CLE: 2007: The Ethics of Backdating Stock Options

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CLE: 2007: The Ethics of Backdating Stock Options


Reynaldo A. Valencia


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The Ethics of Backdating Stocl( Options
Reynaldo Anaya Valencia,

Professor of Law

Print Version II School of Law at St. Mary's University

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School of Law at St. Mary's University

Reynaldo A. Valencia
ph: (210) 431-2110
Professor of Law
A.B. (with honors), A.M., 1987, Stanford University
J.D., 1990, Harvard Law School
Before St. Mary's
He began his teaching career during his final year in Jaw
school as a Teaching Fellow in the Department of
Sociology at Harvard University.
Following graduation, he was an Associate for five years with the Dallas office of the
international law firm of Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue, where he concentrated in the
areas of commercial bankruptcy and commercial litigation. While at Jones, Day,
Professor Valencia also served as an Adjunct Professor at the Texas Tech University
School of Law, where he developed and taught courses on race and gender
• White House Fellow, Office of the White House Chief of Staff, 1999-2000
• Visiting Associate Professor of Law, Texas Wesleyan University School of
Law, Fall 1997
• Board of Directors, Harvard Club of San Antonio
• Inaugural Member, Board of Advisors, Harvard Latino Law Review
• American Bankruptcy Institute
• Chair (1999) Association of American Law Schools Committee on the
Recruitment and Retention of Minority Law Professors
• Member, Supreme Court of Texas Task Force on Gender Fairness
• Member, Law School Admission Council Audit Committee
• Member, Ethics Committee, Christus Santa Rosa Hospital , San Antonio, Texas
Professor Valencia joined the St. Mary's faculty in 1995. Heteaches courses and
seminars in:

Advanced Bankruptcy
Business Associations
Gender Discrimination
Race and Racism in American Law
Summers Skills Enhancement Program

Print Version II School of Law at St. Mary's University

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School of Law at St. Mary's University
School of Law, St. Mary's University, One Camino Santa Maria, San Antonio, Texas

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Reynaldo A. Valencia, “CLE: 2007: The Ethics of Backdating Stock Options,” St. Mary's Law Digital Repository, accessed February 21, 2019,

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