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Burney Dilemma of Double Fractions.pdf
CLE, State Bar of Texas

Mineral deeds present a list of perennial interpretative problems, which create uncertainty about ownership rights in mineral estates and the proceeds from the sale of oil and gas production. Although the list is long, in this article I address the…

So now the question for players in the oil patch is: What hath Wagner & Brown v. Sheppard wrought? This article discusses that question, assesses the effects of the Sheppard decision on oil and gas jurisprudence, and provides suggestions for…

The purpose of this article is to explore the ramifications of the holdings in Lucke/ and Jupiter Oil and to expose the inappropriateness of resurrecting the two-grant doctrine.

The purpose of this article is to demonstrate the general inappropriateness of strictly adhering to any one predetermined standard in compensating owners whose property has been taken. Holmes' admonition is appropriate in this instance not because…
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