Law Notes: St. Mary's University School of Law Newsletter Spring and Summer 2002

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Law Notes: St. Mary's University School of Law Newsletter Spring and Summer 2002


St. Mary's University School of Law


75 Years of Legal Education, We Are the Champions! , Supreme Court Justice O'Connor Urges Vounteerism During Innsbruck Visit, Nelson Wolff Honored as Distinguished Law Graduate, Law Professors Reach Milestones, Administration Changes Noted, Moot Court Tea


St. Mary's University School of Law


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Law Notes: St. Mary's University School of Law Newsletter




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The St. Mary's University School of Law Newsletter

Spring/Summer 2002

We Are the
St. Mary's University School of Law won the law school division of the American Bar Association's National Appellate Advocacy Competition in Chicago on April 6. The moot court team of Beth Watkins, Monica Galvan and Tina Campbell defeated a team from the South Texas School of Law in the finals to claim the championship. Additionally, Watkins, a third-year law student, was named the best advocate in the national competition and her brief was judged fifth best overall. Galvan and Campbell are both second-year students. This is the 26th annual ABA competition and the first time St. Mary's has taken the crown. It is one of two major national moot court competitions, which annually pits the best advocacy programs from across the country against each other. Moot court teams from St. Mary's law school now have won four regional competitions in addition to the national finals in the past two years. Bill Piatt, dean of the school of law. said the students' accomplishments are all the more remarkable since the program only recently was initiated. "These students worked extremely hard to achieve this goal. I am gratified their dedication has paid off. We began this program only three years ago, and already our students have risen to the top. I congratulate our students, professors and the alumni involved in our external advocacy program," Piatt says. Some 118 teams from 72 of the accredited law schools around the country competed in regionals held in Continued on page 8 ~

7S Years of Legal Education
The School of Law has been offering legal education in South Texas for the past 75 years as an integral component of St. Mary's University, which this year marks its 150th anniversary. Throughout those years the school has strived to inspire the type of hard work and commitment to mission that calls forth the best in students, faculty and some 7,000 alumni. When the San Antonio School of Law opened in 1927, the educational program was that of a part-time night school operated by a local bar association. Even when operations were transferred to St. Mary's in 1934, its success was not certain. But the Rev. Alfred Rabe, S.M., then the University's president, had faith that aligning the school with St. Mary's would enrich both the University and the San Antonio community. "These were the days of the depression. Tuition income was low; the chill of winter and the heat of summer were very pronounced within the old limestone walls, and the lighting facilities reminded one of a bleak and misty January day," wrote Ernest A. Raba (B.A. '34, J.D. '37), a former dean of the law school. "Yet there was enthusiasm, a dedicated and self-sacrificing law faculty, and a will on the part of the students and their professors to survive ... and to make an enduring institution of professional and academic excellence." And so it has. Full-time day classes began in 1936. During World War II operations were cut back until after the war when the boom of returning GIs fueled an unprecedented growth in American higher education. The law school's day division was reContinued on page 6 ~

Law School Milestones
1927 The San Antonio Bar Association forms the San Anton io Schoo l of Law. It operates out of the old Main Avenue High School, which later becomes Fox Tech. 1934 St. Mary's takes over the administration of the seven-year-old San Anton io School of Law, previously operated by the San Antonio Bar Association .

Message from the

Bill Piatt
This has been a productive semester at the law school and I have some exciting news to share with you. We are the champions! St. Mary's University School of Law won the law school division of the American Bar Association's National Appellate Advocacy Competition in Chicago on April 6. We sent two three-member teams to the national finals in Chicago, and the team of Beth Watkins, Monica Galvan and Tina Campbell came away with the top trophy. Additionally, Watkins, a third-year law student was named best advocate in the competition, and their brief was picked fifth best overall. We are extremely proud of our students and their coach Ricky Poole, (J.D. '90) who put a lot of time and effort into this moot court competition. We started this program just three years ago, and already we have risen to the top. It was good to see many of you who came back to campus over Homecoming Weekend. We had a great turnout for our continuing legal education program, and I enjoyed visiting with all who attended our law school reunion. It's a wonderful way for all of us to keep in touch with each other. To that end we will do it again next year so mark your calendars for early April 2003. Thanks to all of you who have responded to our requests for scholarship assistance for our students. In addition to the many personal contributions, I am pleased to report that we have received substantial gifts from several foundations. The Elizabeth Huth Coates Foundation ($270,000), the Lamar Bruni Vergara Trust ($58,000) and the Marguerite Sours Foundation ($25,000) all recently announced contributions. Jack Paul Leon (J.D. '59) helped secure two of these gifts and St. Mary's law professor Aloysius Leopold (J.D. '62, B.A. '70) helped obtain the third. Additionally, we thank Claude Ducloux (J.D. '76) who donated the $5,000 "professionalism award" given to him this year by the College of the State Bar of Texas and Robert Cowan Jr. (J.D. '72) who gave $10,500 for scholarships. Gifts to the law school help us attract and retain the best and brightest students we can recruit. At the same time, our faculty has made great strides in improving academic standards. We need to en\lance our academic environment, and to develop and implement a comprehensive program to improve the teaching we offer our students. The Academic Standards Committee also is working to assure that exams are of sufficient length and complexity. Another component of our recommitment to academics include enhancing Sarita Kenedy East Law Library resources. Law school administrators are working with me to ensure we are complying with existing standards. For example, all students whose grade point average falls below a 2.5 after the first year will enroll in at least 29 hours of Texas law courses before being certified for graduation. Additionally, all grades submitted must meet new and more rigid guidelines established by our faculty. Finally, and most importantly, we must continue to improve our performance on the bar exam. The first priority of St. Mary's University School of Law is to assist our students to pass the examination on the first attempt. Our students spend a great deal of money for their education, and they are being called on to make enormous sacrifices. We want to produce attorneys who will work for justice in their communities. Everything we do and everything we stand for hinges on the success of our students. The reputation of our institution and our ability to attract good students, to place them after graduation, to attract external support, to bring our alumni back to assist our students, and many, many other matters all are contingent on the achievement of our students. Our students are counting on us, and we won't let them down. Thank you, once again, for your continuing support. •


.Supreme Court Justice O'Connor Urges Volunteerism During Innsbruck Visit
Nelson Wolff Honored as Distinguished Law Graduate
The Law Alumni Association and the St. Mary's University School of Law honored Bexar County Judge Nelson W. Wolff, as the 2001 Distinguished Law Graduate for his outstanding career in public service. Wolff, who earned both a bachelor's degree in business administration and a doctor of jurisprudence from St. Mary's in 1966, served in the state House of Representatives and the Texas Senate from 1970 to1974. In 1979 he established the family-owned natural foods grocery chain, Sun Harvest Farms. In 1984 Wolff served as an official observer of the national elections in EI Salvador and Nicaragua. He was elected to the San Antonio City Council in 1987, representing District 8 for four years, and served two terms as mayor beginning in 1991. During his tenure as mayor, he led efforts to locate a site for the University of Texas at San Antonio Downtown Campus and to build the Nelson W. Wolff Municipal Stadium (home of the San Antonio Missions), the downtown library and the new City Hall Chambers. His talent and desire to serve were already becoming evident during his college career. Wolff was voted outstanding graduate by the international legal fraternity, Phi Delta Phi, and served as student body president at St. Mary's. The alumni association selected him as a Distinguished Alumnus in 1996. In addition, Wolff, a former member of the board of trustees and director of the alumni association, helped to establish the Luther G. Rutherford Memorial Law Scholarship Endowment Fund at the law school. •

u.s. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, center, visits with St. Mary's University School of Law students (left to right) Mary Magnelli, Gaylia Brunson, Laura Oliveira and Rosa Medina at a reception in Innsbruck, Austria.
By Laura Oliveira ('03) and Rosa Medina ('03)

u.s. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor stressed the importance of volunteer work during her visit this past summer at the St. Mary's· University School of Law Institute on World Legal Problems in Innsbruck, Austria. The lectures by the first woman to serve on the United States Supreme Court were just one of the highlights of attending the Institute, which annually offers a meaningful foundation in international legal systems among the picturesque backdrop of the Austrian Alps. Professors from St. Mary's University School of Law, along with several renowned professors from around the country and European universities, taught a variety of courses focusing on contemporary global issues and the history of the dynamics of international law. Judy Beckner Sloan, a bankruptcy professor from Los Angeles, and O'Connor co-taught Promoting the Rule of Law. Sloan's insightful lectures presented a well-rounded view of international law in various facets of the legal profession. She offered insights of current legal issues in auctions and bankruptcy, and a history

lesson relating to the looting of fine art and war crimes by the Nazis during World War II. O'Connor lectured for two class periods and spoke of the importance of volunteerism and the fulfillment as a lawyer by offering expertise to others. In 1990 O'Connor spearheaded the Central Eastern European Law Initiative after the fall of the Soviet Union and she serves on its executive board. The organization helps build legal infrastructures and supports legal reform processes in Central and Eastern Europe as well as in the new independent states of the former Soviet Union. A formal reception culminated Justice O'Connor's visit, where the students were able to meet and talk with her one on one. Conversing with the first woman to serve as a Supreme Court justice was a profound experience. Courses in the program were conducted from Monday through Thursday, which allowed students and faculty to travel during long weekends. Annually, law students can take advantage of this wonderful and enlightening asset St. Mary's University School of Law has to offer. •



Reach Milestones
by Liz Bodken
St. Mary's University School of Law has built a reputation for being an institution that brings together people from a variety of backgrounds and with unique talents and expertise. The law school's faculty playa major role in maintaining the University's reputation. It is through their dedication and commitment to academia, the study of law and their students that the faculty has contributed to the School's success. Several professors are celebrating milestones at the law school this year, and we thought noting their accomplishments might evoke memories of your days as a student.

Law Professors


3S Years
Charles Cantu, South Texas Professor of Law
Charles Cantu marked his 35th year of teaching at his alma mater at after receiving his J.D. from St. Mary's University in 1964. He earned his M.C.L. from Southern Methodist University in 1965 and his LL.M. from the University of Michigan in 1978. Prior to joining St. Mary's, Cantu traveled extensively in South America. He was a Fulbright Scholar student at the Universidad de Rene ' Gabriel Moreno in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, in 1966 when Ernest Raba offered him a job at St. Mary's, becoming the youngest law professor in the country. "It was better to come back (to the states) with a job than without one, and the rest is history," Cantu says. He specializes and writes in the areas of common law, statutory damages, products liability and the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act, and has published numerous

Several of the recipients of the longevity awards pictured are: (standing, leh to right) Placido Gomez, Robert L. Summers, John Teeter, John Schmolesky and L. Wayne Scotti (sitting, leh to right) Ana Novoa, Charles Cantu and Bonita Roberts.
articles in law reviews, many relating to products liability. Cantu is the first recipient of St. Mary's University distinguished South Texas Professor of Law award. Proud of his past and his past students, Cantu noted how the first-year class of 1977 set up a fund in his name to support campus ministry programs, and income supports many programs including Habitat for Humanity and Halloween and Christmas parties for needy children in the community. lectures and writes on the subjects of civil trial and appellate procedure. "The students and alumni have been great over the years," he says. Scott is a writer and senior editor for the State Bar Civil Digest and is the director of ADR (alternate dispute resolution) studies at the law school.

Others celebrating milestones this year are:

20 Years

30 Years
L. Wayne Scott, Professor of Law and Director of ADR Studies
L. Wayne Scott received his J.D. from the University of Texas in 1962 and his M.A. from Baylor University in 1971. Before joining the faculty at St. Mary's, Scott was a partner in what is now the law firm of Sheehy, Lovelace, & Mayfield in Waco. He also was a briefing attorney for the Court of Criminal Appeals and the Supreme Court of Texas, a U.S . Commissioner for the Western District of Texas and a lecturer in law at Baylor University. Scott is certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in civil appellate, civil trial and personal injury law. He frequently

"I would like to thank Charles Cantu for his years of dedicatioll to our law school a1ld his true commitment to the students at the law school. I remember Professor Cantu as very organized and extremely knowledgeable ill the courses he taught and even tempered and understanding of the students."
- Donato D. Ramos. Class of 1971

Gerry W. Beyer, Professor of Law Henry F. Johnson, Professor of Law Bonita K. Roberts, Professor of Law John Schmolesky, Professor of Law Robert L. Summers Jr., Professor of Law

15 Years
Marsha Cope Huie" Professor of Law

10 Years
Ana M. Novoa, Professor of Law and Acting Director of Clinical Programs John W. Teeter Jr., Professor of Law

5 Years
Placido G. Gomez, Professor of Law •


Administration Changes Noted
of working directly with students Victoria Mather, associate outside the classroom. dean for academic and student "This will be a whole new set affairs for the past three years, is of challenges, but I think it will leaving that position to return to be very interesting," he says. full-time teaching. Johnson has been at the law Vincent Johnson, professor school since 1982 and and associate dean for has served as associate administration, will fill dean for administration Mather's position, and for the past year. He professor Bonita teaches and writes Roberts will assume Johnson's current role principally in the areas of tort law, legal ethics as associate dean. Mather, who has and remedies. For 12 years, been at the law school Johnson was the Vincent Johnson since 1985, said she is director of the St. eager to move back Mary's University into teaching full time. Institute on World "Most people in Legal Problems, a this type of position summer program on do it for about four international and years or so," Mather comparative law held at says. "As associate the University of dean, you're a Innsbruck in Austria. representative of the He was a Fulbright collective judgment of Bonita Roberts Senior Scholar at the the faculty. I've had the Renmin (People's) opportunity to work University in Beijing with a lot of students and was a visiting over the years, and I professor at St. have tried to help them Petersburg State as much as I could. University in Russia But it's time to go and at Shandong back to teaching," she University in China. says. "Teaching keeps Roberts has been at you connected to the Victoria Mather St. Mary's since 1981 mission of the law and specializes in employment school, and teaching is really what I love doing." law and legal research and writing. She established the Legal Mather primarily teaches Research and Writing Program at property, wills and family law. St. Mary's and developed the Johnson says he is looking forward to the new opportunity employment law course . •

Law student Dee Marlo Chico, from leh, undergraduate Melanie Cervantes, attorney Monica Bonilla (B.A. '82, J.D. '95), and law students Linda Brandmiller, Tom Placier and Teresa Hernandez attended the People's Law School in April sponsored by the San Antonio Bar Foundation and St. Mary's University School of Law.

Former professor Tom Black, leh, and law professor David Dittfurth show off a portrait of Black that was unveiled during the alumni luncheon on Homecoming Weekend. The portrait, and one of former professor Harold Reuschlein, will join other former faculty member pictures in the Ernest A. Raba Building.

Oath of Office
Texas Supreme Court Justice Wallace B. Jefferson swears in Sandee Bryan Marion (J.D. '80) aher she was appointed to sit on the 4th Court of Appeals by Gov. Rick Perry. Gubernatorial candidate Tony Sanchez (B.B.A. '65, J.D. '69), front row, third from right, meets with members of the Democratic Law Students Association and others aher he spoke to a group of students in March. Sanchez is running against Gov. Rick Perry in the November election.



7S Years of Legal Education
law buildings that were part of a multimillion-dollar expansion. A fourth, and much need building Judge A.M. MOllrsllfld, 1934-1938 - the Sarita Kennedy East Law Henry B. Dieimallll, 1938-1946 Library - was added in the 1980s through a generous $7.5 million grant. Ernest A. Raba Jr., 1946-1978 When construction was finished, James N. Castleberry, 1978-1989 United States Solicitor General Rex Lee dedicated the new building on a Barbara Aldave, 1989-1998 brilliant afternoon in November 1984 with a speech lauding the religious Bill Piatt, 1998-presellt heritage of the law school. James N. Castleberry was dean Day in 1996. when the St. Mary's University The law school's commitment to public Institute on World Legal Problems at service was acknowledged in 1997 when it Innsbruck, Austria, a summer received the American Bar Association's program on international and Public Interest Award. Additionally, the law Students attended classes at the downtown campus of the comparative law, was initiated in school was recognized in 2000 when it won a law school until 1967, when it was moved to new facilities 1986. Three years later course campus ministry award for educating for on the St. Mary's University campus. justice, and again in 2001 when it received the selection was expanded and complemented by aggressive new ABA Pro Bono Award for Miguel Negron's ~ Continued from page 1 advertising efforts, including the fact that work in the colonias assisting the poor and established, and St. Mary's University School Supreme Court Justice William J. Brennan had underserved. of Law joined the mainstream of legal agreed to teach in the program. Unfortunately, By the late 1990s the challenges facing the education by earning, in the late 1940s, he was unable to be part of the program, but school had shifted to the academic front. approval by the American Bar Association and during the next dozen years, five membership in the Association of American members of the Supreme Court would teach for St. Mary's in Innsbruck, Law Schools. Over the next 20 years, administrators including the Chief Justice on four searched for ways to improve the law school's occasions. Dean Barbara Aldave's facilities. Various proposals were advanced, including a plan in 1962 that called for a $2 reorganization and expansion of the million "campus in the sky" renovation of the clinical program was capped by the 112 College St. campus and a "new penthouse opening of the law school's fifth campus" atop the adjacent River Garage then building, The Center for Legal and owned by the Society of Mary. Social Justice, the largest clinical Several years later it was decided that the facility in the country. The building, a law school should be located on the main ~ former religious retreat center, was Cars dot the downtown law school campus parking lot campus, so in 1967 it was moved from renovated to accommodate academic programs and dedicated on Valentine's downtown on the river to three beautiful new after World War II.

I of Law

Law School Milestones
1934 Anton N. Moursund becomes first dean. 1934 Classes begin at 112 College St for the first time with 31 students in the law school. Only evening classes are offered. Students are required to complete 72 semester hours of coursework for graduation. Tuition is $360 a year. 1935 First class graduating from the St Mary's University School of Law 1935 Law school acquires first law books when John Cotter Sullivan donates set of new Southwestern Reporters, the Texas Digest an the Vernons Annotated Texas Statutes. 1936 Mary Agnes Aird becomes first woman to graduate from the law school . 1938 Henry B. Dielmann becomes dean. 1942 Dielmann resigns as dean. Position remains vacant until 1946. 1943 Henry B. Gonzalez, later the longtime U.S. Congressman from the 20th District of Texas, graduates. 1946 Ernest Raba is appointed dean. 1946 First post-World War II class has 90 students, three of whom are women, taught by three fulltime professors. 1949 Law school is admitted to membership in American Association of Law Schools. 1953 Fir~t Red Mass is held. 1956 Hattie Elam Briscoe becomes first African-American woman to graduate from the law school. 1960 Law school celebrates Silver Jubilee (25th anniversary).


City University of New York law student Vanesa Hernandez, from left, and St. Mary's law students Nicole True and Keren Hernandez, help a colonia resident prepare an immigration application.

PILP's Immigration Initiative
Law students from St. Mary's University and the City University of New York went to Eagle Pass over the Easter weekend to help colonia residents prepare immigration applications. The Colonias lmmigration Initiative is a joint effort of CUNY and St. Mary's law school's Public Interest Law Program. Some 20 people who live in an Eagle Pass colonia, an unincorporated area that lacks almost all basic services, were able to receive help through the initiative. Joquin Amaya directs the St. Mary's program, and the CUNY program is headed by Miguel Negron . •

Gerald Reamey, now director of International Legal Programs, teaches a class in the 19805.
University President Charles L. Cotrell, Ph.D., has set a goal of exceeding the state bar passage average by 2006. To achieve that goal, the faculty has tightened academic standards to the point where they are currently more demanding than at any time in the past 20 years. Since 1998, Bill Piatt, dean, has led the effort to focus the law school's energies on the continuing pursuit of academic excellence within the context of a strong institutional commitment to service in the public interest. Among recent achievements, a $1.7 million gift in 1999 led to the establishment of a distinguished professorship and a student loan

Second floor of the Raba Building after it was remodeled for faculty offices.
program, and another $270,000 gift this spring has provided enhanced scholarship assistance. There is other good news. Students in the advocacy programs are achieving an unprecedented level of success in state, regional and national competitions - St. Mary's won the ABA National Appellate Advocacy competition this spring. Alumni are frequently featured in the news in connection with major litigation and public service. From beginnings that were tenuous at times, the School of Law has been steadfast in its dedication to hard work and commitment to mission that is characteristic of St. Mary's . •

Law School in Top 5 for Hispanics
St. Mary's University School of Law ranked No.5 in the nation among the Top 10 law schools for Hispanic students, according to Hispanic Business magazine's Best Schools 2002 edition. This is the fourth consecutive year the law school has been ranked among the top 10 law schools in the country. Hispanic Business said St. Mary's law school applicants can expect "a rigorous academic program, a welcoming environment, a supportive faculty, alumni mentors and perceptive advice from the Office of Academic Excellence." "This is another confirmation that we are on the right track," says Bill Piatt, dean and Ryan professor of law. "We continue to make progress and the national rankings are indicative of the University's efforts to support the law school," says Piatt, one of only two Hispanic deans in the country. •

1966 Groundbreaking of the new law center at the Woodlawn campus of St. Mary's University takes place. 1967 Law school moves from downtown to Woodlawn campus. 1978 James N. Castleberry Jr. is named dean of the law school.

1983 Groundbreaking ceremony takes place for the Sarita Kenedy East Law Library. 1984 Law library opens. 1986 St. Mary's University Institute on World Legal Problems in Innsbruck, Austria opens. 1989 Castleberry retires as dean, and is succeeded by Barbara Aldave.

1996 University acquires the building now known as The Center for Legal and Social Justice and clinical programs move there. 1998 William Robert "Bill" Piatt becomes sixth dean of the law school. 2002 School of Law celebrates 75th anniversary; St. Mary's University marks 150 years of Marianist education in Texas . •


Moot Court Team Wins ABA

~ Continued from page 1 February and March, winnowing the field to 16 for the national competition. Two St. Mary's teams were declared victors in the Texas region, and both competed in the

Beth Watkins, Tina Campbell and Monica Galvan (front row) were honored for their accomplishments at a rally in the law school courtyard. With them are alum and coach Ricky Poole, David Schleuter, director of the External Advocacy Program and Bill Piatt, dean.

nationals. The second team of Phelicia Kossie, Cindy Rosen and Kristina Dyson, placed in the top 13 teams in the nation during the weekend event. "Our moot court program is now irrefutably one of the top programs in the country," said Ricky Poole, coach of the external advocacy program and a 1990 graduate of St. Mary's University School of Law. "There are not words sufficient to express my pride in the accomplishments of all six of these students," he added . •

Big Texas Law Firms Give Law School Grads Good Marks
The 25 largest law firms in Texas had good things to say about graduates of St. Mary's University School of Law, according to Texas Lawyer magazine. Out of the nine law schools in Texas, St. Mary's ranked fifth with an overall score of 3.58, putting us in the middle of the pack. According to the report, the "law school's high marks were for the available resources in its career services office for students to learn about firms and its students' knowledge and application of legal ethics. The school also scored well in the areas of firms being successful in retaining St. Mary's grads, its students' willingness to relocate and its students' abilities to work within teams." The publication asked hiring partners, employment directors, recruiting directors and managing partners to rate new hires in 20 areas on a scale of one to five . •

Take a Law School Class for CLE Credit
Ever think that it might be useful to take another law school class, perhaps in a specialized area such as taxation, intellectual property, immigration law or international business? A recent change in the State Bar Rules (described in the November 2001 issue of the Texas Bar Journal) now allows attorneys to compute Continuing Legal Education credit based on the actual number of hours of class instruction time, with a maximu m of 30 hours per reporting year, which is roughly the equivalent of a two-credit law school course. Tuition is $599 per credit hour. Courses offered by the law school can be found on our website To obtain a class schedule call Catherine Mery at (210) 436-3522 . •

Law School Dean Helping to Build Dreams
Bill Piatt, dean, hefts a rock that will be used in landscaping a Habitat for Humanity house in Las Vegas, N.M., during spring break. This was the second year Piatt has joined undergraduate and law students in the service learning immersion project. The group worked on two houses.

We've (iot a New Virtual Look!
We are excited about the new look of the recently redesigned web site for St. Mary's University School of Law. The new site, which went up in March, is much more user friendly and easy to navigate than the previous design. It will help prospective applicants as well as alums and friends of the law school see what we are all about. There is a lot of information on the site, from application materials for prospective students to features and news about what's happening at your alma mater. When you get a chance, check out the new homepage of the law school at http://www.stmarytx.eduJIaw/. •




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• 1949 Waldo E. Ximenez, J.D., and his wife, Mary Louise, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary May 5, 2001, with their five children and seven grandchildren at San Antonio's Holy Spirit Catholic Church.

of El Paso, has been named chairman of the Texas Tech University System Board of Regents. • 1973 David J. LaBrec, J.D., a partner with the Dallas law firm of Strasburger & Price LLP, has been elected Texas representative of the Defense Research Institute, the nation's largest association of civil litigation defense lawyers. Richard L. Manske, J .D., along with his wife, Peggy, has formed the law firm of Manske, Manske, Torrey & Morgan in El Campo. • 1974 Howard G. Baldwin Jr., J.D., deputy attorney general for child support since January 1999, has been named first assistant attorney general by the Texas attorney general. He lives in Austin. Robert A. Mazzoni, J .D., has been named to the Lackawanna County Court of Common Pleas, 45th Judicial District, in Scranton, Pa. • 1976 David S. Pennella, J .D., of Brookside, N.J., has been sworn in as president of the 1,200-member Morris County Bar Association. • 1977 J . Alex Huddleston, J.D., is an attorney with Holland & Knight LLP in San Antonio. • 1978 Laurence A. Canter, J.D., of Healdsburg, Calif., has had the eighth edition of his book, "U.S. Immigration Made Easy," released by publisher Nob Press. • 1979 Peter E. Hosey, J .D., has joined the San Antonio law office of Jackson Walker LLP.

• 1985 Les Katona, J.D., of San Antonio, is a shareholder with the law firm of Plunkett & Gibson Inc. William J. Kelly, J.D., has been elected to the District 1 seat of the Corpus Christi City Council. • 1986 Sam G. Griffith, J.D., has been elected justice of the Texas 12th Court of Appeals in Tyler. Jeffrey C. Manske, J.D., has been named U.S. magistrate judge in Waco by the U.S. district judges of the federal Western District of Texas. Susan L. Stone, J.D., has opened a private law practice in San Antonio, focusing on employment-related litigation.

• 1955 Charles L. Smith, J.D., San Antonio, was chosen by the Texas Bar Foundation to receive the Lola Wright Foundation Award in honor of his service in enhancing legal ethics in Texas. He donated his award stipend to St. Mary's School of Law for student programs. • 1956 Othoniel "Tony" Armendariz, J.D., San Antonio, was nominated by President George W. Bush to serve another term as a member of the Federal Labor Relations Authority. He completed an eight-year term on the labor authority under former President Bush.

• 1987 David S. Goldberg, J.D., has been promoted to vice president of law at RadioShack Corp. in Fort Worth, where he will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company's legal department. William A. "Andy" Taylor, J .D., is a partner in the law firm of Locke Liddell & Sapp LLP in Houston. Sharon C. Thorn, J.D., an attorney in private practice, was honored by Child Advocates San Antonio for her work with court-appointed volunteer advocates for abused children. • 1988 Suzette Patton, J.D., is an attorney with Holland & Knight LLP in San Antonio.

• 1991 Lynn Layne Rada, J.D., has joined the San Antonio office of El Paso-based law firm Ray McChristian & Jeans Pc. Jennifer Setser Rymell, J.D., of Fort Worth, has been named 2001-02 chair-elect of the Texas Young Lawyers Association. • 1992 Lennon G. Briley, J.D., has been named a shareholder in the San Antonio law office of Matthews & Branscomb. Wayne L. Burges, J.D., is a certified public accountant and shareholder in the new firm of Barber & Burges PC in San Antonio. Kevin M. Lippman, J.D., is an attorney and shareholder in the firm of Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr PC in Dallas. • 1993 William T. Bayern, J.D., has joined the San Antonio law firm of Bayern & Aycock PC, in its limited practice of estate planning and probate, federal taxation and wealth transfer. Jennifer A. Kinder, J.D., is the deputy national finance director for the Democratic National Committee in Washington, D.C.

• 1966 Nelson W. Wolff, B.B.A., J.D., who served as San Antonio mayor from 1991 to 1995, has been named Bexar County Judge. • 1968 James W. "Bill" Blagg, B.A., J .D. 72, U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Texas for the past five years, has been named special assistant to the Bexar County district attorney. Richard J. Clarkson, J.D., of Beaumont, received the Dan Price Award from the Texas Bar Foundation. The award is presented to a practicing attorney in recognition of commitment to clients and to the legal profession as a volunteer and legal writer. His award stipend was donated to St. Mary's School of Law for scholarships. • 1969 J. Sandy Freels Jr., J.D., Denison, has been named Boss of the Year 2001 by the North Texas Legal Association.

• 1981 Joseph C. Cascarelli, J.D., of Philadelphia, Pa., passed the National Association of Securities Dealers Series 7 stockbrokers and Series 24 general securities and principal licenses. Two of his articles have appeared in the Journal of Financial Service Professionals and Investment Advisor Magazine. Gerry D. Lozano, J .D., has joined the San Antonio law office of Strasburger & Price LLP as a partner. M. Colleen McHugh, J.D., Corpus Christi, has been appointed chairwoman of the Public Safety Commission by Texas Gov. Rick Perry. Lisa A. Vance, J.D., has opened a private law practice in San Antonio.

• 1970 John W. Petry, J.D., has been named a shareholder in the Carrizo Springs office of Langley & Banack Inc. • 1971 J. Robert Brown, J.D., chairman and president of Desert Eagle Distributing Co.

• .1983 Robert L. "Lee" Mays Jr., J.D., of San Antonio, has had his article, "Patent No. 6,035,321-0pening the Door to Software Product Liability Exposure," published in the Spring 2001 issue of Stanford University's Journal of Law, Business and Finance. The article is posted on his web site,


in San Antonio. Clarissa L. Lopez, B.B.A., J.D. 00, has opened a private law practice in San Antonio. Kelly L. Reblin, J.D., is an associate attorney in the tax section of the Norfolk, Va., offices of Kaufman & Canoles PC. John R. Roach Jr., J.D., joined several family members to form Roach, a general practice of law and civil litigation, and has been re-elected to the Plano City Council. Regina L. Stone-Harris, J.D., San Antonio, has been selected senior law clerk for Judge Ed Prado of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas. • 1998 Adam L. Kobs, J.D., has opened a private law practice in San Antonio. John R. Kowalske, J.D., is an attorney-adviser with the Social Security Administration Office of Hearings Appeals in Springfield, Mo. Anne E. Ohlrich, J.D., a foreign service officer with the U.S. State Department, has been assigned to the American Consulate in Recife, Brazil. Rebecca Roland Sanchez, J.D., is an attorney in the San Antonio law office of Holland & Knight LLP. Melvin A. "Matt" Todd, J.D., has moved to Reston, Va., to join Kilpatrick Stockton LLP as an associate. Charles E. Zech, J.D., has been elected city attorney for New Braunfels. • • 1994 Anthony A. Avey, J.D., is an associate in the law finn of Brown McCarroll LLP in Dallas. Deborah Di Filippo, J.D., has joined the San Antonio office of Strasburger & Price LLP as senior counsel. Gregory J. Gorrie, J.D., has joined the Mesa, Ariz., office of Minnesotabased Schwegman, Lundberg, Woessner & Kluth PA., as a patent attorney. • 1995 Luz Elena de la Garza, B.A., J.D. 99, is an associate attorney at the law offices of Barger, Hermansen, McKibben & Villarreal LLP in Corpus Christi. Stacy Graef Vancil, J.D., is an attorney with Holland & Knight LLP in San Antonio. • 1996 Rebecca Armendariz-Klein, J.D., of Austin, has been sworn in by Texas Gov. Rick Perry to the Texas Utility Commission. Laura Bohlman Roach, J.D., has joined several family members to form Roach, a general practice of law and civil litigation in Plano. Ruben Valadez, J.D., has been named a shareholder in the law finn of Shaddox, Compere, Walraven & Good PC in San Antonio. • 1997 Donna F. Coltharp, J.D., San Antonio, is an assistant federal public defender for the Western District of Texas. Gregg R. Kosterlitzky, J.D., is an associate in the real estate, energy and finance group of Bracewell & Patterson LLP 1999 Miguel Chapa, J.D., is an associate attorney at the law firm of Constant & Vela in Corpus Christi. Lauretta Drake, J.D., is a staff attorney at the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans, La. Stacey C. Gaulding, J.D., earned her LL.M. degree in taxation from the University of Miami and has accepted a job as associate attorney in the Austin office of Cantey & Hanger Roan & Autrey LLP. Jason P. Hoelscher, J.D., of San Antonio, is an associate attorney with Branton & Hall PC. Lisa R. Hudson, J.D., is an associate attorney in the employee benefits group of Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue in Dallas. Dilipkumar M. Patel, J.D., is an associate attorney in the Dallas office of Brown McCarroll LLP.

Christopher M. Crain, B.B.A. 91, J.D. 94, to Jill Schlein, Jan. 13,2001; Robert A. Mueller, J.D. 93, to Brandy Borich, May 12,2001; Pamela Marie Ornsteen, B.A. 93, J.D. 96, to J. Carter Meyer, J.D. 93, April 21,2001; Sharon Nicole Humble, J.D. 94, to Douglas Robert Jones, June 2, 2001; Gloria T. Ayala, B.A. 95, to David C. Mayorga, B.A. 90, J.D. 93, April 28, 2001; Edna G. Elizondo, J.D. 95, to F. Jared Stenberg, J.D. 95, Oct. 14,2000; Troy A. Glander, J.D. 96, to Julie Casey, May 5, 2001; Angie Soriano, B.B.A. 96, to Orlando "Ray" Rodriguez, B.A. 96, J.D. 98, April 1, 2000; J. Mandi Gallegos, B.A. 97, to Todd H. Schneider, March 24, 2001; Anne E. Ohlrich, J.D. 98, to Tony Mann, Oct. 21, 2000. • Alexander Rodriguez ill, J.D. 01, to Jennifer Anne Rodriguez, March 10, 2001.

H. Dustin "Dusty" Fillmore III, '89, returned to campus this spring and encouraged students to get the most out of every class. Fillmore and his brothers are partners in The Fillmore Law Firm of Fort Worth, which recently won a $312 million jury award for their client.

• Matthew James to Elizabeth Lakey McCrory, J.D. 91, and Daniel C. McCrory, J.D. 91, March 12,2001; Reagan Allen to Tonya and Randel A. Mowery, J.D. 93, Jan. 2, 2001; Eleanor Kyllikki to Sherri Russell, J.D. 95, and David Sysma, March 28,2001; Mason Gray to Wendy LaRoe McClellan, J.D. 97, and Joseph McClellan, J.D. 97, April 19,2001; Zachary Austin to Nicole and Adam L. Kobs, J.D. 98, July 5, 2001; Annaliese to Liza and Rolando Ramos, J.D. 98, Sept. 22,2000. • Alejandro Jose to Lisa M. Sanchez, J.D. 00, and Alejandro Sanchez, Feb. 5, 2001.

In Memoriam
• John C. Waide, J.D. 38, died May 19, 2001. • George D. Vann Jr., J.D. 52, died June 29, 2001; Pete Magaro, J.D. 54, died April 7, 2001; John C. Alaniz Sr., J.D. 57, died March 26, 2001. • Ernest H. Besch, D.D.S., J.D. 62, died April 9, 2001. • Shelby W. Hollin,' B.B.A. 65, J.D. 70, died March 23, 2001; Thomas S. Carl, J.D. 71, died Jan. 7, 2001. • Thomas O. Hutchison, J.D. 93, died May 13, 2001. •

• 2000 Augustus R. "Gus" Glaser, J.D., has opened a private law practice in San Antonio. Manuel A. Pelaez-Prada, J.D., has opened a private law practice in San Antonio.

• Carol Haberman, J.D. 56, to 1. Philip Knight-Sheen, June 2, 2001. • Liza M. Crow, B.A. 89, J.D. 96, to Timothy McGinn, Feb. 24, 2001;


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