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Grupo de Mujeres Imigrantes offers new beginnings, Human Rights Students File Precedent Setting Case for Mexican Workers, Clients Served by the Civil Justice Clinic, Advanced Cross Examination Techniques, BICLA Project Headed by Award Winning…

Marianist Green Award, Francisco Leos Award, 2012-2013 Student Reflections, Summer 2013 Clinical Students and Faculty, Spring 2013 Clinical Students and Faculty

Opening Ceremony, Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Student Reflections, Fall 2013 Faculty and Staff

Opening ceremony, Practice Credit Program, Advocating for Equal Access to Justice, Summer 2012 Clinical Students, Student Reflections, Spring 2012 Clinical Students and Faculty

The Justice Center will serve as the permanent headquarters for the Law School's existing clinical programs, which provide students with the opportunity to gain important legal skills while providing urgently needed services to the homeless, the…

Swearing In Ceremony, 2011 Santa Maria Award, Dean Cantu Presents Amicus Award to Judge Ball, 2011 Students Reflect on Clinical Experiences, Recruiting Information, 2012 Clinical Students

Opening Ceremony, Santa Maria Award, Practice Clinic Program Reflections, Student Reflections, Spring 2012 Clinical Students and Faculty

The Clinical Experience, Putting on the Writz Raises $1,223.75, Marianist Green Award, Francisco Leos Award, Students Reflect on Clinical Experiences, Criminal Justice Clinic Reflections, Immigration Clinic Student Reflections

Tales of Triumph and Words of Wisdom from Past Clinic Students, John Blatz Recieves the Santa Maria Award, Associate Dean Novoa Receives President's Award from The San Antonio Bar Association, Obituary Sister Anne Fischer S.S.N.D., Obituary Adolfo…
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