.

NEW LAW CENTER DEDICATION 1968 The new Law Center was dedicated on October 24, 1968. An academic procession in cap and gown proceeded to Holy Rosary Church at 5:30 p.m. for the Red Mass, with Fath er Louis Blume as the chief celebrant. This was followed by a blessing of the buildings by the Most R everend Stephen A. L even , Auxiliary to the Archbishop of San Antonio. Cocktails were then served in the open area adjoining the Law Center. The banquet then took place in the Law Lecture Halls with over 600 guests in attendance. The ceremonies were relayed by closed circuit television to the foyer and Room 104. The Honorable John B. Connally, the governor of Texas, delivered the main address. His speech was very inspirational and predicted a great future for the Law School. He had played a significant part in securing the funds for the erection of the Law Center, and it was evident that he felt a kinship for this institution.

In O c tob er, 1966 groundbreaking ceremonies for the new Law Center took place with Judge Norvell, Father Blume, and Sylvan Lang (left to right ), doing the honors. Th e ceremony was concluded with a hoisting of the blue and go ld co lors of the University, and the University band playing " The Bells of St. Mary 's."

PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY AND THE LAW SCHOOL PURPOSE CLAUSE Chief Justice Carlos C . Cadena, appointed to the Fourth Court of Civil Appeals (now the Fourth Court of Appeals) in 1965 by Governor John Connally, was a professor of law at St. Mary's University from 1952-54, and again from 1961-65. Cadena formulated the guiding philosophy of the School of Law in these words which appear on the front pages of the Law School Bulletin: "The basic postulate which guides the School of Law is that if it is to earn and maintain the status of a professional school, it must do more than produce skilled legal technicians. The school is justly proud of its regional recognition as 'The Lawyer's Law School,' since the lawyer, as a member of one of the three professions traditionally regarded as 'learned,' has always been recognized as much more than a legal machine. • "The word 'profession' signifies much more than the pursuit of a learned art which has achieved a certain traditional dignity. The term implies the pursuit of a learned art in the spirit of a public service. Because of the importance and responsibility of the profession, it demands strict moral and intellectual qualifications. In its theory, the law employs the noblest faculties of the soul, and in its practice it requires the cardinal virtues of the heart. "The services rendered by the legal profession are vital to society. Our economic, political, and social institutions could not function without an extensive and complex system of laws regulating relations between individuals and between them and the state. But it is not enough that these laws be made. They must be soundly and effectively developed, interpreted, and applied. This is the primary function of the lawyer, and it is through his services that law is shaped and applied to the affairs of man. " The purpose of the School of Law, then , is to give to its students the knowledge and the attributes of mind and character essential to the effective rendition of a public service. Knowledge of the law is, of course, an essential element in the education of a lawyer, but it is only a starting point. Knowledge of law, without an understanding of the purposes and ultimate aims of law, is but a vessel devoid of content. "The School of Law must incessantly seek to impart to its professional student a clear understanding of the only true function and aim of a legal system--the attainment of justi~e. The constant and perhaps never-ending quest for justice is one of the noblest of human endeavors. The constant desire of lawyers to attain justice is essential in the Anglo-American legal system, grounded as it is on the acceptance of the adversary theory of litigation. We are, indeed, lost if in such a system the ultimate goal of the advocate is simply victory, ra,her than justice. "The School of Law must and will strive not only to give to its students a knowledge of the existing rules of law, but to equip them for the vital role which they are to play in man's search for justice. The school must inculcate in the student knowledge of and a loyalty to the basic moral principles which must be the basis for any system of law which is to be more than a mere tool of tyranny and oppression.

Chief Justice Carlos C. Cadena, professor of law at St. Mary's from 1952-54, and again from 1961-65. Cadena formulated the guiding philosophy of the School of Law.

"Each member of the faculty of the School of Law is keenly aware that, if he is to merit comparison to a star 'shining in the firmament,' he must teach not merely law, but justice; that he must strive to insure that each graduate is better equipped to promote the cause of justice than are his mentors; and that, if the School of Law is to serve its purpose, the course of instruction must be such as to produce advocates, legislators and judges who will contribute to the betterment of mankind and the attainment of man's ultimate destiny." This Law School, from the date of its birth in 1927, has always required the course in Legal and Professional Ethics as a prerequisite to the J.D. degree.

It receives heavy emphasis in the current Professional Responsibility course, consisting of thirty class hours, and is a broad expansion of basic legal ethics, and includes courtroom decorum , client-attorney relationships, and professional conduct generally. Throughout the state and local bar associations our alumni have recognized their responsibility by giving leadership to the organized bar by active participation in its many-faceted programs. The San Antonio Bar Association has had nine of our alumni as presidents, other officers and committee members -- a true reflection of an institution which imbues its students with a sense of responsibility to the profession and the community.

EVENING DIVISION PHASED OUT On September 4, 1970, the faculty voted to phase out the Evening Division and the fall of 1971 was chosen as the date when further registrations for the Evening Division would no longer be accepted.'*' There were very cogen t reasons for the abandonment of the Evening Division. The Association of American Law Schools at that time required that a full-time faculty member teach two-thirds of the total semester hours offered in each division, Evening or Day. Consequently, the Evening Division, which heretofore had been staffed with adjunct professors, now became too costly and resulted in a very large Evening Division deficit to the detriment of the Day Division. In addition, Evening Division enrollment dropped significantly with the move to the main campus. JUNE AND FEBRUARY ADMISSIONS PHASED OUT In the spring of 1973 registrations for beginning students came to an end and, three years later, registration for beginning students for the summer session were also abolished. These administrative changes became necessary because of the impossibility of providing a predictable schedule of courses for both advanced students and beginning students. First-year students are admitted only in August. '*' to licensed attorneys. In conjunction with this, the Legal Research Board, "LRB" as it is known, provides law students with an opportunity for practical experience in advanced legal research. The fees earned by the Board are distributed between the writers and the Legal Research Board.
·Faculty Minutes, September 4, 1970 and September 17, 1970. ·Faculty Minutes, January 24, 1973.

LAW ALUMNI AND PLACEMENT All of th e graduates of the St. Mary 's University School of Law are members of the overall University Alumni Association of St. Mary 's University. However, from the very beginning, with the first graduating class, law alumni have been most active in recruiting students and participating in and giving to the Law School Fund Drives. To establish a more cohesive organization, on September 23, 1976,'*' the graduates of the School of Law established the St. Mary 's University Law School Alumni Association. In the fall of 1978 this organization, with the prompting of Dean James Castleberry, inaugurated the annual Law Alumni Dinner honoring various members of the alumni, the bench and the bar. In the fiscal year of 1977-78 a most important event "jelled." There was established an Alumni and Placement Office on the lower floor of the library building, and a placement director was appointed. Prior to that time James Castleberry, as associate dean, was in charge both of graduate placement and of alumni affairs in addition to his full-time teaching duties.

LEGAL RESEARCH BOARD A very significant development occurred in early 1973. The Legal Research Board of the School of Law was established. Supervised by a member of the law faculty, the St. Mary's Legal Research Board provides low-cost, high quality legal memorandums

·Files of the Law School Alumni Association.

TRIAL ADVOCACY ESTABLISHED 1978 Beginning with the month of June, 1978, the School very wisely established the course in Trial Advocacy to meet the demands of the profession to better qualify its graduates for the trial practice of law. Its purpose is set forth in the SCHOOL OF LAW BULLETIN, as follows: A practical course involving demonstrations and student practices in all aspects of the trial of civil and criminal cases which provide significant opportunities for jury persuasion, instructor analysis and commentary respecting student performance and evaluation of trial tactics. Students engage in simulated trials in the Norvell Courtroom before a presiding judge. The proceedings are televised, and then played back for the judge's critique and instruction.

St. Mary's Moot Court, present Law Center.

OPERATING BUDGET - SCHOOL OF LAW - FISCAL YEAR September 1, 1950 to August 31, 1951 STAFF SALARIES: Full-time: Ernest A. Raba, Dean Charles Clark, Assistant Dean Leslie C. Merrem Dixon Gulley Warren McKenney $6,600.00 5,700.00 5,700.00 5,700.00 5,700.00 (based on 12 months except Mrs. Henke which is 9 months)

Mrs. Henke, Librarian 4,275.00 Mrs. Anderson, Asst. Librarian 1,980.00 Miss Dodds, Law School Secty. 1,980.00 Total----------------------------------------------------Part-time: Estimated at app. 50 semester hours at $120 per semester hour Library: Accessions $6,000.00 Equipment 1,000.00 Total----------------------------------------------------Miscellaneous: Travel, Conventions Janitor, Utilities Supplies, etc. $1,000.00 2,000.00 2,000.00




Total----------------------------------------------------Grand Total


Attention to the fact is called that the 1949-1950 budget amounted to $53,640.001 and the 1950-1951 budqet amounted to $53,400.00. Whether more than that was expended durinq those two years, I am not in a position to state. Respectfully submitted, Ernest A. Raba, Dean


Budget from Septem ber 1, 1950 to August 31, 1951.

In 1936-37 the Law School showed a gross income of $3,949.50 which constituted its budget for the year. By fiscal year 1950-51 its budget had risen to the grand total of $55,635.00. Today the budget is around $2 million. Tuition has risen from a low of $360 per year in 1934 to today's tuition of $130 per semester hour. As indicated previously in this history, there were only two women enrolled in the Law School during its first few years; now enrollment statistics show that 33 per cent of the student body are women. From a beginning enrollment of 31 parttime Evening Division students in 1934, the student body has grown now to 620 full time students. The gradual growth of the School of Law into a national law school commenced in 1966, and recent enrollment figures show that students come from 40 states and 150 colleges and universities. The curriculum, which is in constant revision to meet new demands in legal education, also indicates as much progress as the budget statement. At its birth, the Law School required 72 semester hours of law work for graduation; there were but ten elective hours at that time. The latest Bulletin shows the cumulative effect of improving the course offerings: in addition to the required sixty-one semester hours of required courses, there ·are 162 semester hours in electives, making a grand total of 223. Completion of 90 semester hours is now required for graduation. Another contrast through the years is the development of the Law Library. In 1966 the library contained only 35,000 volumes; now it has 90,000. In 1966 there was but one professional librarian, Paul Ferguson; now there are five. Today the Law School is financed from tuition income and the support of alumni, friends, corporations and charitable trusts. Throughout the years, cumulatively speaking, the Law School has not had to make any inroads on the tuition income of the academic schools of the University. Accordingly, this opportunity is taken to show our thanks to our donors and grantors, that they may meaningfully share in this remarkable history and its development through the years.

The full-time faculty taught day and evening courses for twelve months each year without extra compensation for summer teaching; there was only one semester, June through August, during the summer. The current utility bill far exceeds the 1950-51 budget.

Albert and Helen Herrmann Professorship of Law. Memorial endowment established by the sons, daughters, and grandchildren of Albert Herrmann, prominent San Antonio attorney, and Mrs. Helen Luthy Herrmann, established July 22, 1976, "for the purpose of paying largely for research, but not necessarily so, professors of Natural Resource law at the ... " School of Law, over and above budgeted salaries. Hugo Anton Engelhardt Memorial Trust Fund. Established by trust indenture on May 30,1973, by Hugo Tristram Engelhardt, M.D., and his wife Beulah Karbach Engelhardt, in honor of Hugo Anton Engelhardt, M.D., the father of Dr. Hugo Engelhardt, for the purpose of " .. .research projects by the full professors of the law faculty for which additional compensation is awarded to retain various distinguished members of the law faculty over and above budgeted salaries." Pat Maloney Professorship of Law. Established by Pat Maloney, prominent San Antonio trial attorney, by instrument dated January 30,1978, for the purpose of stipends for a professor " ... who teaches in the field of trial practice and/ or advocacy." Eric j. Spielhagen Memorial Scholarship Fund. On December 12, 1977, Mrs. Eric J. Spielhagen, and her son, Eric R. Spielhagen, of Beeville, Texas, established a fund in memory of Eric J. Spielhagen, her husband and his father, who had attended St. Mary 's Univerity School of Law, for the purpose of " .. .scholarship grants to a financially needy student in scholastic good standing ... whether such student is in his first, second or third year of law." Katherine A. Ryan Professorship of Law. Endowment established by Mrs. Ryan on January 16, 1963, for the discretionary academic use of the School of Law, through annual donations and completed by her bequest in her last will and testament. Mrs. Ryan died on January 18, 1971. Eloise and Gerald Stockard Law School Scholarship of St. Mary's University . Scholarship fund established on April 8, 1970, by the Stockards for the purpose of providing tuition grants to deserving law students. Katherine A. Ryan Loan Fund. On January II, 1956, Mrs. Ryan established a loan fund trust whereby deserving students can borrow money for the tuition purposes at a very low rate of interest. judge james R. Norvell Publication Endowment. Judge James R . Norvell, while a full professor at the School of Law, established a substantial fund for use by the School of Law in defraying the cost of publications to be used by the students at the School of Law. The fund is replenished through the sale of these publications to the students.






Original sketch for new Law Center on campus.

THE BUILDING FUND The following San Antonio law firms each paid for seminar rooms: Cox, Smith, Smith, Hale & Guenther; Lang, Cross, Ladon. Oppenheimer & Rosenberg; Matthews, Nowlin, MacFarlane & Barrett; Gross, Hebdon, Fahey & Smith. Sylvan Lang contributed Lecture Room 101; Dr. Katherine A. Ryan, Lecture Room 102; the James R. Dougherty Foundation, Beeville, Texas, Lecture Room 104; Fred Dennis, book publisher of Buffalo, N.Y., millwork in the Moot Court Room; Eric J. Spielhagen, Beeville, Texas, furnishings in the student lounge; Estate of John Cotter Sullivan, the Conference Room; Mrs. Elena Kenedy, the Dean's Office. MAJOR ANNUAL FINANCIAL SUPPORTERS Paul A. Olsen, '71; Paul E. Casseb, '41; Patrick J. Kennedy, Sr., '52; M. D. Anderson

Foundation; G. W. Brackenridge Foundation; Exxon Education Foundation; George Pletcher, Houston; Frank J. Scanio, Jr., Woodsboro; the Rooke Foundation, Woodsboro, Texas; C. J. Wrightsman Educational Fund, Inc., Fort Worth; Carl J. Walker, M.D., '66. MAJOR DONORS TO THE LAW LIBRARY Hobart Huson, founder; John Cotter Sullivan; Mrs. Genevieve Dougherty (National Reporter System); Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Swearingen, Jr. (Faculty Law Library); Carl Wright Johnson; Roy Andrews; Leroy Denman; Gilbert Denman; Mrs. Phyllis Harper; Dr. John Harper; Gresham, Davis, Gregory, Worthy & Moore; Judge James R. Norvell (a complete Texas law library); Dyer, Redford, Burnett, Wray & Woolsey, Corpus Christi, Texas; the Ewing Halsell Foundation; Paul A. Olsen, '71 (a complete Texas law library).

In the late fall of 1937 the law students established a Student Council to represent them. The San Antonio Evening News reported this event with the following news item: "SEGUIN COMMUTER HEADS ST. MARY'S LAW SCHOOL COUNCIL. A Seguin student commuter, Clem Maurer, '*' is the new president of the St. Mary's University School of Law Council. A graduate of Baylor University and a senior in the school, Maurer drives from his home in Seguin to the St. Mary's Downtown College each evening. Delegates on the council are Maurer, James Ware, and William Small, from the senior class; James Laflin, and Victor Koenning, from the middle class; and Wallace Geissler from the freshman class. Other council officials will be elected at the group's first meeting scheduled for Sunday." The Student Council was re-named The Barrister Club in 1940; and on April 26, 1973, it was chartered as the Student Senate.

Phi A lpha Delta
John Nance Garner Chapter

Delta Theta Phi
On April 10, 1950, the National Senate of the Delta Theta Phi Law Fraternity directed and authorized the School of Law to organize and perpetuate the John J. Bickett, Jr., Senate at the School of Law. The local Senate is named in honor of and dedicated to the memory of John J. Bickett, Jr., former chief justice of the Fourth Court of Civil Appeals.

"This international legal fraternity, founded in 1902, has goals of instilling in its members a profound respect for our American judicial system and for the legal profession. Its motto exemplifies the fraternity aims: 'Service to the student, the law school and the profession.' The local chapter was organized and installed in the fall of 1970. It is named in honor of the late John Nance Garner, distinguished lawyer, member of the Texas Legislature and U.S. Congress, and Vice President of the United States."

A Legal Sorority
With co-education, a legal sorority had to come to St. Mary's. On December 13, 1952, Kappa Beta Pi Legal Sorority created, ordained and established the Beta Lambda Chapter of the sorority at the St. Mary's Law School. However, after the fraternities became co-educational, the sorority ceased to be active.

Phi Delta Phi
On October 22, 1949, the School of Law received its charter from the International Legal Fraternity of Phi Delta Phi, which authorized and directed the establishment of a Student Inn to be known as Tarlton Inn. The Inn was named in honor of one of the great contributors to the jurisprudence of the State of Texas, the Honorable Judge Benjamin Dudley Tarlton.
·Clem F. Maurer, 6003 Hornwood Drive, Houston, Texas.

The Law Wives Club
A very successful venture, which had its origin in 1961, is Delta Alpha Delta, the law wives' club. Through Delta Alpha Delta, the wives of law students promote a better

understanding of the legal profession, provide intellectual activities for its members, and cooperate with the School of Law and law school activities. Funds derived from the club's bake sales are donated to the School of Law for some need that arises during the year. They erected the masonry Law Center sign on the entryway from the parking lot and festooned the law campus with beautiful native mountain laurel. During its existence, the organization has had but four advisors: Mrs. Ernest A. Raba; Mrs. Mallory L. Miller, wife of a former law professor for a short period of time; Mrs. Leslie C. Merrem; and Mrs. Harold G. Reuschlein who has served from 1972 to the present time.

Board of Advocates
The Moot Court Board was approved in 1970 and was reorganized and renamed the Board of Advocates in 1974. It consists of eleven student members who are charged with implementing and administering a program to train students in trial techniques and the art of advocacy. Among their duties is the responsibility for administering the following competitions: Freshman Moot Court, Novice Mock Trial, National Trial Competition, Walker Moot Court, State Mock Trial, Norvell Moot Court and National Client Counseling. The winners of many of these competitions represent St. Mary's University School of Law at state, regional and national competitions with other law schools.*

Harlan Society
On March 12, 1974, two significant organizations were approved by the Law School faculty. * One was the Harlan Society, the other was the Student Moot Court Board, later known as the Board of Advocates. The Harlan Society, named for John M. Harlan, associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, 1955-1971, is the honorary academic society of the School of Law. Its purpose is to honor and reward graduating students who, through outstanding and consistent scholarship and achievement, have demonstrated exceptional ability in preparing themselves for the legal profession. Each year between March 1 and spring graduation, the Society elects up to ten percent of those who will have earned degrees since the preceding spring graduation. Consideration is given both to class standing (members are picked from the top ten percent in scholarship) and to accomplishments contributing directly to legal education. Hopefully, the Society is the forerunner to the establishment of a chapter of the Order of the Coif at the Law School.
·FacuILy Minutes missing; research by Associate Dean Schmidt from available files. ·Faculty Minutes, March 12, 1974.

Women's Law Association
In the spring of 1975 the faculty chartered the Women's Law Association.* Its purpose is set forth in Article II of its by-laws: "Object: The object of this Association is to combine the ideas, strengths, and talents of the members to deal with the problems encountered by women (men) in law school and in the legal profession; to promote and encourage the professional and personal development of women (men) law students in order that they may better develop those qualities necessary in achieving career success; to encourage recognition of the legal profession as a viable career for women (men); and, to establish programs in furtherance of these goals." In the spirit of fraternity and equality, it now comprises the spouses of all law students.

·Faculty Minutes, March 17, 1976. ·Faculty Minutes, September 17, 1975.

Order of Barristers
"The Order of Barristers, established in 1976, is the national honor society for those law students who have distinguished themselves throughout their law school career in the area of advocacy by participation in Moot Court, Mock Trial or Client Counseling, and by service in the administration and support of the advocacy programs."

St. Thomas More Club
The St. Thomas More Club was established at the School of Law in September 1948. The St. Thomas More Club has a twofold purpose: to foster the spiritual well being of the students and to provide a forum for discussion. The Club, devoted to the ideals exemplified by Saint Thomas More, first lay Chancellor of England, provides the opportunity to sponsor religious events for law students, such as prayer services and days of recollection and provides a forum for discussion of moral issues facing American society, especially First Amendment issues and Church-State relations in a pluralistic society. Membership is open to all law students.

Mexican-American Law Students Association (MALSA) MALSA was established in the fall of 1977 to encourage Mexican-American students to pursue a legal career and to provide a positive input into the community. A part of a nationwide organization, the local group has assisted in the preparation of the state and national conferences dealing with topics relevant to the Mexican-American community. In addition to social functions and fund-raising events held throughout the year, it awards a scholarship annually to a worthy Mexican-American law student at St. Mary 's. Association of Criminal Law Studies
On September 10, 1968, the Faculty Council approved the Association of Criminal Law Students. The establishment of the organization was spearheaded by "Jeep" Hardy, of Houston, Texas. The old Law School Bulletins describe the group's function as follows: "Membership is available to all students. The Association is designed to give the student practical knowledge of the law through action-oriented projects, including observation of law enforcement, working with practicing attorneys, hearing guest lecturers, and Association-sponsored courses relating to criminal law."

Clem Maurer of Seguin sewed as first president of St. Mary's University School of Law Student Council, founded in 1937. The Student Council was re-named Th e Barrist er Club in 1940, and chartered as the Student Senate in 1975.

TRADITION OF LAW DAY AT ST. MARY'S Law Day is held during the spring of each year, a tradition dating back to 1958. Its purpose is to drive home that our society is one of a free people protected by the United States Constitution, and that the "Rule of Law" prevails. Lawyers, alumni and non-alumni, and judges gather on this auspicious occasion at a cocktail reception followed by a banquet. The justices of the Supreme Court and Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, and the Fourth Court of Appeals, together with the federal judges of the Western District, are the honored guests . The highlight of the gala affair is the presentation of the James R. Norvell Moot Court Awards. These annual awards in memory of Honorable James R. Norvell , associate justice of the Supreme Court of Texas, are made to two students (plus one alternate) who are adjudged the winners of the Appellate Moot Court Competition. The two award winners and alternate represent the School of Law in competition with other Texas law schools at the Annual Appellate Moot Court Competition sponsored by the Young Lawyers Association of Texas at the annual State Bar Convention.

St. Thomas More Award
Each year, upon recommendation of the Faculty Council, the School of Law presents a national achievement award to an outstanding citizen of the nation for his or her outstanding achievement during the academic year in the field of law. The award is restricted to judges, lawyers, law teachers, and laymen who have made exceptional contributions to legal education, the legal profession, or to government.

James R. Norvell, Associate Justice, Supreme Court of Texas, and Mrs. Katherine A. Ryan of San Antonio, Texas" 1958 K. K. Woodley, Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals of Texas 1959 E.]. Burke, Jr., of San Antonio, Texas 1960 ]. F. Whitehurst, of Corpus Christi, Texas 1961 John C. Hervey, Dean of Oklahoma City University School of Law, Adviser to Section of Legal Education of the American Bar Association 1962 W. Page Keeton, Dean of the University of Texas School of Law

1963, A . N. Moursund, former Associate Justice, Fourth Court of Civil Appeals, and former Chairman, State Board of Law Examiners 1964 Cecil Burney, Corpus Christi, Texas, past President of The State Bar of Texas 1965 Robert C. Storey, Dean Emeritus, Sou thern Methodis t U ni versi ty School of Law; past President, American Bar Association 1966 Vernon X. Miller, Dean, Catholic University of America Law School
"'The 1957 Awards: May graduation ceremonies in the Municipal Auditorium, prior to the first Law Day h eld in 1958. Designated office held at time of award.

Dr. Abner V. McCall, President, Baylor University, and Dr. Thomas ]. Treadaway, S.M., Registrar, St. Mary's University 1968 Solo m 0 n Cas s e b, J u d g e , 5 7 t h District Court, Bexar County, Texas, Presiding Judge of Fourth Administrative Judicial District 1969 Ira Butler, Chairman, State Board of Law Examiners 1970 Very Reverend Louis ]. Blume, President, St. Mary's University of San Antonio. Texas 1971 Will Wilson, former Associate Justice, Supreme Court of Texas and Attorney General of Texas 1972 Leon Jaworski, President, American Bar Association 1973 Sylvan Lang, prominent San Antonio attorney and patron of legal edu cation 1974 Philip A. Kazen, prominent Laredo attorney 1975 Millard H. Ruud, Executive Director, Association of American Law Schools 1967





1980 1981

General Alexander M. Haig, Jr. , Supreme Allied Commander In Europe A. Kenneth Pye, Chancellor, Duke University; President, Association of American Law Schools Erwin Nathaniel Griswold, former Langell Professor and Dean of Harvard Law School; past President of the Association of American Law Schools; former Solicitor General of the United States; prominent Washington, D.C. attorney Honorable Price Daniel, former State Representative; Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives; Attorney General of Texas; Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of Texas; Governor of Texas; and United States Senator Dean Charles]. Meyers, School of Law, Stanford University Professor Eugene F. Scoles, School of Law, University of Oregon

Annual Gavel Award
Each year the School of Law presents the Rosewood Gavel Award to an outstanding jurist of the state or nation in recognition of his or her contribution to the democratic process.'*'


1960 1961

1962 1963

Frank P. Culver, Jr ., Associate Justice, Supreme Court of Texas J. E. Hickman, Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Texas Joseph c. Hutcheson, Chief Judge, Fifth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals William Owen Murray, Chief Justice, Fourth Court of Civil Appeals Jack Pope, Associate Justice, Fourth Court of Civil Appeals Robert W. Calvert, Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Texas

James R. Norvell, Associate Justice, Supreme Court of Texas 1965 Meade F. Griffin, Associate Justice, Supreme Court of Texas 1966 K. K. Woodley, Presiding Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals of Texas 1967 Ernest Belcher, Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals of Texas 1968 Ruel C. Walker, Associate Justice, Supreme Court of Texas, and Archie S. Brown, Judge, 144th District Court, Bexar County, Texas 1969 Joe R. Greenhill, Justice, Supreme Court of Texas 1964

1970 1971

1972 1973

1974 1975

John F. Onion, Jr., PresIding Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals of Texas Adrian A. Spears, Chief Judge, United States District Court, Western District of Texas lollie Steakley, Associate Justice, Supreme Court of Texas Honorable Tom C. Clark, retired Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States and former Attorney G eneral of the United States L eon B. Douglas, Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals of Texas R eynaldo G. Garza, Chief Judge, U. S. District Court , Southern District of Texas

1976 1977 1978 1979

1980 1981

Carlos C. Cadena, Associate Justice, Fourth Court of Civil Appeals Ted l . Robertson, Associate Justice, Fifth Court of Civil Appeals Charles W. Barrow, Associate Justice, Supreme Court of Texas Joe]. Fisher, Chief Judge, United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas Sears McGee, Associate Justice, Supreme Court of Texas John R. Brown, Circuit Judge, U. S. Court of Appeals, Fifth Court.

·Indicates office held a t time of award.

Distinguished Law-A lumnus Award
In 1973 the School of Law initiated an award to be presented to an alumnus who has become distinguished because of contributions to the system of justice upon which our judicial system is founded. Recipients are now selected by the board of directors of the Law Alumni Association. The honorees who have received all of the above awards are: The Honorable Henry B. Gonzalez (class of 1943), U.S. Representative, Twentieth Congressional District 1974 Archie S. Brown (class of 1937), former Judge, 144th District Court, Bexar County, Texas, and former Commissioner, Court of Criminal Appeals of Texas 1975 Roy R. Barrera, Sr. (class of 1950), former President, San Antonio Bar Association, and Secretary of the State of Texas 1976 Paul E. Casseb (Class of 1941), prominent San Antonio attorney and businessman 1977 Pat Legan (class of 1946), prominent San Antonio attorney and businessman 1973 A. Don Herrmann (class of 1955), prominent San Antonio attorney and businessman 1978 Ronald]. Herrmann (class of 1959), prominent San Antonio attorney and businessman 1979 The Honorable Eligio (Kika) De La Garza (class of 1952), U.S. Representative, Fifteenth Congressional District 1980 Hipolito F. Garcia (class of 1951), former Judge, 144th Judicial District Court, Bexar County, Texas; Judge, U.S. District Court, Western District of Texas 1981 Ted l. Robertson, Associate Justice, Fifth Court of Appeals of Texas, Dallas 1978

THE RED MASS AND FIFTY YEARS 1927 -1978 The Red Mass of ancient tradition was established by the School of Law and the Catholic Lawyers' Guild in the early fall of 1953. The Red Mass has been a legal and judicial tradition since the reign of King Edward I of England in the early fourteenth century. A solemn votive Mass of the Holy Spirit, with the priests in red vestments and the judges in their scarlet robes, was held prior to the fall term of the courts to mark the opening of the parliamentary, judicial, and academic year. Twenty-eight years ago the tradition was revived in San Antonio. The initial services were held in St. Mary's Catholic Church adjoining the Law School; in the beginning only a few attended. In the fall of 1968, the services were transferred to Holy Rosary Parish near the University campus because the Law School was now located in the University'S new Law Center. In the fall of 1973 the Red Mass was concelebrated in the Law School's lecture halls. However, in 1977, the Mass was transferred to the recently restored and historic San Fernando Cathedral where the attendance grew to standing room only. Much of the magnificent pomp and splendor that made the Red Mass a success has been due to the organizational ability of Dr. Harold Reuschlein. of EI Paso, the first regent of the School of Law, was invited to deliver the Homily. The Jubilee celebration continued with an Annual Law Day and Silver Jubilee luncheon in the Gunter Hotel. Honor guests were Texas Supreme Court Justices Ruel Walker, Frank P. Culver, Robert W. Calvert, James R. Norvell, Joe Greenhill, Robert W. Hamilton and Chief Justice J. E. Hickman, recipient of the Annual Gavel Award; also, Justices of the Texas State Court of Criminal Appeals, W. A. Morrison, Lloyd W. Davidson, K. K. Woodley, Ernest Belcher and Wesley Dice. Very special guests of honor were presented Certificates of Appreciation for their services as great teachers at the San Antonio School of Law and its successor, St. Mary's University. These were Arley V. Knight, Dean Henry B. Dielmann, Lucian L. Morrison, C. O. Wolfe and W. F. Nowlin. Other recipients were the Most Rev. Sidney Matthew Metzger, S.T.D., lC.D., for his services as first regent of the School of Law, John D. Wheeler and Leo Brewer for their services at San Antonio School of Law. The honorees included only those who were no longer teaching at the School of Law. At 4:30 p.m. a cocktail hour and reception was held at the Gunter Hotel sponsored by Phi Delta Phi and Delta Theta Phi law fraternities, with the Very Rev. Walter l Buehler, S.M., as host. Total cost of the luncheon was $2.50. The cocktail tab was $1.50 per person. Times have really changed!


After twenty-five years (dating from 1934), the School of Law began to emerge out of troubled times. In recognition of this fact, a great Silver Jubilee was held on the 5th of May, 1960. It began with a Solemn High Mass at 10:00 a.m. in St. Mary's Catholic Church, downtown. The celebrant was the Very Rev. Walter J. Buehler, S.M. Bishop Sidney M. Metzger, S.T.D., J.C.D., of the Diocese


The School of Law was proud to celebrate its Golden Jubilee on October 6, 1977, with the celebration of ·the Red Mass in San Fernando Cathedral, followed by a cocktail reception and banquet in the Student Dining Room on the Woodlawn Campus.

The Reverend Sidney M. Metzger, now Bishop of El Paso, served as first Regent of the School of Law from 1934 to 1940. He was succeeded by Rev. Alfred H. Rabe, S.M., 1940-1953. The tradition ended with the administration of Rev. Charles Dreisoerner, S.M. , in 1957.

DEANS OF THE ST. MARY'S UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF LAW A. N. Moursund - Upon transfer of the School of Law from the San Antonio Bar Associa tion to S t. Mary's U ni versi ty , Judge A. N. Moursund, J.D. , University of Texas School of Law, acted as dean in an advisory capacity. He had the distinction of being appointed the youngest associate justice of the-then Fourth Court of Civil Appeals in San Antonio. For years he was a member of the Texas Board of Law Examiners and followed as chairman of the board. He was a descendant of good Hill Country pioneer stock. The judge was an outstanding attorney and was a senior partner in one of the largest law firms in San Antonio.

Dean Henry B. Dielmann

Henry B. Dielmann - Educated In Germany, Mr. Dielmann received his J.D. degree from the Georgetown University School of Law. He actually performed all of the administrative duties under Judge Moursund at the School of Law and was appointed dean in the fall of 1938. He resigned at the beginning of World War II.

Dean A. N. Moursund

Ernest A. Raba - B.A., 1934; J.D., 1937, LL.M., Honoris Causa, St. Mary's University. From 1938 to 1942 Mr. Raba was an adjunct professor of law at St. Mary's. From 1942 to December 31, 1945, he served in the U.S. armed forces first as an enlisted man, then as first lieutenant, JAGC. He was appointed dean of the Law School in January, 1946, and served for 32 years, resigning on May 31, 1978. He now has a full professorship at the school. He is a member of the Harlan Society.

Dean Ernest A. Raba

Dean James N. Castleberry, Jr.

James Newton Castleberry, Jr. - Professor of Law at St. Mary's, 1955. '*' Pre-law, University of Alabama; J.D., 1952, St. Mary's University; diploma, 1960, Institute of Comparative Law, National University of Mexico; Harlan Society. Associate Dean and Director of Placement and Alumni Affairs, 1975-78; Dean and Professor of Law, January 1, 1978, to the present; former president of Phi Delta Phi, international legal fraternity. Under his leadership and unbounded energy, the Law School continues to enhance its prestige and commitment to the development of a "lawyers' law school."
*Indicates year of appointment

St. Mary's faculty.

Until the fall of 1946, the survival of the Law School depended exclusively upon adjunct professors, variously called special instructional staff or part-time teachers. These were practicing attorneys and judges who gave of their time and energy to educate young men and women. The budget at the time simply did not permit a full-time teaching staff. Today, we have a special instructional staff of thirty-one lawyers and judges who enrich the teaching of law by blending the practical approach with theory. This part of our history would not be complete without making a very special mention of William R. Lozano, '50; Clyde Johnson, '50; and Judge Archie Brown, '37 (retired 1980), who have taught on a part-time basis well in excess of 25 years.

Joe E. Anderson

Thomas B. Black

Charles E. Cantu

David A. Dittfurth

Paul F. Ferguson

William P. Francisco

Robert L. Galligan Douglas R. Haddock

Robert Hobbs

Colin Kelly Kaufman

Aloysius A . Leopold

Harold Gill Reuschlein

Associate Dean Edwin Morgan Schmidt

Leonard Wayne Scott

Sr. Teresa Trimboli,

Orville C. Walker

Arthur Yao

James E. Godwin Deceased

Sophie C. Olfers, secretary and then Administrative Assistant to the Dean from June 1968 to the present; also Director of Student Records.


Joe E. Anderson

Professor of Law at St. Mary's, 1969.· B.A., 1950, J.D., 1959, University of Texas. Professor of Law at St. Mary 's, 1974.· B.A., 1949, LL.B., 1952, University of Texas. Member: Order of the Coif, Harlan Society. Professor of L a w at St. Mary's, 1966.* B.B.A., 1961 , University of T exas; ].0., 1964, St. Mary's University; M.C.L. , 1965, South ern Methodi st University; Fulbright Scholar, 1966, Universidad de Rene Gabriel Morena, Santa Cruz, Bolivia; L.L.M. , 1978, Michiga n University. Member: Harlan Society . Professor of Law at St. Mary's, 1975.* B.A., 1965, University of T exas; ].0., 1967, LL.M ., 1973, University of T exas. Member: Harlan Society. Professor of Law a t St. Ma ry's, 1966.* A.B., 1947, H arvard University; ].0. , 1953, Boston University; M.S. in L.S ., 1970, Our Lady of the La ke College. Professor of Law a t St. Mary's, 1972. * B.S., 1940, U.S. Milita ry Academy; ].0., 1951, LL.M. , 1972, S.].D., 1979, University of Virginia. Member: Order of the Coif, Harl a n Soci ety. Associate Professor of Law at St. Mary's, 1979. * B.S. , 1963, University of Tennessee; M.Ed. , 1967, Memphis State University; ].0., ]973, St. Mary's University. Associate Professor of Law at St. Ma ry's, 1980.* B.A. , 1967, ].0., 1970, University of Utah. Member: Phi Beta Ka ppa, Order of the Coif, H arlan Society. Professor of Law a t St. Mary's, 1974.* B.A. , 1942, ].0. , 1949, University of T exas. Member: Phi Beta Kappa, Order of the Coif, Harlan Society. Professor of Law at St. Mary 's, 1978.* B.A., 1967, ].0., 1970, University of Texas at Austin; LL.M. , 1976, Harvard. Member: Harlan Society. Professor of Law at St. Ma ry's, 1967. * B.A. , 1970, ].0., 1962, St. Mary's University. Member: Harlan Society. Professor of Law at St. Mary's, 1972.* A.B., 1927, University of Iowa; ].0., 1933, Yale University; ].S.D. , 1934, Cornell University; L.L.D. , 1955, Dominican College; 1970, Dickinson School of Law; 1971, LaSalle College; 1976, Creighton University; L.H.D., 1972, Villanova University School of Law. Member: Order of the Coif, Harlan Society. Founding Dean, Villanova University School of Law, 1953-1972.

Thomas B. Black

Charles E. Cantu

David A. Dittfurth

Paul F. Ferguson

William P. Francisco

Rob ert L. Galligan

Douglas R. Haddo ck

Robert H o bbs

Colin Kelly Kaufman

A loysius A . L eopold

Harold Gill R euschlein

*Indicates yea r of a ppointment


St. Mary 's fa culty.

Edwin Morgan Schmidt

Professor of Law and Associate Dea n at St. Mary's, 1974. * B.A., 1942, St. Ambrose College; J.D., 1947, University of Iowa. Professor of Law at St. Mary's, 1971.* B.A. , 1961 , Southwest T exas University; J.D. , 1962, University of Texas; M.A., 1971, Baylor University. Member: Harlan Society. Associate Law Library Director a nd Assistant Professor, 1970.* B.A., 1964, St. Mary's University; M.S. in L.S. , 1970, Our L ady of the Lake College. Professor of Law at St. Mary's, 1956. * B.A., 1933, Howard Pa yne College; J.D. , 1936, University of Texas. Member: Harlan Society. Professor of Law at St. Mary's, 1958. * LL.B. , 1928, Soochow University; LL.M. and S.J.D., University of Michigan. Professor of Law , St. Mary 's, 1955.* B.S., United States Military Academy; J.D., University of Virginia Law School; Assistant Dea n of th e School of Law, 1965-72; follow ed by full Professorsh ip until May 31, 1978. Member: Harlan Society. Deceased, Janu a ry 6, 1980.

L eonard Wayne Scott

Sr. T eresa Trimboli, F.M. I.

Orville C. Walk er

Arthur Yao

Jam es S. Godwin, deceased

*Indicates year of appointment to SL Mary 's faculty.

VISITING PROFESSORS 1957 to 1981 Through the years the alumni have been most generous in their financial support of their Law School. Alumni funding to pay the salaries of visiting professors has been one of their outstanding accomplishments. Since 1957 legal scholars of national prominence from prestigious law schools have been employed each year during both summer sessions and regular semesters to enrich the learning experience of the students and to exchange ideas in legal education with the faculty. SS 1957 Clyde O. Martz, University of Colorado Law School SS 1958 William ]. Bowe, University of Colorado Law School SS 1959 John Hanna, Columbia University School of Law SS 1960 David S. Stern, University of Miami School of Law SS 1961 Paul David Cantor, Georgetown University Law School SS 1962 Judge Enrique Helguera, National University of Mexico Dr. Arturo Salinas Martinez, School of Law, University of Nueva Leon Eduardo Baz, National University of Mexico SS 1963 Edward McWhinney, University of Toronto SS 1964 Dr. Guillermo F. Margadant, National University of Mexico Dr. Fernando Flores Garcia, National University of Mexico Lic. Salvador Rocha Diaz, National University of Mexico

SS 1965 Lic. Fred Laffin Fano, National University of Mexico Dr. Alejandro Sobarzo, National University of Mexico Ulises Schmill Ordonez, National U ni versi ty of Mexico SS 1966 Lic. Jose Gamas Torruco, National University of Mexico Dr. Guillermo F. Margadant, National University of Mexico Dr. F ederi co Ger tz M anero, National University of Mexico SS 1967 Dr. Pedro Zorrilla Martine z, National University of Mexico SS 1973 Dr. Rennard]. Strickland, University of Tulsa College of Law Prof. Marion Kenneth Woodward, University of Texas School of Law SS 1974 Patricia Ann Lydon, University of Minnesota Law School John Roberts, Yale Law School John Dobbyn, Villanova University School of Law SS 1975 Kenneth H. York , UCLA, School of Law

SS 1976 Dean Page Keeton, University of Texas School of Law Dr. Frank R. Kennedy, University of Michigan Dr. Covey T. Oliver, University of Pennsylvania School of Law 1976-77 Dr. William J. Gregory, University of Tulsa College of Law SS 1977 ]. Hadley Edgar, Texas Tech University School of Law SS 1978 Richard C. Maxwell, University of California School of Law (UCLA) SS 1979 Jackson Battle, University of Wyoming Law School Dean Page Keeton, University of Texas School of Law SS 1980 ]. Hadley Edgar, Texas Tech University School of Law Jackson Battle, University of Wyoming Law School Spring Tommy L. Holland, University of 1981 Tulsa College of Law

FULL-TIME FACULTY MEMBERS Other full-time faculty members whose tenure was not of permanent duration were as follows: Charles E. Clark, Warren P. McKenney, Carroll Sierk, Franke Greene, Charles Kerr, Eugene M. Anderson, Jr., Rennard Strickland, Mallory Miller, Shirley Butts, William Walston, Ben Foster, Jr., Phillis Harper, Paul Renner, Nancy Hausman, Bueford Herbert, Leigh H. Taylor, Vince Taylor, Sue Hall, Sheila Cheaney and Crawford Reeder. Their photos do not appear in this publication.

A very special mention must be made of Judge Jack B. Miller from San Saba, Texas. He has in a most efficient manner been the periodic head and professor of the Trial Advocacy course which he nurtured from its early beginning. His many years of practice and judicial experience as an active trial judge in the district courts have provided a valuable source of unique educational experience for our law students.

In 1951 the River Garage was built over the playground at St. Mary's Academy. Offices, a lounge room, and a classroom were located in the southeast corner of the garage overlooking the river. This was later incorporated into La Mansion del Rio.

La Mansion del Rio 1982

It is well to take time and reflect upon the great efforts which Father Blume, Brother Treadaway, Judge Norvell, and Mr. Lang put forth in the growth and development of the Law School. Included in this grouping is the "Father" of our Law School, Rev. Alfred Rabe (his photo appears, supra, with the "Impossible Dream").

Father Louis]. Blume
In 1947, during the first presidency of Father Blume, the School of Law filed an application for approval by the American Bar Association. The Law School was inspected by Dr. John Hervey, adviser to the Council of Legal Education of the American Bar Association. In February of 1948, at the winter meeting of the House of Delegates of the American Bar Association, the school was accredited. Father Blume was very active in these endeavors. He was always in attendance with the dean at the American Bar Association conventions and in meetings with its accreditation committee. In early September of 1949 Father Blume and the dean attended a very important meeting of the American Bar Association in St. Louis. At that time St. Mary's University was not accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges. A prerequisite for the Academic School accreditation was membership by the Law School in the Association of American Law Schools. The Southern Association was to meet later in the fall of that year. The president and the dean then approached the membership committee of the Association of American Law Schools with the dilemma. They requested that the committee write a letter to the Southern Association of Colleges confirming that the Law School would be admitted to membership at the December meeting in Chicago. The request

was graciously granted; the Southern Association of Colleges accredited the University that same fall. The second highlight was the relocation of the Law School from downtown to the Law Center on the University campus. Father Blume was most accurate in saying that the Law School had to have decent surroundings to develop and grow. Consequently, the present law complex became a part of the building program of St. Mary's University which included the academic library, the life sciences building, the math engineering building and the girls' dormitory.

Rev. Louis f. Blume, S.M., president of St. Mary's. During his first term, the University was granted full accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges.

Thomas Treadaway, S.M., Ph.D.
Affectionately known as "Brother Tom," Treadaway took office as University registrar in 1938, and remained in that administrative position until his death in 1969. Until the formation of the Academic Council, Brother Tom performed as Dean of Arts and Sciences and Dean of Faculties, for he was truly "St. Mary's University--A Man for All Seasons." As a token of appreciation, the Law School conferred The St. Thomas More Award on Brother Tom on Law Day, 1967. When the Evening Division of the University was housed at 112 College Street, '*' Brother Tom's duty hours were from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., to register and give sage counsel with an understanding heart to both academic and law students. This went on Monday through Thursday of every week. Brother Tom had a brain with the accuracy of a computer. He never forgot a face and the name that went with it. His hobbies were chiefly the bridge table where he handled the cards with an uncanny expertise, and reading paperback novels and classical literature with equal zest.
""The University began an Evening Division at 112 College St. in 1927, but removed it to the Woodlawn Campus in 1963.

"Brother Tom," aware of the possibilities and problems alerted the Dean in 1948 with "Well, now you've got a thoroughbred horse, and unlike a common cowpony, they require a lot of care and grooming. You will get problems that you never dreamed of, and you will have restrictions, rules and regulations to comply with, and you will have to prove that the president of Dayton University was wrong when he said that our opening of a law school was a ' big mistake'."

Judge James R. Norvell
"When Judge James R. Norvell came to the Fourth Court of Civil Appeals from Edinburg, Texas, in 1940, he took an immediate and abiding interest in the welfare and development of the St. Mary's University School of Law. His love, dedication, wise counsel and esteem for the School of Law were to endure until he breathed his last. To the judge, the law was his life and p eople were his delight. St. Mary's is deeply indebted to him for his constant activity in crea ting a public image of respect and support for the School of Law among the lawyers and judges of the state. "During his 17 years as adjunct professor, teaching Practice Court and Appellate Procedure were his pet projects. To the ~tud~~ts, he was a great teacher, always InSpInng a deep sense of professional responsibility, scholarship, love, and respect for the law. To each student he was the ideal of what every judge should be. During these struggling and financially embarrassing days of the School of Law, he was the refreshing fountain of encouragement for greater things to come. He gave generously of his own time, constantly gathering the leaders of the profession about him to tell the St. Mary's Law School story and its planned tomorrow. Fortunately, the judge saw the predicted future occur with the completion of the Law Center on the University campus and the expansion of its full-time teaching staff. He lived to see the day when the fledgling Law School at 112 College Street was firmly established as a leading law school that attracted students nation-wide. "For his outstanding achievement as a lawyer and teacher, and his contribution to the legal profession, Judge Norvell received the first St. Thomas More Award of the School of Law in 1957. "During his tenure as justice of the Supreme Court of Texas in Austin, both the presence and spirit of the judge remained with the School of Law."*

Judge Jam es R . Norvell, Fourth Court of Civil Appeals, served for 17 years as adjunct professor, teaching Practice Court and Appellate Procedure. H e established and funded the first Moot Court awards, which were named in his honor.

Judge Norvell was appointed to the Fourth Court of Civil Appeals as associate justice in 1940. He was then elected associate justice of the Texas Supreme Court and took office on January 1, 1957, retiring on October 10, 1968. In 1964 Judge Norvell received the coveted annual Rosewood Gavel award. After retirement the judge joined the faculty of the Law School and remained until his death on October 21, 1969. He was the first moderator of the Moot Court team (1956). He established and funded the first Norvell Moot Court awards which he continued until the time of his death. In his memory the competition bears his name and the awards are now funded by the judges of the Fourth Court of Appeals. On April 26, 1973, the Moot Court Room was dedicated to the memory of "The Judge," on the occasion of the seventeenth annual Law Day.
*Eulogy, Ernest A. Raba, delivered at Memorial Services before the Supreme Court of Texas, St. Mary's Law Journal, San Antonio, T exas, Vol. No. II, p. XXI.

Sylvan Lang
Sylvan Lang was a most unusual person who was in the limelight of the San Antonio scene until his death on December 16, 1973. As a patriot in World War I, Colonel Lang was a well-decorated combatant with the 90th Infantry Division. The French government awarded him the well deserved Croix de Guerre. He was also a civic leader, patron of the arts, lawyer, and most successful entrepreneur. One of his greatest hallmarks was his support of legal education including both the University of Texas School of Law, his alma mater, and the St. Mary's University School of Law. Loyalty was his most outstanding quality. His manner, as he puffed on a large Mexican cigar, was inimitable, seemingly brusque at times but never offensive. As an adviser he was decisive, rarely missing the bull's eye. For many years while Judge Norvell was on the Fourth Court of Civil Appeals, Sylvan and the judge championed the Law School. When Judge Norvell left for Austin as associate justice of the Supreme Court, Sylvan met with the dean each week, and frequently with the University administration, to offer his sage advice. As an expression of appreciation for his leadership and support of the Law School, Room 101 of the law lecture hall was named in Mr. Lang's honor on the seventeenth annual Law Day, April 26, 1973.

Sylvan Lang, loyal supporter and champion of St. Mary's University School of Law . His dedication to the school is remembered with a law lecture hall named in his honor.


Class of 1935
George J. Boatwright James Otis Herrington Arthur William Jordin Francis Cullen Sullivan William Wright Tupper Bruce Waitz

C lass of 1942
Charles E. Biery George C. Beaury Aubrey Ellioll, Jr. Arthur C. Lesher, Jr. Ralph M. Mayen, Jr. Robert T. Sawtelle James W. Schelcher Curt E. Schmidt Earle S. Zucht

Class of 1949
Charles Albidress Ted Allen, Jr. Francis W. Baker George Belcher Lester O . Berg Samuel F. Biery Stephen W. Blount, III William G. Brown William F. Bryan Charles B. Clark, Jr. Frank G. Cox Daniel F. Derrick Gene L. Dulaney Clement H. Easley Edgar H . Harrell Walter C. Hasse Gerald C. Henckel, Jr. Archie L. Henson C. B. Lilly Maury Maverick, Jr. Thomas L. Maxwell William E. North Herbert B. Parker Manuel M. Pena , Jr. Arthur R. Petersen Kenneth P. Peyton Floyd V. Price Charles M. Rain e Milton V. Regan Charles A. Robertson Theodore Z. Robertson Tom C. Robertson James L. Roemer Rix Rutland Leo C. Tynan Wa ldo E.Ximenes

Class of 1936
Mary Agnes Aird William Brice Aird Woodrow Wilson Curtis Edgar F. Engelke Mark V. Fuchs Elbert Robert Jandt Robert Edward Price Helmer Louis Smith Ned Morris Wells Edward Greenleaf Woods

Class of 1943
Enrique B. Gonzalez Leon O. Lewis Philip J. Montalbo

Class of 1944
Robert B. Parker Daniel J. Rabill Otho L. Riner Don F. Tobin

Class of 1937
Alfred Charles Baass Archie Scales Brown, Jr. George Francis Keene, Jr. Joseph T. Kenny Ernest A. Raba

Class of 1945
Harold W. Davis Arthur S. Mitchell

Class of 1946
Joseph R. Alamia Patrick A. Legan Peyton Wade McNeill Harold S. Nelson Jesse A. Oppenheimer Marvin E. Blackburn

Class of 1938

J. Slayden Edwards James Luse Gulley John David Gulley Clem F. Maurer Harry Noon Renshaw Rodham Carroll Routledge William Creighton Small John C. Waide James N. Ware
C lass of 1939
Victor E. Koenning James C. Laflin Cleddie A. Palmer

Class of 1947
Taylor Chandler Mall M. Davis Arthur Domangue John M. Harrod John W. Hennessey Alexander V. Lifshutz Joe Slator Petsch Horace P. Shelton MaInor L. Shumard Luther G . Strange Richard G. Strong Joseph Yrissarri

Class of 1950
Travis E lwyn Alley Syltan Alter William Badders Irving Lewis Bates J ohn G. Benavides Johnnie T. Brite Phil W. Brown, Jr. Jerry Campbell Lincoln Clark John A. Daniels Charles Dawson Thomas Drought James Dyer Rudolph Esquivel Hector Frausto John Gilliland Vivian Gomez Charles W. Grace Thomas Guardia

Class of 1940
Ralph Angelo Bernardo Alfred Wilson Carrico Antonio C. Lozano R. Robert Lozano Philip A. Schraub

C lass of 1948
Raymond B. Acebo William H. Bloch Roland A. Eisenhauer Robert Hausser Robert F. Jennings, Jr. James V. Mondin Robert D. Nogueira William R . Schneider Victor A. Speert Clayton B. Thompson

Class of 1941
William Thomas Acklen John Marr Bayne Leonard Brown, Jr. Paul Ernest Casseb Clinton C. Jagge Mary Louise Villaret

Harold L. Ha ll Thomas E. H ennessey Clinton Hime, Jr. John N. Hodges, Jr. Fred Holub Wi lliam Isch Clyde E. Joh nson, Jr. H owa rd Kinna lly Marcus K. Kirk land Marcell us F. Lipinski William R . Loza no Barbara B. Mansell Frank Manuppelli Stan ley A. Mindes Bert M. Nunna llee Harry B. Oakes Edward Pens horn Anthony J. Pons George Roberts George B. Smith , Jr. Grant W. Smith J ohn H. Spencer Robert L. Strickland Roy Stroud Howard Sudduth James R. Thorn Robert L. Traweek Charles A. Weeber

Alfonso Montema yor Luis M. Morton, Jr. Rodolfo Nava John Orvis Bla ir Reeves Marvin W. Reynolds John Rokovi ch Jose F. Ross Brya n C. Schi ll er Anees A. Semaan Thomas B. Thorpe James R . Warncke H erbert J. Warner J ack E. A. White J ames A. Winters Roger Wooldridge Roderi c T. Wriston Edward M. Yturri

George D. Vann , Jr. Robert C. Walter J ames Ward Warren K. Will iams Simpson M. Woolf

Class of 1953
Harvey J. Alford , Jr. Charles S. Bond Robert E. Cann An thony J. Ferro Rodolfo R . Flores John Clarke G a lvin James K. Gardner Juan E. Gavito Edward J. Gillen John G. Gonzal ez Selma Lorrayne Ha lbig Thomas W. H a rdy Oliver L. Hi llebrandt Norris Bruce Hinsey R ichard C. Keene James P. Kraus Wil lia m B. Langford Elizabeth M. Leeman Arthur L. Luethcke Oscar B. McInni s T errell McKa y Bernabe Ma ldonado Ramiro B. Martinez Wi ll iam L. Merkin John Trott Murray R ichard L. Nussle John J. Patton Carroll H . Sierk Jack Bernard Sims Mary G. Sinders Basi l H. T ay lor H enry Va ldespino Fred P. Wood ley

Class of 1952
J oseph L. Bart, J r. Sidney D. Ca llender Olivero P . Carrillo J ames N . Castleberry, Jr. Roger D. Clendening Ro bert E. Cu llen Marv in T. Dea ne Eligio de la Garza , II Pepos S. Do unson J ac k J. Droitcourt, Jr. H enry W. Finck Luis R . Ga rcia J ose R . G onza lez George H. Goodwin H arold W . Gould O liver F. Hurst Wi ll iam T. J armon Russell T. Johnson J a mes A. Joy Pa trick J. Kennedy Thomas B. Lee William H . Locke Manuel V. Lopez, Jr. Barbara E. McCluer Mike M. Machado Mary Louise Murra y J ack C. Oeffinger Roberto Ornelas Wi ll iam B. Phares J oe·W . P itt Wi lliam M. Porter Pau l M. Reyna Wa lter F. Rudeloff Albert L. Sellers Gera ld B. Sh ifrin John W. Sinders Harry P . Stuth, J r. Robert A. Swenson Vincent Tarlton Abel Toscano, Jr. Armand L. Truex G . J. Va ldez

Class of 1951
Robert H. Alcorn Edward R. Alley Joseph B. Aycock Brown Bailey Roy R . Ba rrera Pau l B. Blunt Ja y K. Brewer Harry J . Burns Earle U. Caddel John Carr H enry Carri ll o O li ver B. Chamberlin Thomas L. Cli nton Ra lph D. Cook Nelson G. Copp Robert H . Cowie Patri ck H. Dool ey Wi llia m D. Engle, Jr. Edwa rd P . Fahey Hipolito F. Ga rcia Matias W. Garcia, Jr. Dunca n Gault Norman K. H ogue Wa lter Y. Humburch Joseph D. Kidwell , Jr. Wha yland W. Kil gore G lenn B. Lacy Damasco J. Lerma Brunson L. McLeroy Wa lter J. Mada linski Ferdina nd Maese Lee Ma honey

Class of 1954
H erbert Alves James Barlow Dorothy Campbell Edwin Carp Alfon so Chapa Robert Cocke Robert Craven Robert Fox Frank li n Graham Wa lter Gray Robert Hohenberger Guy Johnson Robert Jones Robert Kosar Pete Magaro Cli fford Martin John Murray Joseph Reid Bi ll ie Schraub Stanford Sm ith

J oseph Va ldez Robert Lee Va le Manuel Velasco Michael Wagner Milto n Wa lto n Do na ld Wes tra Fra nk lin Yo un g

C lass of 1955
H enry Beltra n Pa ul Butler Wa lter E. Chas ta in , Jr. Fra nk Christi an Leo Do ug herty J ack M. Ea ly Kenneth Farnsworth Hugh J. Fitz-Gera ld Leona rd J. Gillinger, J r. J a ime P . Gutierrez Albert D. H errma nn Kenneth K. H o ffm a n, Jr. Cl yde J. B. J o hnson , Jr. G eorge S. Jonas Ro bert W. Lord J am es S. Pascha l Carl H. Pfeiffer J o hn A. Po p e, III J ack Po tchernick J am es Norva l Quin , Jr. Sim on Rodri g uez Everell Sewell C harl es L. Smith Wi ll ia m G . Smith Ll oyd Tholen Marsh a ll Truex Mo ises Vela J ack A. Weaver Pa ul Weisend

J oseph c. Reagan , Jr. Caro l T. Rh ode William J. Sa lyer Alex Scharlack J o hn C. Stah l W. E. Stortz C liffo rd F. Th ompson Elroy C. Untermeyer C lin to n B. Well s Bert E. Willia ms Ro bert R. Willia m s

Class of 195 7
Lo ui s A. Al va rez Erv in A. Apffel, J r. Otho niel Armendariz J a mes A. Bargfr ede La uro Benavides Ra lp h J. Bernsen J oe D. Brown T heodore F. Craver J ose G . Cum pia n Ri cha rd N. Dav is, Jr. Frank H. Dav is Albert de la G arza, Jr. Ro bert H . Delaney George R . Do nnell J ack A. Efro n Max Fuentes, J r. C ha rles F. Guenther, II I J a mes R. H a le J ack B. Ka lli son H enry J . Korp Pa u l W. Leech Andrew J . Lewi s, Jr. Ro na ld J. Mo nesson Vi cto r M. Mo ra les J o hn B. Mo rey J oseph M. Mo rri ssey J osue S. Paco J o hn C. Pasqua l, III Simeon L. Raw ls Frank C. Rodgers Andrew W. Seama n, Jr. J o hn G. Shosta k Do ra G . Tho mpson J o hn J. Tobin Earl W. Tracy, Jr. Norm an F. Wa lawender Ernest I. Wo h lsch legel

Morris L. Collins Felipe G . Chavarria, Jr. William R . Dav is, Jr. Edmo nd M. Gregori e, Jr. J oe W. Jones J a mes R. Kerr Pa tricia L. Luke J o hn H . Marsha ll J oe J . Medin a G eorge I. Middaugh J am es G. Murry Ernes t W. Odo m Pete P . Perez G il bert G . Po m pa J oe D. Prickell Geo rge C. Reed J ames P. Rya n Lela nd W . Schlo ma nn Regina ld Shinn Willia m R . Simcock Cruz M. Tij erina Po mpeo Urba ni , J r. J erry V. Will J ess W. Young

C lass of 1959
Gu stavo L. Acevedo J oseph G. Carin has Ri chard T. Co ll ard C harl es E. Dav is Phi lip S. Day J a mes K. Dodd Ina Moye Edwards Arthur L. G a ll ucci Mike V. Go nza lez Peter S. Gross, Jr. Rona ld H errmann Alo is J. H ohm an , Jr. Roya l W. Kin g, Jr. Evelyn Mae Kuba la Willia m E. La mm J ack Pau l Leon J o hn D. Ma rtin Ro bert Mitchell J ay F. Norton Ro bert M. Perry Ro na ld A. Pi peri Cha rles W . Po pe Wi ll iam B. Quesenbury Reed A. Ra nkin David T. Ri ley Ro bert F. R iller Ra ul Rivera C harl es H. Ruble Ro bert P . Sims Fra nk M. T eveni Ro bert P . Th omas, III Charles C. C. Tresp David S. Vogels, Jr. J oe Way ne Walsh Kemper Wi ll iams, Jr.

C lass of 1956
T im O 'c. Au stin Frederick M. Boy kin H a llie E. Briscoe H a rry W . Candl er Vanua l L. Culp J am es R . G ill es pie Samuel H . Green Ju lius C. G rossenbacher, Jr. H o race P . Guerra, III Ro bert L. Johnson Stua rt G. John ston, Jr. Ro bert C. Koeh l Law rence C. La ng Ma llhi as P . LeFevre Wi ll iam C. McDon a ld, Jr. David Murg uia, Jr. Vi ctor H. N egron J a mes B. Nitschke Lloyd L. Oubre J o hn R . Padi lla H o m er J. Penn Wa lter P . Purcell

C lass of 1958
Ma nuel R . Ag ui lar Dav id O . Arendt J o hn B. Bamberg Ra lph L. Bell Wi ll iam W. Beuh ler, Jr. Fra nk E. Brad ley Wi ll ia m G . Burnell Kenneth H . Burns R ufino Ca bello Earl e E. Cobb, Jr.

Class of 1960
Ralph A. Apffel T eodoro Arevalo Tuck R . Chapin Buddy Ray Chastain Alfred J. Coco C. Raymond Crites Robert Guy Dav is Edward V. Dylla Samuel L. Egger C. David Eva ns Guy L. M. Floyd Ramon Garcia Jack Guenther Donald J . H a nd Richard W. Harris J erry P. H eltzel Robert R. H ernandez Frank Yo ung Hill , Jr. Robert E. H oblit B. J. L ange Hoffman J a mes Ernest Hope E. H owa rd Hunt Richa rd A. J as inski J ack P. Kelso Thomas J. L ee Jam es W. Lewis Jua n H . Mo nteja no Mario Obledo Robert O 'Donn ell M. Edwin Prud ' homme Elizabeth D. Reeder Billy F. Ri cha rds Richard M. Zirkle

Alfred A. Schroeder Adolph Spitta Quintin G . Stansell Charles Houston T eal George William Timberlake Edward J. Wagner Anne Carabin Walsh R ay mond A. Wietzel Richard A. Wilson

Class of 1964
Archie E. Anderson, Jr. John W. Bell G . A. Benesh John C. Blanton Richard T. Brady William R . Brown Paul D. Burch John H . Burris Charles D. Ca meron Charles E. Cantu James H. Clack Robert F. Colunga, Jr. Robert Charles Cowan Richard R. Devon Thomas E. Furche Arnold R. Garcia Lazaro Garza-Gongora J. Anthony Guajarda G eorge A. Guynes, Jr. L aw rence M. Hamilton Oliver Holden , Jr. Elizabeth Jandt J erry C. Johnson Edwin J. L amberty, Jr. P atrick J . P ape H arold D. Putman, Jr. Durward E. Self, Jr. James M. Simmonds, II Elroy D. Simnacher James D. Stewart Ri chard R . Storm Olin B. Strauss Albert L. Vance John D. Wennermar k Bill y J . Wilkinson Mrs. Evangeline Wilson Swift

Class of 1962
Stewart J. Alexa nder Carl Dieckman Besch Ernest Henry Besch Sparta Christ Bitsis Talmadge B. Boyd Fred Clark Thomas Joseph Howley James Biddle Langham , Jr. Aloysius Anthony L eopold Clarence V. Lyons Delano F. Martina k Robert Ensor Perman James D. Pickett Thomas Priolo J o hn L. Quinlan , III Luther E. Rutherford Carl T. Stolhandske Eugene P. Toscano Filemon Vela Joe Villarreal, Jr. Bill Marvin White

Class of 1963
George Adams Cecil Ball George Ba ncroft J ames Braniff H erma n Brown Dan Carabin H enry Christopher Alex Coe Luther Coulter Charles Ebrom J o hn Fashing John Felthaus Fortino Godinez Robert Gra ham Enid Hamby Joseph Hernandez Travis Hiester Th;lddaeus Iglehart Ba ldemar Jimenez Robert Joseph John Leger Clarence McGowan Edward Maim August Moser Vincent Narciso Douglas Newton Patrick O'Neill Toby Priolo Bruce Robertson P eter Torres Alfred Wright

Class of 1961
R oya l Donald Adams Robert S. Bambace R obert Lee Beltran Michael Arthur Brown William T. Burke, Jr. Robert Emmett Cater Joseph Chacon, Jr. August J. Cook Samuel Benton Davies, Jr. Robert Ba rry Dav is Charles Burns Di ckinson , Jr. Frank P . Flatten John M. Fl a tten , Jr. J. Paul Fly Fred Galindo Rudolph G eorges Adolph L. H ernden H erbert W. Hill Thomas E. Joseph Marvin G. Keifer Marvin L ebman George Willia m L ederer Ollie K. Mayo Ca rl S. Miller Marvin Miller Norman L ewis Paul Peter Norman Plumb

Class of 1965

Glen A. Barnard John S. Carroll G eorge T. Coghlan Mary Anne Crosby John Joseph Doyle, II R obert B. Eyhorn, Jr. Julio A. Garcia Thad H eartfield John M. IIIe Philip S. Jacobs Richard J. Jones Eugene B. L abay Thomas S. O 'Connell Joseph C. Raineri Joseph A. Rose, Jr. Rose B. Spector John R . T ay lor Robert M. Tippins Ann C. Williams Donald E. Wittig Edward F. Yarbrough

Class of 1966

J ames Roben Bass Pa lrick David Burke Charles Edwa rd Campion Lo uis A. Cappadon a, Jr. G a le O . Caslillo Ro ben C. Emzenberger Do na ld O . Fergu son Anlhony Phillip Ferris David Willia m Finger Vernon Da le Flo urnoy Aubrey J ay Flowers Charles L. Franz, J r. Gilben G . G o nza lez Fred Gra nberry . J . Marsha ll G roce Dennis E. H endrix Charles Fred Hyder Tho mas Charles Kayser Bill y Dewell King, Jr. Carl Bernard Kra u s G regory Luna Nelson Sa muel Magedman J oe K. McGill J o hn Pa nick McGinly Leo Ca mille Michaud William Wade Mo rris Michael Bo len O 'Quinn J ames Mas lerson Parker Philip James Pillma n Amhony J o hn Raineri C hampe Can er Ra nsom Abraha m D. Riba k Daniel RUlherford Do n W. Saunders Charl es Russell Shaddox Mark J ay Sidema n Michael J ohn Simmang Melvern Slein J oseph Daniel Snuve Bri ce A. T ondre J a mes T. . Topha m Myron Gregory Vorpahl Carl J. Wa lker Ro ben E. Wilmo lh Nelson Willi am Wo lff J am es Clyde Wrig hl, Jr.
C lass of 1967

Dona ld J. Driscoll Amhon y Phillip Ferris Lawrence Fleischer Ro ben Tho mas Franklin Alvaro Garza Marlin Lee Gilben H enry Go nza lez, Jr. Pa lricia E. Gram J a mes Wa lson G reer, III Selden Bloomfield H a le, III Don a ld Fra nz H endrie Fra nk H errera, Jr. William Edward H o lland J o hn E. J o nielz J erry Louis Knippa Wesley Gene Kni ze Michael T. La H ood J am es P . L yllon Norma n W . W. Ma nning Ray mo nd Manning Way ne Thom as Mendicino William T. Miller Michael A. Morian y Mark L. Ni cho ls Marcel Carro ll NOlzon , II H arriel Ann S. Owen D. Da niel Porras J o hn L. Sa nders Charles Michael Schill Ro ben H o usLOn Spicer Edwin H a rry Tay lor Do na ld Alli son Willi am s J o h n W. Woods
C lass of 1968

William F. H yder J ohn M. Killian Ro na ld F. Kuykendall Gerald R. Lopez J o hn F. Lubben , III Lee H . Lyllo n, III Frederick J . Manning Charles R . McConachie J ack M. McGinnis Roben L. Mueller Pa lrick A. Nilsch Jo hn M. Oppenheimer A. J . Pope, III J o hn V. PUlman T homas Rocha, Jr. Karl Lee Rubinslein Luis M. Segura Richard B. Sham berg J oseph M. SheILo n Wayla nd A. Simmo ns H orace G . Spill er, Jr. C harles J. SLOckslill Gu s J. Slra uss Manha B. Tanner Bo bby Lee T erry Pa lrick P. Thom as Ro ben E. Wehmeyer Nile W. Wrig hl, Jr. Ro beno J. Yzaguirre Amo nio A. Za rdenella

C lass of 1969
Richard C. Aba los Archiba ld G . Adam s, IV Edmund N . Anderson Richa rd C. Arroyo Slanley R . Ba ker J o hn L. Barajas Ben M. Ban o n Manin D. Beirn e, Jr. William E. Bender Rona ld M. Beneke Bennie W. Bock, II J oseph J. Bonn ey Alexander A. Brown , III Larry M. Ca lame J esse B. Campos J ose A. Can a les Willia m E. Casey J ose A. Cisneros H oward S. Co le George G . Cooper G eron B. Cruml ey Do uglas E. Dilley J o hn M. Doy le J ames L. Droughl Edgar M . Duncan Rex W. Easlerwood Ro na ld F. Ederer J ohn C. En el Charles T. Felder Guy C. Fisher

H arry B. Ada m s, III Mo rris Kirby Ambler, Jr. Gordon Vern on Armslrong Michael W. Baha n Do lores Ban o n Loyd Edwa rd Bingha m , Jr. Sla nley Eugene Burch Weldon Chapman Byrd Marion Thomas Ca rson Ro ben W . Coffin J o hn R . Co urmey Do ug las B. Cowa n H . Michael Delho mme

Willi am Ada m s Lovell W . Aldrich Alfon so E. Alo nso, Jr. Philip F. Ben son Juan E. Blackburn J ose E. Chapa Rich ard J. Cla rkson Richard K. Conner Brian T. Co rriga n J o hn H . Davis Michael K. Do nahue J am es R . Dunn , Sr. Arlhur A. Estefan Ro ben F. ESlrada Gumer K. G as kell Ka le G . G o nza lez Frazier I. Gorel Anhuro E. Guerra, Jr. Dick H. Guinn Phyllis C. H arper J o hn W. H arris, Jr. Sleve W. H arri s Clifford W. H ayes J o hn U. H emmi J esu s M. H ernandez Miguel H erna ndez, Jr. J erry R . H o user Richard W. Hug hes, Jr.

Jesse S. Freels, J r. Leona rd J. Giblin, Jr. Richard E. Glaser Arnulfo Gonza lez, Jr. David H . Guerra James D. Guess Ernest A. Guinn , Jr. James S. Hansen John Y. Harper, Jr. Antho ny G . H arris George W. H arrison Richard E. H ay nes Dennis J. Hea ley Dale R . Johnson Loui s J. LaCrosse Allen S. Lawrence, Jr. Alma L. Lopez Patrick T. McDermott J efferson B. Marsha ll, Jr. Dav id L. Miller Mi chael J. Mo lloy H erschel T.Moore, Jr. Richard G. Mora les, Jr. J effrey M. Morehouse Charl es J . Mull er, III Sherry W. Muller Regin a ld E. Mullin s Richard F. Oj eda Doug las E. Ombres Mari an E. Ombres Alan C. Pipkin , Jr. Dona ld R . Pozzi Eugene S. Prashner Way ne P . Pri es t Willi am H. Quirk, III Irma L. Ra ngel Stetso n G . Reed Morri s M. Reese, Jr. Nicholas L. Ribi s John T. Richards, II Thom as E. Ri ckhoff Charl es H . Roberts Grady L. Roberts, Jr. Juan Rocha, Jr. Antoni o R. Sanchez, Jr. David M. Sanderford Ruben Sandoval Gordon E. Sauer G eorge F. Schroeder H a rry J. Schulz, Jr. John E. Serna Howard B. Siegel G eorge W . Smith Michael M. Smith Jeffrey M. Steingold Doris K. Stockstill Ronald L. Sutton Stephen P . Takas, Jr. Raymond E. Taylor Lewis Vandiver Frank B. Walker Steven H. Walsh Thomas B. Wal sh, Jr.

North O. Wes t J oseph M. Wes theimer, Jr. Les lie H . Williams, Jr. J ames G . Woodall

Class of 1970
James L. Anderson, Jr. William J. Andrews Harold O. Atkinson Gregory J. Ball Earl E. Bates William H . Bingham, Jr. Stephen C. Bonner, Jr. Samuel L. Braunstein Horace F. Brown, Jr. Wendell D. Calvert Alfredo Campos, Jr. Antonio G. Cantu Robert M. Clark Deborah L. Crissman John P . Davis Frederick J . Deyeso, J r. Terry A. Dively Stanley J. Eisenberg J am es R . Folsom William M. Gatewood Servando H . Gonzales, Jr. Michael V. Gordon Roya l K. Griffin Lee A. Grove Raul E. Guerra J ack Gulledge George P . H ardy, III Philip L. H a rris Howa rd H . H as ting, Jr. Hugo C. H eldenfels, Jr. Shelby W . Hollin J oel T. Howard G era ld R . Huff JohnJ. Jandt Robert A. J ett Pete Jimenez Fra nk D. Johnson J ames M. Johnson John B. Kennedy Thomas J . Lanphear Michael J. McCormi ck Donnie J. McManus Rus.sell M. Manning, Jr. Antonio Martinez Samuel C. Maverick J o hn L. Mogford, Jr. Miles J. Mullin Alvin Nored Robert H. Osburn J ames H. Pearl John W. Petry William A. Powers Rosemary E. Redmond Courand N . Rothe, Jr. Steirly R . Rozzell Karen J. Ruble

Benjamin N . Samples Patrick L. Searcy David L. Shapiro George J. Shaw , Jr. Jerome M. Simon Alan E. Soefj e Stuart R . Stone Robert C. Story Matthew H. T a lty Ernest E. Todd Ronald D. Vanzura William G . Wa lston Clifford I. Weinstein Francis J. Werland Gus E. Wilcox Charles C. Wright, Jr. Joseph P. Zsuffa

Class of 1971
Michael J. Adam s Daniel V. Alfaro George C. Anderson Ed Badouh , Jr. Don M. Baucum Woodrow W . Bean , II John W. Beasley Steve G. Beever W. David Blunk, Jr. Tho mas M. Braniff John R . Brown Keith W. Burris Jesse B. Burton , Jr. Thom as S. Carl J esus Y. Cavazos Edward E. Chasta in Patrick E. Clarke Eleanor L. Curry Vernon C. Cuthrell, III Eugene G. de Bullet, Jr. Anthony N . DeLuccia, Jr. Samuel D. Dibrell Willia m V. Dielmann , III Wa ymon G . Dubose, Jr. Barry H. Edelman Ramiro P . Estrada John J. Ezell Jose F. Fernandez Francis E. Ferro Charles P . Fincher Ronald R. Flake Francis M. Flato George W. Fow ler Curtis L. Frisbie, Jr. John L. Gamboa Raul Garcia Sidney K. Gibson F. H . Gray, Jr. Malcolm C. Halbardier Robert R. Haley Morton Lee Herma n Thomas E. Highsmith Martha J . Hilgen J. Randel Hill

Michael L. Hi ll J a mes M. H o lbrook Wa lter M. H o lco mbe J o hn A. Hrn cir Edwa rd M. J o hnson Ro bert N . Kenned y Ro bert E. Kozlowski J am es R . La wrence Allen C. Lee Kenneth B. Leeds N ea l F. Leh m an Evelyn R . Leopo ld H arvey R . Levine Lo ui se A. Logan Stephen T. L ynch T erry G . McCoy Margaret M. Ma isel L awrence R . Meh l Richard I. Miller Ca rl A. Morriss, I II Ro bert K. N ordhaus Cha rles J. O 'Connor Ricardo D. Pa lacios W illi am P a lmer Angelo P an P arker J o hn A. P izzi tola Do na to D. Ramos Ig nacio Resendez Ala n J . R ich Pa u l D. R ich J on E. Rido ut Eldridge D. R yman B. J . Sanders Ro na ld F. Scegli o Michael Sch lossberg Po lk Shelto n Elli s C. Shenk J ames A. Smith Barry Snell J ames W . Stubbs, Jr. Antho ny W. T o mblin Mary Linda Trice Carmen M. T sa kni s Victor Va ladez, Jr. Virgin ia K. Van Steenberg J esus M. Vi ll arrea l Do na ld J. Wa lheim J oan D. Weaver Marcia S. Weiner J o hn C. White Ga rry V. Wilburn Ri ggs L. Wi lks, Jr. Ro bert H . Will iam s, Jr. Ro na ld D. Zipp

C lass of 1972
Martin O. Ada m s Sol E. Arledge Nelson M. Atwell G eorge G. Ba rber Charles L ee Barrera

Larry Benson Charles Ray Bi ll ings William K. Bl ackburn Kenneth G . Bo ta ry Barrett K. Brown Ro bert D. Bruce Mo rris R . Buell J an W. Busby Russell C. Busby H o mero C. Ca na les Do uglas E. Canders Ro land J. Carlson All en F. Cazier Ro bert N . Co rri gan J ackson Q. Crum T ho mas R . Crump Pete D. Cruz H ector DePena, Jr. Denn is K. Dra ke Ro bert G. Dunn J erry G . Duterroil Ro bert K. Easo n J o hn W . Elli s Tom L. Even David A. Ezra Ri chard S. Fa lkow Edwa rd O . Fa ll is, Jr. Rem y J. Ferra ri o Ro meo M. Flores Tl lOmas W . G endry G eorge G . Gra na ta H aro ld F. H a lcom Frank A. H ayes Peter B. H edb lo m Ma llory G . H o lloway Albert H uerta Richa rd H . Ihfe Keith E. Kaiser Don a ld C. Kay O scar H . Ku ehner Wi ll iam F. L awlor Mark S. L evin Earl F. L evis Roger D. L inebarger J ackson B. Lo ve J ay A. Ma ll ard Charles D. McCa llo n Raymond B. McCoy Robert L. McG owen Wi ll iam F. McQuillen Mary K. Morris Kerry E. Moseley Thom as G . No rman Pa ul A. Olson Aleja ndro Pa lacios Stephen M. Rempe C yrus F. Richards J o hn W. Robb Lo uis A. Rodriquez Lo uis T. Rosenberg Do na ld A. Ro ush Anthon y W. Sa uer Pau l S. Schooler

Theodore G. Seel J ames T. Shahan Pa trick D. Sheedy Ro bert A. Shivers J ohn Sifuentes Step hen N. Smith Kenneth Stachurski J erry T. Steed G ary J. Steinberger Rodgers T. Storey H a rry L. Stou t Cecil D. Strong Richard G . Thomas T a lmadge Varn ado J ames Viesca Albert M. Wa lker Tho mas L. Wa lker G ary B. Weiser Ro na ld R . Winfrey R ichard D. Woods Ed wa rd Woolery-Price George H . Wrig ht Wi ll ia m S. Zanca H ector Zava leta
Class of 1973

Michael L. Aaronson Thurman J. Adkin s H arold H . Arno ld J esus J. Baca Arthur P . Ba rker Gary A. Ba rron Ala n E. Ba ttaglia Ra lph Beard J ay G . Beitel Rona ld Benson David A. Berchelma nn Clay C. Berry J a mes W. Bl agg Lawrence J . Blume J o hn T. Bode Charles J . Bondura nt Martin J. Boy le Dick T. Brown Ro na ld A. Bruney Pa trick S. Brya nt R ichard E. Butl er J ames c. BUllS T erry Cana les Ma uri ce L. Caron , Jr. T eofil o C hap a Allen W. Ch urch Nelson A. Clare J a mes R . C li ffe Eric S. Cliffo rd Andrew S. Cline, Jr. Mark A. Cohen David K. Co lwell Sidney W. Co wan , Jr. Charles G . Crum ley Dona ld L. Cuba Ron D' Addario

Robert Davila Dan Densford H erbert E. Dickey, Jr. Wi ll iam E. Donovan Dani el H . Driscoll Louis M. Druxman Joan T. Dusa rd Daniel P . Ehrenreich John H. Engelhardt William H . Ervine, Jr. Mi lton I. Fagin Marsha ll A. Fein Dudley L. Ferguson Robert L. Ga lli gan J ose A. Gamez Dona ld S. Gand y Joe A. Garza Pa trick J . G lynn Charles A. Gonzalez Bi ll y J. Gunter Edward K. Gurinsk y Ronald P . Gu yer Arthur G. Guzman Gary K. H a hn e Dav id J . H a ley Michael L. H erzik Wi ll iam N. Hickey Gary J. Hill Kip V. Hodge Jimm y A. Hogan Rupert F. Horka Larry A. J ack David G. J ay ne Shelby A. Jordan Lo ui s A. Joseph Richa rd J . Karam Samuel C. Ki ser J effery L. Lagow Michael S. Lee Steven M. Lee Robert G . LisollO Dav id B. Lobingier Andrew B. Logan Carlos J . Longoria John B. Martin Sean P. Martinez Frank O . McClendon Janice C. McCoy John B. McDona ld John M. McNeel Gregory C. Mi chael John A. Michael, III Edwa rd J. Miha lko Bruce M. Mi ller Kendrick H . Minten Robert E. Morrison John E. Murph y Stephen A. Nisbet Lawrence E. Noll Melvin J. Nolte Wi lliam E. Norman J effrey L. Novy Roderick V. O'Connor

Shelton E. Padgell Phi llip J. Paine Peter J . Parenti Jack C. Park Clyde R . Parks Leonel F. Pen a B. F. Pennypacker Barry D. Peterson Joh n C. Phi ll ips Robert L. Powell James M. Putman William G. P u tnicki John S. Reagan Charles E. Redd Wi ll iam K. R iley Wi ll iam G . Robb Thomas K. Robinson Mark J. Rosenfield Kar l J. R ussell G eorge A. Scharmen Elvis G . Schu lze Charles F. Schwab Joseph M. Schwartz G . Edwin Sherwood George C. Shoem aker James W. Shoff, II Michael L. Siebert Dwight E. Smith Joe R . Sm ith Lawrence J. Souza Duane L. Spiess Frederick M. Starke Richard P. Steele J ake N. Tall ey, Jr. J eptha C. Tatum Margaret R . Taylor Albert R . Thompson , Jr. Robert S. Thompson Ben H . Turn er Ignatius E. Va lenta Gus N. Van Steen berg Michael L. Vaughn Thomas H. Vietch Mi chael D. Wagn er Cornel W. Wa lker Webb Wa lker Roger D. Wa lton John P. Watkins Ned M. Wells, Jr. Thomas D. Well s Roy L. Whi te Ma ry A. Wi ley Wa lter A. Wirth Gordon S. Wright Robert A. Youmans

C lass of 1974
Adrian G. Acevedo Larry W . All ison Leopold Alvarado, Jr. Jeffrey C. Anderson David B. Arm brust

Armando G . Barrera James A. Bayard, Jr. Lawrence A. Beauchamp, Jr. Da le E. Bell Christopher C. Beller Ron Bird Joe Edd Boaz David B. Bosworth John P . Bradford Pau l Joseph Brake John B. Brill Walter Burl Brock Joseph E. Brodigan Judith Anne Brown Rona ld H . Budman John S. Cace, III Fran cis T. Callahan Wi lliam S. Cappuccio Andrew W. Carruthers T homas W . Chelli s Patricia C. Cheyney James A. Chi ldress Jason W. Chozick David L. Clarkson Mark M. Cleaves Norton A. Colvin , Jr. Ellen E. Cook Kenneth R . Cooper Patrick F. Corbin Richard P . Corrigan J o hn A. Cowan R obert C. Cowan, Jr. J esse R . Cross G eoffrey M. Curran John T. Da iley Richard C. Danys h Joseph M. Davis Dona ld M. Dawkins J erry N. Dennard Thomas M. DeWill Paula S. Dlugosz Wi ll iam P. Dodson J erry B. Dozi er Myron E. East, Jr. Charles E. Evans Gregory B. Evans Edgar S. Ezell Michael R . Ezell W. Dea l Fair Patricia G. Finn Monty L. Fisher Robert S. Flan iken Richard A. Flume, Jr. Jay H . Frankel Charles C. Frederiksen Joseph G . Garza Norma D. Gonzales OllO S. Good Stephen E. Gossell Fidencio M. Guerra, Jr. Robert L. Guerra Thomas Mac Gumfory Gerardo A. Gutierrez

David V. H aigler Glen G . H a lsell Rickey W. H amby David W. H ampton William P . H ardema n John C. H a rdin James M. H arrison James R. H art, II Albert W. H a rtman , III Willia m O . H as tings, Jr. J. Bruce H enderson Gary L. H enrichson Joseph S. H eny David A. H ess John R . Hines, III Jack P . Hog ue Cynthia C. H o llingsworth Robert H . H o lmes Judd B. H o lt, III David R . H o rni g Larry G . H yden Ray m ond D. Iba nez J efferson J. Irvin Pa tricia K. Irvine Willia m T. J o hnson Tho m as J. J ordan Virginia M. J o rda n Ma tthew M. Julius Joseph R . Ka lish Daniel T. Kamin H erbert E. Ka rren Robert L. Kelly Paul S. Kenda ll Rona ld D. Kennedy Paul N. Kenworth y Thomas G. Keyser David J. LaBree Alonzo Z. La urel, J r. J ack P . Lee Thom as F. L ee Dennis I. Leeds L awrence R . Linna rtz Charles T. Locke, III John A. Longoria Thaddeus R . Lorentz Albert S. Low, Jr. John S. McCa be Jack O . McCa ll , Jr. Albert M. McClendon T errence W . McDona ld Warren P . McKenney, Jr. Donald J . Mach G eorge B. Mackey Dona ld B. Marsha ll Norma n E. Marya n , Jr. T erry L. Mason Gregory A. Mazza Robert A. Mazzoni J effry L. Millward Charles M. Mo ntgomery Michael L. Moody H a rmo n M. Morrison J o na than H. Morse

James P . Mullins Frank B. Murchison James D. Murff J . Michael Myers Jay L. Nye Thomas M. O 'Brien Leona rd L. Oliver Marion A. Olson , Jr. Tho mas W . Ortloff J ack M. Parta in, Jr. Larry R . Pa tton Stephen B. Paxson Charles D. Penick James T. Phelps Willia m T. Phillips Frederick S. Radke R ona ld E. Ragsdale Way ne D. Ra msay John L. Ray Robert N. R ay Stacia M. Reed Dona ld J. Richard Gregory S. Rodgers David W. Rogers Stepha nie A. Round Joseph F. Rowek Ruben Sa lazar G erry L. Saum William R . Schipul Stanley G . Schneider Hunter Schuehle Wilson J. Seldo n, J r. Ada m T. Serra ta G ary W . Shank Michael D. Shaw Daniel J. Sheeha n , Jr. Pa trick J. Sheehy Reyno lds M. Shelton H eriberto Silva, Jr. Stua rt H . Simms Ala n R . Simo n Eunice E. Smith Richard A. Smith Richard C. Smith T erri C. Snell Federico Soforo Mark R . Stein Alfred A. Steinle Leslie E. Stokke Pauline B. Stout John S. Strickland Garvin P . Stryker Glory Sturia le Phillip R . Summerfield J am es E. Swicegood Eliza beth H . T aylor G eorge A. T aylor Steven D. T aylor Carl R . T eague A. Richard Thormann, Jr. Allen R . Tilson Richa rd L. T ownsend J. c. Trevino, III

Ernest M. Trominski Antho n y Tupler Ray J . Twardowski Cra ig W. U hran Pa blo C. U resti Allen H . Uzzell Garry W . Vacek Aa ron Va lenzuela Joseph H . Vives Charles E. Vogan , Jr. David A. Wagge t David L. Weir David R. White, Jr. Tho mas N. Willess Charles V. Willette, Jr. Phyllis A. Wil son Mark A. Wo mble Jon R. Wood M. Kenneth Woodwa rd, Jr. Theodore H . Wu, Jr. Sam M. Yates, Jr. Jona than Yedor Gregory Zaney Eino Zap ata Linda E. Zatopek Steven J . Za uft G era ld R. Zwern emann

Class of 1975
Ray H . Adam s J o hn K. Ala ni z Gilbert Armendariz Michael H . Ba iley H oward G. Ba ldwin , Jr. Mark R . Ba mburg Willia m W. Barnhill J an Eric Barto G eorge W. Ba ugh Tho mas S. Beasley Charles E. Beck Dav id A. Benavides Karen C. Beverl y Robert R. Biechlin , Jr. Albert W. Bla keway Neil J. Blickman Eileen C. Bo unio l Frankie G . Boyd Rona ld L. Bra mble J am es P. Brenna n Stephen A. Bressler Larry D. Brockman H enderson L. Buford, III Carl D. Campbell Wa llace W. Cana les Michael L. Ca nnon C. E. Cantrell R eyn a ldo S. Cantu , Jr. J o hn M. Caraway Thomas W. Cestare Maria S. Chava rria Martin J. Chiumina tto, Jr. Oscar E. Cisneros

Chris D. Clark Lawrence A. Cooper Byron F. Cotton Patrick A. Cullen Jerry D. Davis Peter W. Dean Charles A. Dehlinger William G. Delano, Jr. Ronnie M. Dennard Edwin W . Dibrell Stephen P . Dietz Willia m M. Dixon, Jr. Pres ton L. Dodson Charles H. DuBois Willia m J. E llis Rhoda Forbes Evans Dav id W. Farley L etitia A. Farrell Charles J . Fitzpatrick Louis S. Fleckenstein Gregorio Flores, Jr. Patrick J . Funiciello Roben W. G eissler Dowd C. Gilliland Bruce Lee Goldston Michael E. Greene J a mes Greenfie ld Iza k D. Gregory William N. Gremillion , Jr. Sue McCoy Hall Kenneth R . Hannam Ann C. Hardy Larry W. Harrison Andrew Chris H einrichs Roger E. H enderson Charles A. Hester, Jr. George T. Holland Richard A. Holmes Fra nk N. Hudson John G . Jasuta Ernes t F. John Roben W. Johnson , Jr. Van H. Johnson Kenneth R. Jones Roben W. Jorrie P a ul B. Kell er Mary Quella Kell y Edward J . Kidw ell Margaret G. Knodell James D. Krause H a l B. Landrum, Jr. Ra lph N. L ausier John C. Laye, Jr. Ronald B. Layer Roben G . L ee Rosem ary Lehmberg Robert W. L eonard, Jr. Thomas C. Leopold Thomas G. Lindenmuth James R. Low, Jr. Lawrence M. Ludka F. Jules Lund, Jr. Edward R. Lytle

John P . McCann Donald C. McCleary Archibald C. McColl T errence F. McDonald Kent M. McDougall J ean C. McElreath Edward C. McGinnis John W. McLeod Louis A. Manganiello Justilian Manin , Jr. Monty Rex May H enry S. Meyer Anhur J. Milberger David L. Miles George Ann Miller Paul A. Mireles John D. Mitchell G a len A. Moell er Frank J. Muoio Frederick Musacchio, Jr. Roben F. Nelson Daniel K. Newman Richard H. Noll Michael J. Noonan Roben E. Novak Sandra A. Olson Sidney G. Ordway Thomas N. Panepinto Alwin E. P ape, Jr. Ernest F. P eluso Humbeno R . Pena Anthony E. Pletcher - Gary E. Pope Steven M. Porter Alan N. Prager Walter C. Prentice L a tius R. Prikryl Mario E. Ramirez, Jr. Sal ly Louise Ray Mary P. Robards Doyle R. Roberts, Jr. Robert S. Rodrigu es Char les A. Rubiola, Jr. Charl es C. Sanders Carl E. Schoessow Robert A. Schu lman Stuart R . Shafer Patrick K. Sheehan Hazel L. Sheppard Michael W . Shuff R. Michael Simmons Searcy L. Simpson , Jr. Tom E. Smalley H. Paul Smith John A. Smith Michael Joseph Sm ith William Joseph Smith Daniel J. Smyth Michael S. Stiebel Warren G . Tabor, Jr. L ee M. Taft Edwin J . Terry, Jr. G en e S. Terry

David W. Townend R. C. Turcotte Robert F. Vargo J. Christopher Varley Edward G Vaughan John C. Vehlow Patsy K. Viccinelli Terry O. Vogel Dwight E. Vorpahl Linda L. Wa lden Donald N. Walker L ewis D. Wall, III Louis S. Wa lton , III John S. Warren G eorge L. Watkins William P. Weaver, Jr. Ellsworth A. Weinberg, Jr. Michael W. White William E. Williams, III John R . Winhoven Warren A. Wolf P eter M. Wolverton Robert P. Yonack James M. Zadell

Class of 1976

Harold Bruce Abrams Ernest Acevedo Dennis I. Alter William Robert Anderson Raymond C. Angelini Michael F. Archer Nettie J. Atkinson Roy R. Barrera , Jr. Charles F. Bartush John Wa lter Batchan , Jr. James E. Belton Holmes Thomas Bennett Thomas Randolph Benson David Eric Bernsen Betty Boykin Colquitt R. Bramblett Byron Joseph Braun Lloyd A. Broussard H a le William Brown , Jr. Joe F. Brown , Jr. Joshua Marc Brown Stephen Peter BruckneF Robert T. Burton James I. Calk Frank J. Cavico, Jr. Scott F. Chatfield Alan David Chorney G ershon Dean Cohen Michael L. Cohen Eugene Collier Thomas W . Corbett William E. Corcoran William Beale Crout Willie L. Cunningham Dennis Daly Howard E. Davis

John Loudder D'avis Emmett Dawson Beni Thompson Dean Edward Dwa in Dent Robert J. Donovan Drew T. Durha m Steven Elliott Eisenberg Mary Ellen Endres Lance H . Farrell Michael B. Feller George T. Filley Pa ul A. Finley David Mercer Fortney William Bebb Fran cis, III Bobby L. Freema n L. Sue Funk Dina h L. Gaines Mark P. Gainey Joseph W. Galenski Edward T. Garza Howard Steven Grafstein John M. Gries baum T imo th y Tyna n Griesenbeck, Jr. John T errell Guilford Barbara Ann Gunning Edward F. H a ll oran Charles E. Hardy Da niel J. Harla n Donna Jean H a rris Charles R . Harrison Dwighl C. H a rtley Slephen V. Hartma n Mark Alan H eifers John A. Heller Peter York H enry J am es N. Higdon Robert L. Hoagland, III Larry L. Hood Dennis D. James Judilh A. Johnson William E. Johnson John M. Joseph Robert Ira Ka hn Michael Stanley Karger G era ld H. Kauffeld John Robert Keed y RUlh E. Kingsl ey Robert D. Klock Arthur Stuart Konigsberg Gregory L. Koss Robert A. Kugl e J effrey Drew Lavenhar All an Ross Lazor John R . Lenahan Stuart Franklin Lewis Ma ria nne Lipscombe Gwenna Sue Lowe Lance J ay Luchnick Anthony John Lugara Charles William LUller, Jr. Perren A. Lyon , III Ma rtha I. Macartney J. Brian MacDona ld

Karen A. MacIntyre Charles R . Maddox Donald J. Maiso n Phillip W. Mann Charles J ack Manning Robert Anthony Massi Gary Wayne MaylOn Richard Meyer Steven Ray Miller Thomas H . Minkoff J am es R. Mitcham Richard James Morelli Fra nk Swan Morrill Richa rd Charl es Mosly Mary H . Mulall y Thomas Ches ter Mummert, III William M. Murray Billy S. McCarty Margarel W. McCracken William J ohn McDonnell William A. McE lrea th , Jr. Dennis J ames McKnighl Dway ne L. McWillia ms Terry A. Newma n J am es c. Norman Kenneth Fra ncis Nye J o hn Joseph Stanislaus O 'Bri en, III J a mes M. O 'Donn ell J am es T. O 'Ma lley Peter Louis Pagones Ma nce Michael Park Charles Pallerson J ames Joseph Pecora, Jr. Mi chael P . Peden Dav id Carmen Pennella Edmund PendlelOn Phillips, Jr. Carl A. Picazio Ma llhew Daniel Pi ermalli , II Gary Ray Pinnell J erry M. Pillm an All an B. Po lun sky Charles Quinn J am es Donald Raw lings, II Ma rtin E. Richler J ose Chavez Rodriguez Thomas Pollard Rogers Ba rbara E. Rosenberg Michael J . R yan Vincent E. Sa balO Pa trick Michael Sanders John F. Scarzafava J effrey Randall Schaub Charles A. Schmidt Stephen Willia m Schoppe Stephen E. Seil er Kevin H. Sellle John K. Sharber H enry Stephen Shaw J ames A. Sindon John T. Sisk H. Davidson Smith, III James M. Smith J. Brian Sokolik

Leonel Arnoldo Garza Solis William W. Sommers J o hn J . Specia Robert M. Spurlock Bennie Franklin Sleinhauser, Jr. Warren Edward SlOlIer Kevin J. Sulliva n Terrence Michael Silliva n Eric C. SUllon Willia m E. Tapovatz Egon Richard Tausch Phillip D. Terry Karol Ann Thomas Michael Bryan Thurma n Ra ymo nd L. T o ll eu, Jr. John H. Trueha rt, Jr. Lee R . Unterborn Ernesl F. A. Villa Peter Slewart Vogel Charles M. Wade William Sleven Walker Da n Ray Waller Ro bert W. Warach Joseph William Weiss Willi am D. Willi a ms Robert Glen Wil son Terrance Windham J ohn Alan Wi shnew Steven Randa ll Wo lfson Co ll een Pallerso n Woodhead Edward Joseph York , Jr. Robert Elliol Zepeda Ray mo nd A. Zimmerman , Jr. William E. Zuber

Class of 1977

Marinella T. Abbona Richard R . Alamia Robert L. Albright John S. Aldridge Mark A. Alexa nder Dav id Almaraz Edwin L. Alner David M. AnlOnini Thomas J. Archer Byron E. Barnell Vincent M. Ba rone Joseph R . Barroso Richard A. Bentley William G. Berchelman Susan B. Bi ggs Mark Bindock Willi am E. Black Ward T. Blacklock, Jr. Peter L. Bloodworth John R. Brantley Rickey Van Browning J oseph S. Y. Casseb Robert M. Casseb Eileen Casterline Ka therine Lee Chapman William M. Ch ilders

Steven J . Clark Edward J . Coffey Joseph P . Connor Richard P . Coppula J o hn Cornyn, III Guadalupe Cortinas J o hn P . Covington Jo hn P . Culhane, Jr. H arvey J. Da m strom Irwin M. Danziger Edward R . Day J ames H . Densford Victor H . Dey urre Peter L. Dinelli Mo nica L. Dona hue J o hn H . Do negan Robert G. Dowd Cla ude E. Duclo ux Pa ul A. Duffell Do na ld C. Dun can Morgan F. Dunn J o hn D. Evans Sa ll y R . Farris H oward T. Few, Jr. J ames F. Fews ter, III Merrill Shields Finnell Davi d S. Flax Ray mond L. Flume Monita W. Fontaine Batiste J. Foster Richard H. Fox Douglas B. Fraser Robert N . Freema n Ga ry B. Frese Georgann e A. Freund Robert I. Friedma n Ri chard Gab riele William]. Gambl e Ma rtha V. Garcia C. Douglas Gelo Melynda L. Giesenschl ag Ga len Gilbert Do uglas J . Glasscock J ose A. Gomez Geoffrey E. Goring J oh n]. Gos bee Pa ul W . Green Gregory B. Grigsby Clayton L. H a ll J ohn G . H a rin g Robert F. H arkins Willia m T. H armon Richard D. H arrell Grider W. H ays J ames R . H ecox John A. H edrick Roy W. H eineman Alfred G. H olcomb Thomas M. H olmes Stephen L. Hubbard J o hn L. Hubbl e Jo hn A. Huddleston Roya l K. Hurrington

Caroline W. J ackson Kirk L. J a mes J ames W. J ennings, Jr. Richard S. Johnson Russell S. J o hnson Barbara A. Jones Gregory N. Jones Karleen P . Kaufman William T. Kaufman Robert L. Knebel, Jr. Philip F. Koren Kenneth O. Kreis Richard R . Kun a Chrysanthe Lambros Belly M. Lancas ter Jo hn Wa ll ace Lee Tommie C harles Lee Andrew W. Leonie Linda R . Lewis Lawrence E. Likar Kenneth M. Link Patrick M. Lillie Ca rl ]. Madonna Kenneth L. Malone Kim I. Manning Julie F. Marquez Steven D. Marsha ll Kay Martinez Christopher E. Ma ll Sylves ter A. Mauro Da niel L. May Mi chael Milburn Arn o ld N. Miller J ay R. Miller Pa ul E. Montgomery Margaret L. Morey William A. Mundell J ames P . Murtagh Robert B. McDona ld Mark P . McMahon Ni ck A. Nichol s, Jr. J . Ken Nunley Kenneth Oden , Jr. Pa ul S. Olivadoti Peter]. Olivado ti Timothy]. O 'Shaughnessy Randolph Osherow Lionel Perez J ames F. Pigg Do uglas W . Poole Francis A. Porter J ames E. Porter J o hn W. Primom o Alan W. Radke Israel Ra mon , Jr. Susan J . Rasco J o hn R . Ray Vicki T. Redden J o hn M. Redlein J o hn M. Reeder Kevin J . Reill y Ra ul H . Reyes Randa ll B. Richards

J ess C. Ri ckman, III Charles Darby Riley Miguel Rodriguez J erry R . Rosson William M. Routon , II Ruth L. Russell Ciria Saenz Michael J . Sawyer Hugh L. SCOll George Secres t, Jr. J oseph A. Sedlak Martin W. Seidler Jimm y R . Seifert Thomas M. Semmes ]. Preston Sil verna il George W. Skladal Dav id G . Sla ter David Symington Sm ith Martin B. Smith Veronica A. Smith Willie B. Snell SCOll A. Sowell J ackson Speed George H . Spencer, Jr. Steven D. Spiegel Frank J . Spinn er J o hn E. Stempfl e Laurie S. Stiteler Philip D. Stoller Mark C. Sto ltz Ellio ll S. Stomel H arry A. Strickla nd Peter N. Susca Oliver C. SUllon , Jr. Ka thleen D. Tea l William H. Tennant, Jr. Patricia A. Thompson James R. T ippi ns Philip Treacy Roel R . Trev ino Douglas M. Vander Ploeg Edward A. Wache Peyton D. Waters H o race E. Watson Roberta G. Weatherby Ruri c H . Wester, Jr. William A. White Bill ]. Wona is Brya n D. Wright Ro bert R . Wright Stephen Wynn J ames ]. Zaydan, Jr. Barbara L. Zeiner

Class of 1978

Amado]. Abascal Robert Earl Aldrich, Jr. Ra lph Edwin Allen Marlene C. Anderson Nancy]. Anderson Sylvia Rose Andrews Pa ul Michael Armstrong

David A. Ba ra m Ruth Eliza beth Barham J ohn R . Ba rnhill Roben L. Barrows Suza nne S. Barrows Do nald Sto rm Bayne J o hn Da vid Bell Charles H . Billings Ro ben G . Bra me A' Maryllis Ann Mo rri s Bra ndenberger T homas A. Broussard Ma ry Pa tricia Bruntrager Willia m S. Brya n Pa blo V. Busta ma nte Marya n gela Li ca ta Butcher Vin cent D. Ca lla han , III Ed wa rd Cam ara, Jr. Mildred C. Campbell L a urence A. Ca nter Mary Eliza beth Carm ody Peter Hug h Carro ll , III Stephen C letus Cas pers G a ry Caswell Dav id Eugene Chamberlain Tony L. Cha u vea ux Cra ig Stewan Cla rk e C indy L. Cooke Ro ben E. Corlew, III Zo leta Gu y Counney Edward Ca n er Croo k, Jr. Willi am Ray mo nd Crow, Jr. Willi am Bradfield C ummins Regina M. C usack L awrence Becker Da le G a il Da lrymple Do na ld Pa tri ck DeCo n Ro ben E. De la G a rza Raym ond A. Desmo ne Cra ig Ri chard DeWa ll Stephen L. Dittlinger J effrey S. Doerr Edwa rd L. Dowd J ames R. Dowd Tom Dav id Dunh am Ro bin Vaug ha n Dwyer Summerfi eld Da ni el Edwa rds, Jr. G era ld G . Fa ll J oseph R o ben Fa llo n R o ben Manuel Fa no T hom as M. Felps No la J. Fisher Pa trick Michael Fl achs Carl X. Forrester Gregory Arthur Foster Ri chard W. Foster, Jr. Ro ben E. Fox Mike A. Friedman J o hn F. Fuini , Jr. Roben Ado lph G a lvan , Jr. Charlie V. G a mblin Lucinda Julia G arcia J ose D. G arza Maureen Therese G erold

Joseph G . Gibart Stephen Lloyd G o lden Charl es Willia m Gordo n , IV R ebecca Ann Gregory Marga ret Farrow Grigory John F. Guerra Mary J . H aase Anton P aul H ajek, III Theodore Charles H a ke Chris Allen H a le Debra Lynn H a ll Duncan Way ne H a ll Byron T. H a ll stead Ron a ld Doyle H ankins L arry B. Hayes Pa tricia J. H essing Dona ld H . Higgins, Jr. Meli ssa Hirsch Ba rry P. Hitchings J ames W. H o ltz J o hn A. H o ltz J o hn J ay Horn , III Martin Tho mas Hougham Thomas Sanders Hughes J o hn F. Hunt G a ry Withrow Hutton P a ul M. Irela nd, Jr. L ew is R. J agg i Ra ndo lph M. J a nssen Joe Ro la nd J eter Cra ig A. J o hnso n Pa mela Lynn J o hn son Timo th y Fra ncis J o hnso n Willi am H. J o hnson , III Pa trick J o seph Kennedy, Jr. G ary E. Kersey J a mes A. Kosub Linda L. L ampe Ri cha rd E. L a ng lo is Linda L. L a ttimore G eorge Louis L eGrand Lo uis A. L eL a urin , III T erry L. L eonard Co n stance Bergen Leonis T erry M. LeVine Anhur S. L ewis, III Nancy I. Lipsitt J ames W. Little Stephen Foster Luce Wi1lis Walter Luttrell , Jr. Pa trick J ay Ma lone J ohn P . Malo ney Roy Butler Ma rtin , III Eugene M. Mas ica Berna rd P. McDo nnell J o hn Greer McG a rr, Jr. Thom as Joseph McHugh Ingram B. McL eod Joha nn a E. McLeod Patricia McNa ir T a n ya McNa ug hten Cla ude Monroe McQuarri e, III Patricia Swan son McQuarrie

G era ldine Kaye Mery Mark H aj enian Miller Edgar Ellio tt Mitchell Emmett Moo re J erry F. Morell Michael R . Morrison Victor Hugo Negron , Jr. Dona ld David Nicolini David W. No ble Nelson E. Norman Mary Ann O akl ey Brya n Ray mond O ' Boy le Ciro O choa, Jr. Ri chard Dennis O ' Neil Thom as R. Park er J oseph Ma tthew Pa ta ne Mickey R . Penningto n Ted J. Pietrasz ki ewicz Alexander V. Pinter William Mo rris Po rter, Jr. L a urence A. Po tter, III Dav id G . Po ucher Gregory Mi chael Powers J o hn Frederick Quinn , Jr. T homas E. Quirk Kelly G . Ragsda le Ri chard L. Reed R . T oni Reitman C harles H owa rd Rennick Ri chard J oseph Rey no lds, III Stephen Vin cent Rible Ri chard McCoy R o berson Bri an M. Rose J ames Kea rn s Ro urke, Jr. J o hn Ri chardson Russell E lma T eresa Sa linas Sha nno n Ellis Sa lyer Stephen Everett Scani o Rona ld W. Schmidt H . Pamela Schoch Ra ndy J . Schumacher J effrey J ames Sco tt Ra nda l Ray Seewa ld Rona ld J ames Shaw J o hn Frederi ck Shee ly Pa ul Masas hi Shinkawa Kelly O . Slade Ro ben M. Smith Mary Fari ss Snow C hristian Ma tthew Sorvillo Cra ig H . Spence Phillip R . Spicer Fra ncis J. Stenberg Timo th y Taylor Stephens T homas Ridley Stevens Ea rl Bishop Stover, III Wes ley Capers Stripling, IV Pa trick V. Stron g Ma rian M. Sturdiva nt Eileen Marie Sulliva n H enri A. tenBrink Maril yn R . Theurer J o hn Patrick Tielbo rg

Willia m J. Tinning Martha O 'Mahoney T o bin Willia m Stimson Trivette Cheree R ose Tull Gl ynda L ee Turn er Tho mas S. Turn er, III Timo th y T erra nce T yn an Debra Ann U llrich Robert J a mes U lma n Albert W. Va nC leave J o hn Mark Va ug ht J o hn Ma rtin Vern o n La wrence Ala n Wa ks Caro lyn Eva Wa lker H o mer L. Wa lker Mi chael A. Wa lli sch J oe E. Weis Christopher B. Weixel J ack Welge J. N ixo n Whea t C. Da ni el Wheelu s J ames Fo rres t Widener, III Bradford G era ld Wi ewel Willi am L. Willi s Willia m Edward Wood Steven F. Woo ldridge Wa nda J. Wray Susa n Ga il Wri g ht Pa tri cia Ann Wueste Pa ul a J ea n Yukn a Frederi ck R. Zl o tucha

C lass of 1979 Jua n P . Aguilera Em ory Gra ham Alexa nder John Ernes t Al exander, III J o hn Edga r Austin J a ni s E. Ba ld win J o hn Edwin Ba nks, Jr. Do na ld Earl Barnhill Dia nn Ba rtek Vern o n T. Ba ug her Debo ra h Ackerma n Becker Charl es Addison Beckh am, J r. Kerry T. Benedi ct Tho m as C harles Benson Arthur Stanl ey Bernstein L a ura Eugenia Bertetti Richard L. Bilbie J a ne E liza beth Bockus Scott Edward Breen Daniel Lucius Brow n Olga Brown Dawn Bruner Carol Dell Ba ldwin Brya nt Frank Burleson Burney Sandra Kaye Burns Penn y Puryea r Burt Steve Butcher Nell a Mae Byrom Ka thleen Cardon e Carol s David Cas tillon

Way ne Anthon y Christia n , II Do nnie J eanne Co lema n Michael G . Colva rd R oss Sterlin g Crossla nd Ra nd y Ed win Dale Timo th y J o hn Daniels Charles Cha ndler Da vi s Cla ude Dua ne Dav is Fra nklin Coley Dav is, III J o hnnie Faye Davi s Keith Euge ne Dav is Mike Dav is Kenneth E. Dav ison , Jr. Ga ry Edwa rd Day J eff Tim o th y Deason Cesar M. De L a Puente Bern ard J. Deli a J ames Bern ard DeP etri s Tho mas P a tri ck Do nahue Pa trick Mi chael Dooley T im o th y B. Do rsey Frederick A. Doug las R o bert Michael Duffey E il een Cashell Duga n Russell Da le Duree J am es L. Eas t C. L ee Elms Fra ncisco J av ier Enriquez R obert Edmund Etlinger J o hn Edwin Farrow H a rriett Ma ri cle Fewel J o hn Ma rk Freela nd Ro bert Stephen Friedman Sam R o bert Fuga te Kenn eth L ee Full er Da vid Ma tthew G arcia Ri chard G a rcia R o bert L o ui s G a rda na J o hn P. Ga rg ul ak Dav id Ri ord an G earin g George Frederi ck G erm ond , III Fra nk Wm . Peter G erold J o hn William Gilbo ux J o hn Stuart Gilmore, Jr. J ames P. Ginzkey J o hn H . G o rdo n , Jr. R a nda ll C lay Grasso Emmett R ay Green J oyce T. G reenburg Shirley A. G utierrez G era ld G ene H a le Lawrence Nelson H a ll Ma rsha Mari anne H a lpern R ay mo nd J . H ardy, J r. J ody Mari e H arrin gton Marga ret Carol H arri s Ri chard Dav id H ayes J o hn Antho n y Haywood G a ry J a mes H enk J anette R o berta Hinrichs Peter Earl H osey Derek Alden H o ward R oy Dav id Hunt

Ado lph Darrel J aco bson Imadada li J atoi Eric Dana J ensen Do na ld R. Jilli sky R o na ld J. J o hn son Fred Ril ey J o nes Steven A. Kelley J o hn R anda ll Keltner J a mes Ro binson Kerr Michael A. Ku ehl' Edwa rd L. Kurth Steven K. L arson Ro bert Wa rd Leas Andrew J ackson L ewi s, III Pa trick Wins ton Lindner Ro bert Ca mpbell L ively Ann C hambli s Li vings to n J o hn Ca rter L ynch Sidney Mi chael McCo ll och Do ris Ann McDono ug h Susa n Ellen McDo no ugh Karen L ynn McHug h Gl en Dee Ma ng um Pa tricia Anne Mansell R o bert B. Maso n T ho mas Fearn Mas tin , IV J o hn R . Mazero, Jr. J am es V. Mazuca H ector E. Mendez Anto ni o Mendoza Ma ry Lo ui se Mo lenda Da ni el E. Monaghan Linda G . Moore William Gera ld Mullin s Cynthi a Irvin Murray Ma ry J ay Naj va r Bruce H arm an Ney land G eorg ia H o pe N ielsen o J ohn Alan T rri s Kenneth R ay Oden Sara h Scott Olin J o hn Andrew Ol son Peter L. Ol son Susa n E. Ol sson David P. O ' Neil Willi am Ray mo nd Pa lmer, Jr. Ba rba ra J ean Parker J am es B. Parks Mark J oseph Pelts Mi chael R . Pern a Ya le G. Phillips, Jr. L. Way ne Pickerin g N ila Ruth Pittillo Stephen J . Pon s Pa tricia P rowse G. W. Quick P a ul J . Ra leigh Na tha n Ma rk Ra lls J ames Albert R a usch Bonnie Reed J ett Richards Ra nd J . Riklin J anet Anne Ri o la

Frank Ri chard Rivas Michael Dav id Robbins; Eduardo Ariel R odriguez Francisco Javier Rodrig uez John Francis R oehm . III L es lie Da vid Rom o J oh n Kye Ro und Joseph W. Ruppert Frank Zane Ruttenberg J ames Michael Sadl er Dennis Harold Sagebiel Ri chard E. Sames Michae l Cha rles Sartori Lawrence G. Scalf Alan L. Schoolcraft Edward J a mes M. Schroeder. II Garreth Elliot Shaw Ma rgaret Ann Shaw Walter Denis Shell ey R obert Hug h Sheppard Edward Frank Sherer Steven E. Sherwood Martha Sara h Si egel D. Timothy Simpson La wrence Kimbal Sim pson Ma rtha Susan Smith Mark Stevens John Thomson Sti les Steven Robert Stough Howard E. Strackbein Sa ll y Elizabeth Swanson Thomas Edgar Swinson J a mes Spau lding Ta lbot. Jr. J oseph R . T edesco Ma rk Andrew Thornton Oliver H . Timm in s. III Mario Alberto Trevino Mary J ohanna Tri ce Carol Abbott Tucker Stephen J o hn Vacek John M. Va nce Curtis T. Va ughan . III Alejandra I. Vi ll arrea l Michael K. Wagner J a mes Newton Wa lker Christopher Baird Wa ll ace Lawrence Adrian Wa lsh Frank William Wa rn er Mi chael Burch Watson . III Mitchell Weidenbach Dav id Weiner J effrey David Weinkl e Cheryl Ashton Whited Wanda J ea nne Whittenburg Robert Timothy Williams J ack L amar Wolfe Linda Louise Lee Wong Va lin Louise Woodward Douglas Wm. Wright Judith A. Yacono Robert Yaquinto. Jr. Linda Moorhead Zuflacht

Class of 1980

Karen Lea Amos Rodn ey Wayne Anderson Karen A. Angelini Anthony Aterno J erry L. Atherton Claudette Ault J ona than Baker Bamberg Robert Kev in Barbour Enacio B. Barretto Carl Michael Barto Thomas E. Bauer Ri chard A. Behlmann Mi chael Wayne Berg Joel Thomas Betow R obert Marvin Blackman . Jr. John Alan Bla ir. III Taylor Scott Boone Mario Paul Bordini David Paul Bosserman Thomas W. Brady David Glenn Brannen James L. Bruner Norma Virginia Busse Luis G . Canales John Thomas Chidgey Mario Ernesto Cisneros Beverl y J ean Hill C lay Barba ra Evans Cordts Dona ld Jay Cosby John Pa trik Cou lson Sara Cristol Melody Jan Crone Stanl ey Doyle Curbo Edmund K. Cygan iewicz Ka y Korin Barnhill Dani el Mark Gant Dan iel John H. Davidson Dav id Christopher DeBusk Mary Ka therine Deevy J a ne Freeman Deyeso Dav id Paul Dol eza l Barron W. Dowling Frederi ck Dea n Dreiling George Samuel Druga n . III Darrell Scott Dullnig Barbara L. DuVa ll Robert Emmett Dwyer J oanne Marie Eak le R ex L ee Eas ley. Jr. Kathl een Ann Ebert Shirl ey A. Ehrlich Marita Montgomery Emmett David A. Ewers Keith F. Fahlberg Donald H enry Fidler. Jr. David Lynn Fischer Mary Jane Fowler Bruce S. Fox James Allan Fry David Garcia. Jr. Michael Philip G eary

Arnold Gonzalez. Jr. Lloyd Barry Gubin William Barnett Guerra nt . III Steven Douglas Guinter David Ro bert Guti errez Timothy J. H ammo nd Kay Mary Ko ber H arrell James Williams Hart John J. H as ko Sandra Weinberger H auser Rebecca Marshall H awener William Scone H ayes Julia Garrett Heinrichs Larry H enry Hellwig Brent Alan H elms Dia ne E. H epford Alfred Eugene H ern a ndez Rodolfo O. H ernandez W. Michael Hervey Ala n Da le Hicks Bruce H a rd y Chilton Hill Ri chard E. Hill Betty L. Newcomb Hollowell Susan Marga ret Morga n H orton Mary Byrd Hover Thomas William Howe Charles Willi a m Hury Linda F. J enkins Anne S. Johnson Stu G. J o hnston. III David E. Jon es Dav id Vern on J o nes Robert Fred Jon es. Jr. Rol and Wa lter Jones Dav id Eugene Judd Sa ll y L. Justi ce J ames Keenan Peter Dickson Kind er Ro bert Lawrence Koffm a n Mark Anthon y Langa n Walter C. " Kell y" L ange Patri cia LaVern L ankford Ka therine J. Leach J ack Bennett Lee Steven L. Lee Ro bert Lee Littl e Carey Phillips Locke Larry Long Mark R . Luitj en G lenn William MacTagga rt Robert Wa lter Mannas Winifred Edgar Ma nning Marcelo Marroquin . III Dennis Robert Martin Frank M. Mason. Jr. J erry T. Maxwell Kenneth Alan Mayfi eld John L eslie McClung Robert Alison McClure. II Jack E. McGehee Hugh Leighton McWilliams Ann Hutchings MeGee

Gilbert Daniel Mena Mark Edward Mershon Charles Bennett Mitchell , Jr. Maida Corder Modgling Mark Harkness Nancarrow James L es lie Nowlin Mary J ean K. O'Connor Diane Stonberg O'Heir Jose J av ier Padilla H enry C. Paine, Jr. Michael Thomas Parr Timothy Patton Norman L. Paul , Jr. Tillman Marc P erkins John Michael Petruzzi Kim Moreau P ettit Edward Peter Piker, Jr. Lon Stuart Pl a tt Rona ld Vincent Polansky G eorge Allen Prowse Howard L. Pyl and Andrew Robert Raetzsch Ann Kay lene Ra y Marsha ll Ransome Ray Donna ShelLon R ayes Larry Edwin R eed Robert Eric Reibach John Elsen R einha rt Sharon Kitchen R einhart Carlos R esendez Jesse Thomas Rh odes, III J. W. Ri chards, II Cath leen Riedel Randa l N. Rivin Jack H o llis Robison Robert Mark Rogers Morton Valdean Rucker, II Wa ller F. Rudelo ff, Jr. Mary Regina Rudolph Barry J. R ya n Mary Louise R ya n Sandee Brya n R ya n Judith A. Sanders J eb Curtis Sanford Cynthia M. Scaglione Gary A. Scarzafava Anne Louise Schwartz John Nevin Shaffer, Jr. Kathryn Dodd Shane Robert W. Shannon Winston Cecil Shepherd James Elmer Shugart Phyllis B. Siegel James Peter Sieloff Scott Irwin Silverlight Thomas Edward Sisson Forrest Moseley Smith, III Richard H enry Sommer C. Monroe Spears Franklin Scott Spears, Jr. Steven Andrew Springer Ra nda ll Cross Stegall Christopher L eRoy Stein

Dav id Edward Steingreaber Ro bert Albert Stettler Paul Alan StoelLing Lizabeth Lee Sweet E lsa Ornelas Symonds Mark Benj amin Taylor Susan Ellen Tennyson Christine Ma ry Tharp William Da le Thetford Cullen Fleming Thomas J. Norman Thomas Braxto n Caner Thompson J a mes L afaye tte Traweek H a l Eyring Turley Ra ndall E. Turner Eric Turton Carey T yna n Pa ul Ra y Vahldiek, Jr. R o ben Edward Valdez Alejandro E. Villarreal, III Denise Voigt Ka th y Hyatt Wa ldrop H arold H enson Walker, Jr. Martha H elen Warren Ro bert Bruce Weathers William F. Webber Stephen Francis White William Joseph Wichmann Clark Bradford Will Yava Demetri ous Williams Pa ula Kay Williamson Eric D. Wi lson Sheryl L ynn Wilson Willi am Antony Wil son H arry Wa ller Wolff, Jr. Stephen Claude Young Walter Edgar Zellers

Class of 1981

Alan A. Aaron Joseph John Attura J effery Ala n Babcock J o hn Holma n Barr Michael David Berg Michael John Black Anthony Joseph Bl azi Eddie Verneal Bonner, Jr. Ri ck Bowman Faye Machen Bracey Coli Bra mblett Mary Lauretta Brenna n Thomas P a ige Brittain P a tricia Cynthia Brooke Kimbel L ee Brown Thomas Hugo Brown Steven Waller Bruneman Richard John Bucka lew Cynthia Michell e Bull Charles Wesley Butl er Miles Elliott Buttery L ew is Eugene Buttles David Thornton Cain

John Phillip Calhoun Roxa nne Caperton Roy D. Carper Karen Mae Ca rr Joseph Carmen Cascarelli Thomas Perry Ca te Richard Cavazos Sue A. Cavness H . Grady Chandler, III Arlene R. Christi lies Mark Adrian Clark Willia m Kenneth C lary Alvin Tracy Coffey Anthony Richard Conde, Jr. Rodn ey Dale Conerly Andre Simone Cornelius Charles L ee Cox, Jr. Douglas Sterling Da niel G ary E. Davis Franklin Xav ier Dean Timothy Daniel Dooley Mark Do wd Michael Keith Drewry Scott J ackson Dunca n Sara Eileen Dysart Joseph John Engel Larry Dean Fl ynn Dav id Philip Fournier Tracy W. Fraser Mi chelle Eliza beth Fraw ley Philip H enry Fryberger Theresa Cay Ga llucci Gilberto A. Garcia Sarah E. Garrahan Robert Garza Ka thleen Ann Gasner Ri chard Allen Gillham Frank Gary Giunta Ba rry Layne Goodwin David Rene Gorena Andree Jo Greenberg James Ra ndall Grimes R ex Alan Gunter Amador Gutierrez, Jr. Will ard James H a ll , Jr. William Wendell H a ll Dua ne S. Hamar Marilyn Lavern e H ammond Robert Morgan H ampton Norma Marie H a nd James M. Hanners Kristin H anson Sidney Lee H arle Thomas Schaefer H armon Charles Edward H arrell John Wallis H a rris L aw rence Bradford Haskin Karri Anne H aw kin s Miria m H awkins Lisa Brunet H azel Howard R. H ebert P aul D. H enderson J effrey Hinkley


Class of

Marvin Blackburn

David P. Carter Leon Pesek John Tafolla

Paul F. Weisend

William Robison
1960 Art Smith Frank R. Southers

Houston Munson

Raymond A. Zimmerman

Jesse Gamez

Ricardo H. Garcia Carolyn Spears

Thomas A. Martin John H. Richards Peter R. Tinsley

Terry Fleming Anthony Gunn Richard Manske

Diann M. Bartek
1980 Mark L. Rose

Robert B. Hirschhorn J a mes Earl H offm an Sara G reenwood H ogan George E. H o lmes T eresa Agnes Hunter Mark Ed wa rd J aco bs N ancy Alexina Jacobs Brian J anis Dona ld Lee J ohnston Caroline Cla rkson Jones J am es K. J o nes, J r. Ro bert N. Jones, J r. C harles Ka rakas hian , Jr. Su san Anderson Karakas hian Keith Alden Kenda ll Fred Steven Kessler George Richard Knox, Jr. L aurence S. Kurth Mercedes J ean Kutcher Suza nne Beatrice La ngford Edwa rd M. Lav in T imo thy George Lena han L. David Levinson J ane Wa lling Little G erry Dayle Abel Loza no Ann Fra nces MacMurray Willia m J am es Ma lo ne, Jr. J anice E. Ma loney Marynell Baker Ma lo ney Michael Dennis Ma lo ney Cla ire Wack Ma tecko J a mes Arthur Mayer Dennis Cha rles McCabe Edmond Ro bert McCarthy, J r. J o hn W . McChristia n , Jr. Erwin Smith McG ee M. Co lleen McHug h Steve Scott Emery McInni s Thom as William McKenzie E. G . McMillan , III

Karen Evelyn McRae Mark Livings ton Medley Jo na than Eric Miller Mark Montgomery Miller Mo nte Dean Montgo mery, J r. Isidro Montoya, J r. Patrick Bryan Mora n Sho nna L ynn Mulkey Kitty F. Mullen Ben Richard Neece Richard F. Nevill e, III William Mo rga n Nicho ls J a mes Wayla nd O'Briant Keith B. O 'Connell Michael Fra ncis O'Connor Da le Allan O gden J ana Olson Sue Culpepper Ortman Lawrence Ray Pearce, Jr. Ruben Rene Pen a J a mes Allen Perkins Marie Ma lo uf Petry Anto inette Marie Po llock Julie Beth Po llock Steven A. Porter Mary Margaret Po tter Michael A. Quinn Roy G ra ham Quisenberry, III Ro bert E. Raesz, Jr. Maria A. Ramirez Kim Erika Ram sey Melinda L ynn Ra m sey Michael Ray Ra msey Charles William Redepenning, J r. Jeanne Martina k Redmo nd Arthur Carro l Reyna, Jr. J oanna Ro binso n Thom as M. Root Mark L. Rose Ro bert Lee Ro thenberg

Susan A. Russell Christina A. Samaniego Cynthia Ann Sandusky Daniel J . T. Scanio Edward Fra ncis Shaughnessy J oseph William Shulter Emmitt Shelton Smith Michael Da le Sn yder Stephen M. So ble Co nsta nce Reynolds Somers Bo bby Burl Spence Mason Stuart Sta ndley Richard Scott Steinbach Elizabeth French Steinle J ad J o nathan Step p Marcia Eli ssa Stevens Mark H enry Stroeher J o hn Albert Sulli va n Richard Clark Terrell Sheryl L. T homas Pa trick Brooks Tobin Michiko S. T o negawa J o hn William T raeger J am es M. Tydin gs Li sa Ann Vance Mary Eliza beth Vance Barbara Ann Va nderbeck J esse Va n Ness Debo ra h J. Venezia Ra ul X. Villarreal Arturo Volpe J a mes Sherma n Vreeland Mark M. Wagner Philip Allisto n Wa ldrop T ho mas W. Wa ll ace Ro na ld Boyd Wessel Susan T ho mas Whi ttle David Blanto n Wilkerson Cynthia Cooley Wood Scott Da niel Wylie Julia Ann Zanutto

ST. MARY'S LAW JOURNAL A great forward step to improve the scholarship of the students and faculty was made when the ST. MARY'S LAW JOURNAL was launched in 1968 and the faculty appointed the first Board of Editors. The first volume appeared in the spring of 1969. The current editorial Board is publishing the twelfth volume. '*'

HAlu:As Conus




Joe Greenhill and Martin D. Beirne, J1".




CaTlos Cadena F1"edErisrrum






Lutht!1" H . Soules, III






"'Members of the Student Executive Committee which submitted the Law Journal proposal to the Faculty: Jack M. McGinnis, '68, Co-Chairman; Lee H. Lytton III, '68, Co-Chairman; Nicholas Ribis, '69, SecretaryTreasurer; Antonio Sanchez, '69, Clerk; Rex Easterwood, '69, Chairman of the Incorporation Committee; Martin Beirne, '69, Chairman of the Finance Committee.

The academic year, 1980-1981, was marked by many great achievements of both students and alumni. Michael McCormick, 70, was elected to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. One hundred forty-five out of 146 successfully passed the July bar examination. The Texas Bar Foundation conferred the Outstanding Law Review Article Award on the St. Mary's Law Journal for an article entitled, "State of the Special Verdict," co-authored by Judge Jack Pope and William C. Lowere, appearing in Vol. II, pages 1-57 of the Journal. Four law clerks were selected by the Court of Criminal Appeals and three by the Supreme Court of Texas from among graduates. The Texas Moot Court competition was awarded to John McChristian Jr., '81, Shelton Smith, '80, and Lisa A. Vance, '81 , by the Texas Young Lawyer's Association, at the 1980 State Bar Convention . Fifty-nine first takers passed the February 1981 bar examination, making it 1000 /0. Constance R. Sommers scored 95 0 /0 on this examination - the highest grade in the entire state! Charlie Smith, '55, was elected chairman of the board of directors, State Bar of Texas. H. F. Garcia, '51, judge of the 44th District Court, Bexar County, and Filemon B. Vela, '62, judge of the 107th District Court, Cameron County, were appointed to the Federal District Bench for the Western and Southern Districts , respectively. Frank Baker, '49, was elected chairman of the board of trustees of the Texas Bar Foundation for 1981-82.

Moot Court, 112 College Street, 1940s.



Ernest A. Raba, “St. Mary's University School of Law: A Personal History,” St. Mary's Law Digital Repository, accessed April 24, 2019,

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