Moot Points Notes from the Sarita Kenedy East Law Library Issue 20 March and April 2013

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Moot Points Notes from the Sarita Kenedy East Law Library Issue 20 March and April 2013


St. Mary's University School of Law, Sarita Kenedy East Law Library


Director's Message; Meet Fang Wang New Reference and Special Collections Librarian; Recent Faculty Publications; Apps for Law Practice: Beware the Mobile Optimized Website; Neighborhood Dining Simi's Indian Cuisine; Educational Resource Classes; New Acqui


Sarita Kenedy East Law Library


St. Mary's University School of Law San Antonio Texas, St. Mary's University School of Law, Sarita Kenedy Law Library




Bob Hu, Liana Morales, Wilhelmina Randtke, Brian Detweiler, Mario Leyva


Created by the Sarita Kenedy East Law Library at St. Mary's University in San Antonio Texas


Moot Points: Notes from the Sarita Kenedy East Law Library











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March/April 2013 • Issue 20

Connecting people to information: Access, Educate, Empower

Inside this issue:
Q&A with Fang Wang
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Director’s Message

Recent Faculty Publications
Apps for Law Practice Lunch Break Schedule of Events


Educational Resource Classes 5

New Legal Fiction Featured Non Fiction Popular Reading Review Library By the Numbers Renewals & Fines Policy New in the Stacks Featured DVD

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Hello! A lot is happening in the law library. In this issue, you will read about our newly hired librarian - Ms. Fang Wang, who came from Texas Tech law school and will be responsible for managing and promoting the special collections of the library. Over the last few years, the library has gradually expanded to develop special collections, such as Popular Readings on lawyers and judges, Movies on DVDs based on a legal theme, and Legal Fictions featuring the major authors in the nation. More collections of a special theme may be added later on. I hope that these materials will enrich our resources for students and the faculty to use. You will also notice in this issue that the librarians are offering two workshops this spring – the first on March 21 (Cost Effective Legal Research) and the second on April 1 (Collecting and Preserving Online Evidence). The librarians offering these workshops are trained in both law and information science, and their presentations will help you develop new knowledge and skills of competency for legal research. All are offered free of charge. I hope many will take advantage of these seminars. Adding resources to the library on a constant basis, and offering help on how to do research. Above all, we are committed to providing the best service to students and the faculty. If you have a comment or suggestion, please email me at Thank you. — Bob Hu

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Moot Points

Issue 20

Meet Fang Wang — New Reference and Special Collections Librarian
By Liana Morales, Library Assistant Fang Wang joined St. Mary’s University Law Library in February as our new Reference and Special Collections Librarian. I asked her a few questions to let readers know a little more about her and her work here at St. Mary’s. Q: What are some of the things that interest you about law librarianship? A: I’ve always been interested in information services. I enjoy being in an academic environment and I like to help people with their research needs. The research aspect interests me because it gives me the opportunity to interact with and help the faculty, students, attorneys, and pro se patrons who visit the library. Various digital projects and special collections add an interesting dynamic to my job as well. school and the university community. I would also like to work on reorganizing and revamping the reference collecQ: Tell us about your interest with special collections. tion. A: I want to help patrons discover these materials because many times they are underutilized. There are many research Q: What do you like to do for fun? opportunities with special collections, especially with what A: Well, I’m a foodie and consider myself a fashionista. I we have in the Rare Book Room. It is important to preserve like trying all kinds of different foods and I also keep a these valuable materials for the future. I have a strong inter- fashion blog. I like to try out different types of food whenest in global access for special collections, which can be pro- ever possible. Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Filipino, Vietnamese, vided by efficient digitization. Indian, Moroccan, Peruvian are all the different cuisines I have tried since I moved here. I’m new to San Antonio and Q: Can you talk about some of your plans for the Rare Book there is still a lot more to try and discover. I also enjoy visitRoom? A: I am currently working on an archival donation from law ing gardens and contemporary art museums, and traveling. professor Carlos Cadena, who taught at the law school from Fang Wang is our Reference and Special Collections Librarian. 1952-1954 and 1961-1965. He was also a city attorney You may reach her at 436-3435 ext. 1366 or by email, and chief justice of the Fourth Court of Civil Appeals. I am in the process of organizing these donated materials for researchers. Some of my other plans include organizing the rare book collection, and marketing the collection to the law

Recent Faculty Publications
■ Chenglin Liu Recently published Leaving the FDA Behind: Pharmaceutical Outsourcing and Drug Safety in the Texas International Law Journal (2012). Professor Liu also recently spoke at an event about drug safety at UNC-Chapel Hill’s International Law Journal symposium. ■ David Schlueter published an article called The Co-Author Prenup, in St. Mary’s Law Journal volume 41, at 451 (2013). Professor Schlueter also published the 2013 edition of the Federal Criminal Procedure Litigation Manual (with Stephen A. Saltzburg). ■ Professor Jeff Addicott on the publication of his essay, Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction, Managing Security Today, February 2013, at 22. In addition, Fidel Esparsa, a research fellow at the Center for Terrorism Law, published an essay in the same issue, Interrogation ■ Richard Flint and Wayne Scott puband Torture in lished a casebook for 2013: Texas the Trial of KSM, at 44. Civil Procedure, consisting of Pretrial (vol. 1) and Trial and Appeal (vol. 2). ■ John Schmolesky has published the 2012-13 Supplement to Volumes 40-43B of Criminal Practice and Procedure (with George E. Dix).

Moot Points

Issue 20

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Apps for Law Practice: Beware the Mobile-optimized Website
By Wilhelmina Randtke, Electronic Services Librarian One aspect of an app which can seriously affect performance is when the app isn't an app at all, but instead is a mobile-optimized website marketed as an app. Websites can be designed for viewing on phones - with simple interfaces, one column layouts, large text for viewing on a small screen, and fewer pictures or objects that require more time and bandwidth to download. Designing a website with a checklist of basic principles is easy for the developer. They only have to make one system, and then can rely on web browsers being installed on all phones and tablets, so don't have to design for any specific system. It is then possible for the developer to load the URL for the mobile optimized website into an app store and market it like an app. Many, in fact, I believe, a majority, of apps available today are just icons that display on your phone and then bring up a live connection to a mobile optimized website. The disadvantages to relying on a website are many, and they all fall on the person using the app, not the developer. Courthouses tend to be monumental buildings with lots of stone and thick concrete walls. Many were built before cell phones. Finding locations in the courthouse where it is possible to get reception, and finding which phone providers are available from which windows, balconies, restrooms, etc. in the courthouse is a part of modern law practice. And that's just for making a phone call. Wifi is a non-issue, and almost certainly unavailable in a pinch. Have you scoped out Bexar County Courthouse for cell phone and data availability? Have you scoped out the federal court house?

Bexar County Courthouse: Large, monumental, thick, built before cell phones. Photo by Photo by Mr.Z-man CC-BY-SA.

When looking at apps, try to determine whether the product really is an app that installs on your phone in a self contained set of files or whether it is instead something that relies on a live web connection. A true app should be able to work with no internet connection at all. You will be able to put your phone in airplane mode and still use the app to do what you need to do. It is still possible for a true app to interact with a web service, but it can do so by queuing up transactions it needs to make with the web server, and then making those when it has a connection. This is similar to your phone receiving a string of text messages when you turn it on after it being off for several hours, and it is able to receive data. This queuing is what allows you to set your phone to sync photos with an online album. You take the photos, and the phone keeps an internal list of which to upload, then loads them when internet is available. It does not prevent you taking more photos until it loads the one you just took. When you install a new app, run this simple test: Put your phone in airplane mode. Use the app. Now you know you have an app that will work reliably. Wilhelmina Randtke is our Electronic Services Librarian. You may reach her at 436-3512 or by email,

There are a wide variety of apps available for law practice, and legal research. This is one in a series of articles discussing things to consider in choosing apps for law practice. The series seeks to explain some common shortcomings of apps, and some hidden considerations when bringing a general purpose app into a legal setting.

Another disadvantage to a mobile optimized website masquerading as app is that you have to use data to be able to use that "app". A true app will allow you full or nearly full functionality without triggering any data use. Even if your plan does not limit your data or add surcharges for data use, and you are reliably able to connect to your network, service will always be slower when information must be sent then new information received to accomplish simple tasks. At best, you will experience a slower app. At worst, the app will be completely unavailable when you need it.

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Moot Points

Issue 20

March 2013
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Good Friday

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Schedule of Events for March & April
  March 11-15 — Spring Break
By Brian Detweiler Faculty Services Librarian

Neighborhood Dining
masala and saag paneer, although the latter could have used more cheese. My only real complaints were that the vegetable pakora 4535 Fredericksburg Road was too salty and the chicken curry was a bit San Antonio, TX 78201 bland, a defect quickly remedied by adding (210) 737-3166 some spicy vindaloo sauce from the buffet. All in all, perhaps a step below India Palace, Open Daily 11:00am-3:00pm and another five or ten minutes to the north, but a 5:00pm-10:00pm solid lunch option nevertheless, and at just over $11 for a buffet and a Coke, a pretty If you are in the mood for something different solid value as well, because after three huge from the usual campus fare, take a ride down plates of food you can probably skip dinner. Hillcrest to Fredericksburg Road like I did last 7.5/10 thumbs week and check out the lunch buffet at Simi’s. up Their excellent chicken tikka had all the smokiness of a good beef brisket, while the chicken Brian Detweiler is our Faculty Services Librarian. tikka masala was also very good, although You may reach him at 436-3435 ext. 1374 or by sweeter and milder than others I have tried. I email, was also impressed with their naan, chana

*March 21 — Cost Effective Legal Research with Brian Detweiler
March 29 — Good Friday March 31 — Easter Sunday

Simi’s India Cuisine

  

**April 1 — Collecting and Preserving Online Evidence with Wilhelmina Randtke
April 5 — The Scholar Event: Immigration Symposium April 15 — Fiesta Farewell April 19-20 — Oyster Bake April 26 — Battle of Flowers April 29-30 — Final Exams

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Moot Points

Issue 20

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April 2013
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Oyster Bake

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Battle of Flowers

Final Exams

Final Exams

Educational Resource Classes
Cost Effective Legal Research
Date: Location: Presenter: Thursday, March 21, 2013, 12 pm - 12:45 pm Room 217 in Law Library Brian Detweiler, Faculty Services Librarian

Mark Your Calendars!

Westlaw and LexisNexis come with tuition... while you are a student. This workshop covers free and low cost alternatives, and the balance between saving time and saving money. Come learn about strategies for using and dealing with Lexis and Westlaw and explore print and low cost electronic alternatives.

Collecting and Preserving Online Evidence
Date: Location: Presenter: Monday, April 1, 2013, 12 pm - 12:45 pm Room 217 in Law Library Wilhelmina Randtke, Electronic Services Librarian

Communication, business, and day-to-day life increasingly takes place entirely online. Social networking, corporate press releases, and photographs often exist only in electronic form. But, here today does not guarantee here tomorrow, unless proactive steps are taken to preserve the evidence. This workshop covers basic technology aspects of preserving web pages and online material for later use in court including: downloading and saving an entire website, taking screenshots and copies of single pages, commercial services for web archiving, understanding what can and can't be preserved, and authenticating the evidence collected.

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Moot Points

Issue 20

New Acquisitions in Legal Fiction
Texas Authors!
The Land Grant / Carlos Cisneros PS3603 .I86 L36 2012 AfterImage / Jay Brandon. PS3552 .R315 A69 2000

The display case on the 2nd floor landing of the library is featuring writers of legal fiction and our growing selection of their books. Here you’ll find a list of our newest fiction titles. We have all kinds of legal fiction whether you are looking for a thriller, a romance, or a good mystery. See what we have on the shelf and check one out today!

    Pursuit of Justice / Mimi Latt PS3562 .A7598 P87 1998 The Hearing / John Lescroart PS3562 .E78 H43 2001 The Cut / George Pelecanos PS3566 .E354 C88 2011 Blood Money / Laura M. Rizio PS648 .S88 R5 2011 Devil's Corner / Lisa Scottoline PS3569 .C725 D48 2005 Bad Faith / Robert K. Tanenbaum PS3570 .A52 B33 2012 Outrage / Robert K. Tanenbaum PS3570 .A52 O98 2011

Courtroom Drama
  Temporary Sanity / Rose Connors PS3603 .O553 T46 2003 So Help Me God / Larry D. Thompson. PS3620 .H65 S6 2005 Accidental Felon / Gloria Wolk. PS3623 .O45 2012

  Duplicity / Vicki Hinze PS3558 .I574 D86 1999 Dog Tags / David Rosenfelt PS3618 .O838 D64 2010

Notable Non-Fiction
The library’s Popular Reading Collection features many exciting titles that are make for perfect leisure reading. Located at the entrance of the 1st floor reading room, here is just one example of what this section has in store for readers:

  

Political Thriller
 Capitol Conspiracy / William Bernhardt PS3552 .E73147 C35 2008 The Jury Master / Robert Dugoni PS3604 .U385 J87 2006 The Assistant / J. Patrick Law PS3562 .A859 A9 2000

      Try Darkness / James Scott Bell. PS3552 .E5158 T787 2008 Murder on the Moor / C.S. Challinor PS3603 .H3366 M89 2011 Silent Mercy / Linda Fairstein PS3556 .A3654 S55 2011 Hush Money / Chuck Greaves PS3607 .R42885 H87 2012 Hard Row / Margaret Maron PS3563 .A679 H37 2007 No Regrets, No Remorse : a Sydney Simone Mystery / R.F. Sharp PS3619 .H35655 N6 2012  

   Law of Attraction / Allison Leotta PS3612 .E59 L38 2010 Frail Blood / Jo Robertson. PS3568 .O247 2012 The Promise of Stardust / Priscille Sibley PS3619 .I247 P76 2013

Midnight in Peking : How the murder of a young Englishwoman haunted the last days of old China Written by Paul French Popular Reading Collection HV6535 .C43 F74

Psychological Thriller
  The Child Who / Simon Lelic PR6112 .E48 C48 2012 Wearing the Spider / by Susan Schaab. PS3619 .C3125 W43 2007

And many more...

Moot Points

Issue 20

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Popular Reading Book Review
By Mario Leyva, Evening Supervisor What Chinese Want Written by Tom Doctoroff Popular Reading Collection HF5415.33 .C6 D634 2012 Understanding the cultural, political, and economic dichotomy of China has often been an exercise in futility. In “What Chinese Want”, Tom Doctoroff, a leading authority on Chinese consumer culture and Greater China CEO of J. Walter Thompson (JWT) has managed to condense the multitude of information surrounding this topic and present it for an audience interested in understanding Chinese consumer behavior while also highlighting the social and political sympathies of the average Chinese citizen. First and foremost for those wishing to do business in China, this book is a must read. Doctoroff illuminates the cultural perception many have about the Chinese and disseminates the components of understanding life in China often times providing personal anecdotal evidence taken from his own time living amongst the Chinese people and then blending it with testimonials taken from actual consumers, business owners, or the occasional entrepreneur. When all of these stories have been examined, we begin to understand the motivations of the Chinese people who often have to straddle the line between achieving personal success while conforming to strict Confucian mandates. Whether it be a middle class worker doing whatever is possible to climb the social ladder while maintaining allegiances to family, or parents who pamper their single children to excess making in effect these children miniaturized versions of emperors at home. Doctoroff does well in examining the aspects of individual Chinese desires within a group context, while also highlighting the fears and insecurities that many in the People’s Republic of China face on a daily basis. The author also does well in debunking many of the myths surrounding the Chinese ranging from myths that the Chinese have ambitions of becoming freedom obsessed individuals when the multitude of Chinese society views the family not the individual as the central tenet of living. Or the possibility that China is on the verge of an economic and military takeover of the West when the Chinese view defense of country as a priority to be advanced and war is to be avoided at all costs. Overall, I found this book educational and informative and would highly recommend it to anyone seriously contemplating starting a business venture in China or perhaps studying in the China program offered through the St. Mary’s School of Law. It was an illuminating read and I would highly advocate students checking it out when they have some down time and wanting to learn more about Chinese consumer culture. Mario Leyva is the evening circulation desk supervisor. You may reach him at 436-3435 or by email,

Library Renewals & Fines Policy
Users are allowed one renewal per circulation period so long as items are not wanted by another patron. Reserve items can be checked out for 4 hours. There will be no extensions or renewals allowed on Reserve Items. These are high-demand items and should be returned promptly once users are finished with them. Users with overdue items are charged $1 per item per day (50 cents per hour per item for reserve materials), and items overdue for more than 3 weeks are deemed lost. The replacement cost for a lost item is the dollar amount of the item plus a $25 replacement fee. For more on the library’s access and policies, look on our website under the Patron Information tab.

New in the Stacks
The Treason Trial of Aaron Burr: Law, Politics, and the Character Wars of the New Nation Written by R. Kent Newmyer 2nd Fl. Reading Room KF223 .B8 N48 2012

Featured in Our DVD Collection
Crazy Love Directed by Dan Klores Popular Film HQ801 .83 .C73 2007 This explosive documentary tells the story of New York lawyer Burt Pugach and his relentless love for the late Linda Riss. Watch this for a love story you will never forget. This DVD is available in the law library’s Popular Film collection, located on the first floor of the library, inside the Reading Room.


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