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Stephen M. Sheppard
B.A., J.D., Cert. Int'l L., LL.M., M.Litt., J.S.D.

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  • The Wolters Kluwer Bouvier Law Dictionary: Compact Edition (Wolters Kluwer, 2011).
  • The Wolters Kluwer Bouvier Law Dictionary: iApp (Wolters Kluwer, 2011).
  • I Do Solemnly Swear: The Moral Obligations of Legal Officials (Cambridge University Press, 2009).
  • Allan Farnsworth, Introduction to the Legal Systems of the United States (Steve Sheppard, ed.) (Oxford University Press, 4th ed., 2010).
  • Karl Llewellyn, The Bramble Bush: The Classic Lectures on the Law and Law School (Steve Sheppard, ed.) (Oxford University Press, 2008).
  • American Law in a Global Context: The Basics (Oxford University Press, 2005) (with George Fletcher).
  • The Selected Writings of Sir Edward Coke (Steve Sheppard, ed.) (Three Volumes) (Liberty Fund, 2003) (revised edition, 2005)
  • The History of U.S Legal Education: Contemporary Essays and Primary Materials (Steve Sheppard, ed.) (Two Volumes) (Salem Press, 1998) (Lawbook Exchange, 2006).

Select Book Introductions

  • "Sahib's Courts and Babu's Laws: An Introduction to Cowell's Short Treatise on Hindu Law" in Herbert Cowell, Short Treatise on Hindu Law (Lawbook Exchange, 2009).
  • "The Works of John Selden: An Introduction for the American Reader" in John Selden, Opera Omnia (Lawbook Exchange 2008).
  • "Law, God, Custom, and Duties in Sir William Jones's Ordinances of Menu: An Introduction for the American Reader" in William Jones, Ordinances of Menu (Lawbook Exchange 2007).
  • "Guerrilla Parties, The Lieber Code, and the Law of War" in Francis Lieber, Instructions for the Government of Armies of the United States (Lawbook Exchange, 2005).
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